The day where he has had enough had finally came.

The very same day his mother hit him with the cane.

It had all started with the accident that cost him, the day

His love, his crush, the girl who he'd obey

Had drowned in her pool, all unattended.

For days and weeks end, his heart had been rendered

A wreck, a useless piece of garbage

Exactly how his mother thought of that bitch.

For now that she had died,

The pain he'd had to abide

To now increased tenfold, no one at his side.

This meant more time for studies and work

More time to deal with calculations and jerks.

No more happiness would he find at school

Nor he find any happiness at home, where he was considered a fool.

The hatred, the suffering, he dealt with them all,

But it didn't mean he could simply curl into a ball

And ignore them, for they would return to haunt him

And soon, he could no longer become dressed in denim.

With no time and sanity, he thought he saw his crush once again,

Who believed his situation had become hers to amend.

She begged him to live, to become a man among men

But his rational mind dismissed her as an aftereffect of a hallucinogen.

So he left his friends for studious 'brains'

Who believed him to want nothing more than good grades.

So he worked and he worked. His tests passed with flying colours.

But to his mother, he had yet to beat the others.

So she took him out of polytechnic, and forced him into college

Where his only peers were alleged

To be the retards, the scum, the lowest of them all,

But worst of all, the fact that he was the first to call.

Every day he'd had to study and learn

Who on earth was Augustus Vern?

His studies left him yearning for rest

Which in the end, did not help him keep abreast

Of the amount of work, and then he knew from his work-pad,

He was drowning in work, just like his girlfriend had.

His source of survival, his precious time

All spent trying to figure out the functions of chyme.

His sanity breached, his life rolling downhill,

All just so he could work in a windmill.

And so, when the whip had cracked,

Two things had snapped,

His mind and the cane.

Unable to deal with his bane, he had ran out of the house,

Into the rain like a frightened mouse.

Rain poured onto his body, and whilst his girl wept,

Lightning struck, his ashes swept

By the wind, brushing past his mother,

Reminding her and her new family the pain brought by the child of her former other.

The next day, a funeral was held.

No friends showed up, not even the killed.

His father yelled at his mother,

Who was busy with her new other.

As the family mourned,

Two spirits looked on

As both boy and girl had finally reunited.

A/N: Yeah, I've had a crappy day, so I wrote this. In memory of my ex, who tragically died a month ago, I crafted this. May you rest in peace...