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In other news, this is the fifth book in the Cat's-Eye Private Investigators series. I try to explain what happened in previous books and how we got here, but at this point I can really only recommend you read the other books first. The series goes in this order: Cat's-Eye Private Investigators, Cat's-Eye PI: Remnant, Cat's-Eye PI: European League of Heroes, and Cat's-Eye PI: Beacon.

Now, without further ado...

It was a cool, rainy evening in Boston, Massachusetts. Jazlyn Yap had never been one for such gloomy weather. Rain made her job difficult. It was also unpredictable. Jaz didn't much like it when things became unpredictable. Her powers were such that she found being so out of control distressing.

She hugged the collar of her coat closer to her chin and tried to keep from shivering. Her curly black hair, although tied back, was beginning to frizz because of the drizzling rain. She was looking forward to returning to her hotel room, drawing a warm bath and settling in for the night. As soon as she finished with her vigil, she would be out of Boston like a bat out of hell and on her way to warmer weather.

Jaz's dark eyes settled on the tombstone a few paces in front of her. Ansley Durant, it read. One of the few memorials to the greatest hero Jaz had ever known, and certainly her closest friend. Ansley hadn't been in the big leagues, but she had done a lot for Boston in the few years she had worn the mask. But all the good ones went out like this. It was in their nature to see things through to the very end—to their end.

Fresh flowers were laid out in front of the gravestone. Even without her powers, Jaz was pretty sure she knew who was responsible for ensuring fresh flowers. Just like she also knew who had left the nifty little hologram device that showed images of the paintings Ansley had produced when she wasn't saving the city. They had been a team once, and that tended to go a long way in this business.

Jaz knelt down and added her own boutique to the set. She didn't have the means to see fresh flowers always put out or put up a device that wouldn't wear away and couldn't be stolen. But she always made sure to visit when she was in town, and she tried to be in town once a month to visit.

"Hello," Jaz said uncertainly to the gravestone. "Been a while, hasn't it? All my fault, of course. I had things to do… not like you think. I never quit looking. I'm sure you must have wondered, since it's taken me so long to get this far. But I did it. He's resurfaced again and I'll get him this time." Jaz reached out to touch the fresh flowers that had been left before she had arrived. "Don't worry about me. I won't got in alone—not again. They'll help me, like they should have done last time. This time I've got a fool proof way to make sure they help." Her dark eyes flickered to the hologram. "Both of them."

Jaz got to her feet and looked down at the large water splotches on both her knees. Oh well. That couldn't be helped. But it made her all the more ready to retire for the night. Assuming, of course, she didn't get arrested.

"It's rude, you know, to intrude on a private moment between friends," Jaz said, turning to look up at the larger oak tree—one of the few in the cemetery. It was too dark for her to make out anything besides a man shaped shadow up in the branches. Her powers helped her the rest of the way, but she didn't really need it. She knew it was the Dragon—Boston's premiere vigilante. He couldn't be called a superhero as he didn't have any powers. But that didn't make him any less deadly. And Jaz didn't particularly relish the prospect of a fight this evening.

The shadow in the trees shifted, but Jaz knew that he wasn't going to drop down. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to figure out what his game was. It was too dark and she needed a clear line of sight to get inside his head. She truly hoped he didn't intend to play some stupid mind game out here in the rain.

"Well?" she asked. "Are you going to arrest me or not? Hurry up and make up your mind. I'm freezing here."

She saw the shadow move and took a step back, shifting into a defensive stance. But Dragon stayed up in the tree and instead a small flash drive sailed through the air towards her. Jaz moved to catch the drive and when she looked back at the tree, Dragon was gone. And the flash drive in her hand told her he wasn't coming back. She also knew exactly who the drive was for.

"Well, well, well," Jaz murmured, running her fingers over the drive. She glanced back at the fresh flowers. "Isn't this an interesting development?"