There are more than just witches here

Setting- A small town in Virginia (a.k.a. Stanardsville.) Time period- now.

Plot- The witch trials return in this small town Virginia. And Ashley's best friend Rebecca is accused. But when Ashley finds out Rebecca is really a witch it sends them into an exciting adventure. But does it spin out of control when Ashley's parents go missing? Now that Ashley knows about witches she is starting to question about other things. Does Ashley believe that her parents were taken by something supernatural? Or simply the same person who has been taking people once a month for the past three years.

Characters in this episode-

Ashley-Small town girl who never expected anything to happen. Not to her family, not to her friends, defiantly not to her life.

Rebecca-The only true witch in town, and Ashley's best friend.

Nicole- Ashley's sister.

Isabel- Ashley's and Nicole's mom.

Elizabeth- A girl who disappeared two months ago along with her brother. Nicole best friend.

Eric-Ashley's other best friend who disappeared three years ago.



Mrs. Lanlock- Elizabeth mother

Police guy

Act 1

Scene 1

Judge is sitting in woods and then Ashley is

Brought in.

Ashley- I'm telling you I am not a witch.

Judge- Silence, I will be the judge of that.

Judge shuffles papers.

Judge- state your name.

Ashley- Ashley Lilly Damron

Judge- Miss. Damron, are you a witch.

Ashley- Like I keep telling you I am NOT a witch.

Judge- Then how do you explain the witness who saw doing witchcraft?

Ashley- I don't. They're lying. Please, I'm not a witch.

Judge- The witness is proof enough. Take her away. She shall be hung at midnight.

Ashley is drug out by a guard.

Ashley- Please don't let them kill me.

The guard puts her in an eerie basement room and locks the door.

Ashley-Thanks a lot.

Smoke comes from under the door

Ashley-What the?

The smoke starts to fill the room

Guard- FIRE!

Ashley- Fire! Let me out. Someone help me.

Ashley starts to cough from smoke. She continues to cough and pound on the door until she passes out.

Scene 2

Ashley is in bed alone in her room.

She wakes up terrified.

Looks out the window and sees the sun

Ashley- What time is it?

She looks at the clock. It says 7:45

Ashley- Oh my god I'm going to be late for Rebecca's trial.

Ashley scrambles out of bed already fully dressed, and grabs her shoes and runs out the door

Scene 3

Rebecca, the Judge, and Ashley are standing in the woods.

Guard- Raise for the honorable Judge, you scumbag.

Rebecca does.

Judge-Thank-you Fred. Now lets see, ahhhh, yes Miss. Rebecca Danver. You are being charged with witchcraft. Do you deny it?

Rebecca- No. No, I do not deny it.

Ashley- Rebecca?

Rebecca- But I'm not the one who is responsible for these deaths and disappearances that have been going on.

Judge- Where's the proof?

Rebecca- Don't have any.

Judge- Then how can we tell you are telling the truth.

Rebecca- You just have to trust me.

Judge- There is no trust when it comes to the supernatural.

Rebecca- Are you speaking from experience or from what you seen in movies.

Judge- Does it matter? You are a witch and you must be the one who is taking our people and killing them. Guard, take her away.

Rebecca- Go ahead. Take me and kill me, but soon you will be sorry.

Judge- Is that a threat.

Rebecca- No it's a warning. Whatever is happening here is supernatural, and I have a feeling you'll need me to help stop it.

Judge- Don't tell lies, you dirt bag. Guard take her away.

The guard does.

All exit after guard in different directions

Scene 4

Ashley arrives home and heads to her parents room.

Ashley- Mom? Dad? Are you up yet?

Ashley goes inside her parent's bedroom and find it empty and disarrayed

Ashley- Nicole have you seen mom or dad today?


Nicole- No. I figured they just wanted to sleep in.

Ashley- They're not in bed.

Nicole- I'll go check to see if all the cars are here.

Nicole leaves. Ashley hears the garage door open then close. Nicole returns.

Nicole- All the cars are here. What should we do?

Ashley- Well, lets wait till five then if they're not back we'll call the police.

All exit

Scene 5

Police guy, Ashley, and Nicole are standing in Ashley and Nicole's driveway.

Police guy- Well, it looks as if your parents were kidnapped.

Ashley- What?

Police guy- They were taken.

Ashley- I know what it means. It was a rhetorical question.

Nicole- So what are we to do?

Police guy- Do have any family members in the area?

Nicole- No.

Police guy- Is there anyone you could stay with?

Ashley- I guess we could go stay with the Lanlock's

Police guy- Okay. I'll take you two.

Nicole- It's okay. We can walk, it's just over that hill.

Police guy- Okay. Well, call if you need anything.

The police guy reaches into his pocket pulls out a card and gives it to Ashley.

Ashley- Will do. Come on Nicole.

All exit.

Scene 6

Ashley and Nicole are standing on the Lanlock's front porch, about to ring the doorbell.

Nicole- Ashley, what are we going to say? "Hi, our parents have just been kidnapped like your two kids were. Can we stay with you?"

Ashley- Basically, but I was going to leave the part about their kids out.

Nicole rings the doorbell. Mrs. Lanlock opens the door.

Mrs. Lanlock- Yes, may I help you?

Ashley- Hi, Mrs. Lanlock, it's me Ashley Damron, from just down the road.

Mrs. Lanlock- Yes, yes. I remember you two. So how may I help you?

Ashley- Well, this morning was Rebecca's trial. And when I got up my mom and dad weren't, but at the time I thought nothing of it. And when I got home they still weren't.

Nicole- And I thought they just wanted to sleep in.

Ashley- So I went into their room and found it completely torn apart. But…

Mrs. Lanlock- They weren't in their bed. And so you waited till about an hour ago and called the cops. Yes I remember that happening to us.

Ashley- So we were wondering if we could stay here until we make other arrangements.

Mrs. Lanlock- Yes, you may. I wouldn't want you two to be wandering all over town looking for some place to sleep.

Nicole- Thank-you Mrs. Lanlock.

Ashley- Yes, Thank-you.

They both give Mrs. Lanlock a hug.

Scene 7

Ashley is in bed. And a pounding comes to the door. Someone opens it. It is Nicole.

Nicole- Ashley, get up now.

Ashley- Why?

Nicole- Because I think I know what has been happening to all the disappearing people.

Ashley- What?

Nicole- All the ones who haven't been found dead, are standing outside the front lawn.

Ashley- What? That's great. Is mom and dad out there? We have to go see if they're okay.

Nicole- You don't want to do that.

Ashley- Why?

Nicole- Because I think they are vampires.

Scene 8

Ashley- You're kidding me right?

Nicole-No. I'm not, I just saw them suck the blood out of Mr. Lanlock.

Ashley- So that automatically makes them vampires?

Nicole- No, the fact they can't get a foot threw the door makes them vampires.

Ashley- Okay. So what do we do?

Nicole- I don't know you're the older sister. You're the one who is supposed to know what to do next. Not me.

Ashley- Okay you said that they can't get into the house right?

Nicole- Yeah.

Ashley- And they are all in the front yard?

Nicole- Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?

Ashley- Because the garage is part of the house and it faces the back. If we can get out that way we can run right into the woods with out them noticing. And hopefully we can get out of town without them noticing either.

Nicole- Okay. SO how are we going to do that?

Ashley- We're going to need a special friend of mine.

Nicole- Who?

Ashley- Rebecca.