SHYLANALA91 FOR (ZCH)(im glad he stayed)

I go back to those days,

I sit and watch the struggle we went thru,

The bruises on your face,

Black and blue,

The stories only I knew.

The trust you gave,

Your life I wished to save.

I had to be brave.

You were a threat to some,

One look and they would run,

Fear in their hearts,

All I knew was I'd play a major part,

But where to start,

Your life on the line,

I couldn't waste a moments worth of time.

I begged and prayed; if he would listen to any words let them be mine.

Just let him stay,

A wall of broken trust,

Of battered wounds,

Of hostility and anger,

One last breath before I start the climb.

Will it be worth it,

Will I make it to the top before it's too late?

Is this the last chance?

Then help me make this stance,

I will not move,

I will not let your life be lost,

I won't let you go,

Life's been unfair to you, this I know,

It can only get better,

This I can show,

I watch as you down another drink,

And another and another without a mere blink,

Take another hit,

Another round of oblivion to wash away the pain,

I can feel the storm coming,

I feel the droplets of rain,

Another method you think will wash away your pain.

Blood drips from your desperation,

Time is running out,

I begin to beg and shout,

I can't let your light run out.

You thought me insane,

For ever giving you the time of day,

When everyone else turned on you and walked away,

I was still there,

For once you had someone that cared,

Someone who would listen,

Your pain I would share,

It wasn't a mere game,

I didn't take a dare.

Life is precious,

Yes even yours,

I couldn't let you end it.

I knew you could overcome it,

I knew you were strong,

I saw it there in your eyes,

I told you truth while everyone else fed you lies.

Today my lips curl into a smile and part for a sigh,

You're still alive,

You breathe today.

Every ounce of me knows the fight was worthwhile,

Because now you're out there somewhere,

And on your face is a smile.

If I never see you again,

I'll be able to go on..

Just promise me you'll never, never give up and that you'll always just...