Title inspired by the one and only Mr. Mark Anthony Patrick Owen! (Yes, I know his full name. I know all of Take That's full names).


My Life

My life

I will live it the way I want

No-one can control me

Just leave me be

My life

I'll make my own choices

I'll make my own noises

My life

I will learn from my mistakes

And all the hearts that I will break

It's my life

Nobody can tell me otherwise

I will arise

When the sun shines

It's my life

I am me

That's all I want to be

'Cos it's my life


Et Voila! Good? Not so good? Really bad? Please let me know what you thought of it. I think this poem fits with everyone in the world. We live our own lives, so why should people make our choices for us? I know, maybe, sometimes, we need guidance, but that doesn't mean we should be told what to do all the time. I'm only a kid, so I have to be told what to do – sometimes.

Thanks for reading guys! See ya later!