Fine. Don't read my stuff.
I didn't want you to read
it anyway. *sob*

Mind. Why you no want
to write this stupid paper?
I hate you sometimes.

What am I doing
here? Oh yes. I am doing
homework. No I'm not.

I'm writing haiku
again. Why is this so fun
when I am busy.

I am trying to
train myself to always talk
like this. In haiku.

I'll let you know how
that goes. If I don't die from
this orgo exam.

I was good student.
Then I took a fictionpress
to the work ethic.

Haha this is kind
of funny. All my words are
coming out haiku.

You and me
we could write some bad haiku
about chemistry.

Okay. This is bad.
Can it get any worse? Well
dear reader. Stay tuned.

Yes. It is not known
but the word 'tuned' has only
one syllable. Peace.