Stop Toilet Smuggling!

The green initiative does great things for our country. It saves water, helps the ozone, other great stuff. But there is a downside. And that downside is our toilets. American toilets – as part of this initiative – are only allowed to use one litter of water per flush. Canadian toilets use 1.6 litters. This used to be the standard.

Americans – mostly in the Northern states, the ones on the border – are involved in this smuggling. They need their Canadian toilets. So they smuggle them into our country, and into our homes.

The police are trying their best to stop this smuggling – but I'm afraid it may be too late for our country. They do routine toilet checks, but the northern have become masters in the art of deception. They keep spare American toilets around, so that when an inspection happens – they just swap their toilets out.

Do your part to cure our country of this disease – buy American toilets!