Starting over









Act 1

Scene 1

Ashley, Eric, Nicole, Rebecca, Isabel, and Elizabeth are getting out of a car.

Rebecca- Nice cozy little town you chose Eric.

Eric- Rebecca, are you sure your parents won't miss you.

Rebecca- They probly think I'm either kidnapped or dead.

Ashley- Maybe you should have stayed there.

Rebecca- No way. What if you ran into Philip again?

Eric- Then we would relocate again.

Rebecca- What if he found out you two are the two?

Ashley- He won't.

Rebecca- How do you know?

Ashley- I just know.

Rebecca- I'm staying. And if anybody tries to make me leave you'll find yourself sleeping in the sun.

Ashley- Okay, okay. No need to make threats, you can stay.

Rebecca- Thank-you.

Eric- Well, I'm going to go find us someplace to sleep. One with a steal door.

Rebecca- Wouldn't help you. I'm super strong.

Eric- Nicole, can you come help me please.

Nicole- Sure thing.

Eric, Isabel and Nicole exits

Ashley- Do you really have to be so mean to him?

Rebecca- No, but it just makes life more fun.

Ashley- Well could you lay off of it. Just for a little bit?

Rebecca- Jeez, who put the coal in your stocking?

Ashley- Sorry. It's just that we're running for our lives and you are acting like the world isn't about to end.

Rebecca- Ash, just because your world has already crashed and burned doesn't mean that other people will stop living. Life goes on, yours will too.

Ashley- I'll try, but how?

Rebecca- By starting over, like everyone else.

They both exit