A Quart of Curiosity

A story of luck

You can't adjust the winds, so you must adjust your sails.

Her name was Curiosity and as strange as that name sounds, the man who named her was even stranger. Her father, Hank, was nicknamed the Pit Bull. He had a dangerous anger inside him. Pit bull made good use of his daughter, in his own mind. He ran a luncheonette and Curiosity was the waitress. He had a cook, Pedro, who he severely under paid. Pit Bull was the owner/manager. He was slightly taller then normal with a thick neck and thinning hair. At the last high school reunion he fell into a depression after seeing how women were generally recognizable while the men freaked him out.

Pit Bull had his regulars, including his bookie. If there was any profit, the ponies were the only ones to know about it. Pit Bull sat by the cash register reading the gambling paper and Curiosity refilled a cup of coffee. The bell tinkled above the door and Curiosity looked to see who was entering the store.

In walked a well dressed, handsome man.