Summary: We all have something to hide.

A/N: I have some guy friends who have…unhappy lives. This is for them.


You pass by Lisa and you smile,

So she doesn't see your twisted frown,

You close your eyes when you're talking to Jay,

Like there are tears you're keeping down,

You keep your hands in your lap at lunch,

So no one can see them shake,

You laugh off the insults; shrug off the pain,

There's a mask you wear, something fake.

But I can see the pain in your eyes,

I'm your friend; I know something's not right,

I know about bad grades, your girlfriend,

I've heard about your parents' fights.

I ask if everything's ok, you say,

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I swear,"

I don't believe you, but I nod,

And think about the mask you wear,

I've been your friend for years and years,

I know you through and through,

So why do you wear a mask for me,

When all I want to see is you?