Thump. Thump, thump. I jump slightly at the weird noise, and splash a little of water on the ground. I roll my eyes at the new mess I'd made, and shake the water off my hands into the sink. I turn off the water, grab a paper towel, and wipe up the water, throwing it into the wast basket.

Thump. Thump, thump. I hear the noise again, but this time managed not to make a mess over it. It was just a slight banging sound coming from the sink. Must be something wrong with the pipes. So I shrug it off and leave the restroom, heading back to the living room were my dad sits in a chair reading. "The sinks making a weird noise," I inform him.

Thump! Thump, thump! The sound, now a little louder, seemed to reinforce my words. Dad looks up at me and shrugs. "I'll look into it later. Don't worry, Kyle, it can't be anything to bad."

Thump! Thump, thump! I nod at my father's words, but, for some reason, the sound that came after them startled me again. I know you probably think I'm a total wuss, but I normally don't get scared at little things like this-I swear. And yet, the odd sound sends goose-bumps flying up my arms. But I trust Dad, and merely give him a smile before going upstairs to my room to do my homework.

THUMP. THUMP, THUMP. The banging, now even louder, carrying all the way up the stairs from our single, first story bathroom and into my room. I sigh and slam the book I'd been studying shut-nothing important, really. It's just talking about evolution. And I already learned the supposed theories. It's a stupid topic anyways-everyone knows God created the world in seven days. That's clearly not enough time for things to change completely. Besides, I was never a fish or a monkey!

THUMP! THUMP, THUMP! I can't even rant about my teacher who's making us learn this stupid unit anyways, because the annoying sound won't let me think! I glare in the direction of my door, wishing Dad would just take care of it now.

THUMP! THUMP, crash, fwoosh. I frown in confusion-it sounded like something broke. I look around me, thinking that I probably had been the one to destroy something else. However, I saw nothing on the ground near me, and I couldn't think of anything I could have knocked over. So I stand and enter the hall that leads back downstairs.

BANG! BANG, BANG! I raise an eyebrow, realizing that the sound seems to have changed. But I shrug that off, and call down to Dad, "You okay?" After all, if I hadn't broken something, it must have been him-my mom had left us with my little sister, so Dad and I are the only ones here. The only answer I get is a scream.

CLOMP, CLOMP! CLOMP, CLOMP! "Dad?" I ask quietly, embarrassingly enough, with my voice quivering with fear. I receive no answer, only making me more nervous. "Dad?" I find myself say again, this time in barely a whisper. I keep repeating it, like a broken record. Honestly, I don't know what else to do. I'm worried and curious, but also terrified of what I might find in the living room, were I'd left Dad. I'm not sure if I should run and hide, or go see what's wrong. I'm just being a wuss, I tell myself. Probably he was just playing a trick on me, but I knew that wasn't the case-he was a very serious man, and almost never joked around. But I managed to convince myself that was what had happened, and took the stairs at a run.

CLOMP, CLOMP! CLOMP, CLOMP! The loud noise covers up the pattering of my footsteps, and I try to calm my rapid heartbeat, which somehow manages to drum loudly enough in my ears that I can hear it over the odd noise, which sounds oddly like very heavy footsteps. I reach the bottom of the flight of stairs, and turn a corner to the living room. I'm cut off by a...I don't know what. It had a large circular body with what looked like a face at the top that towered well above me. It had almost transparent skin and tiny legs and arms. One hand held a bloody, pointed piece of metal which looked an awful lot like the steel of a pipe. I couldn't help it. I screamed, my voice going up several octaves higher than seemed humanly possible.

The...the thing held up it's knife and began advancing towards me. I took a few steps back, my legs feeling more like jello than solid flesh and bone. "Wait!" I exclaimed. "What...what are you?" I ask. Of course, I don't care that much. Not really. I mean, sure I was curious, but more than anything I was just panicky and scared. The only reason I asked was in the hopes of distracting it so I could run. At the very least, if it answered at all, it might by me some more time.

"Well...I believe you'd call me a bacteria." It answered in a voice that was surprisingly high, given it's large body.

"But...but, bacteria are small. There's barely any you can see without a microscope." I say. Maybe I'd learned something in biology after all. I almost add that this thing wasn't small by any stretch of the imagination, but figure that it might consider that rude and make it angry with him...If it had emotions.

"Most of my kinsman are, yes. But we've all been changing with all the waste you stuff down our drains." It said angrily. I gathered that was the only reason it was answering-to vent. "We've all grown immune to the various antibiotics you try to feed us through your disgusting excrement. But my family...we've been effected more than the others. We've grown smarter, to the point were I learned your silly language. And we've been gradually growing bigger and have acquired the necessary limbs to wipe your stupid species into oblivion, so that mine may live in piece without half of us dying from your toxic chemicals. Evolution, I believe you humans call it."

I wrinkle my nose at it in disgust. After all, evolution isn't real, it's merely spinning stupid tales. But then, this thing shouldn't exist in the first place. No, it must all be a dream. But I can't stop the next words that come from my mouth, "Liar!"

Idiot, I cursed myself when I realized my slip-up and saw the look of rage the thing wore. But it was to late to take my word back. Much to late, I realized with terror as the monster's metal knife approached me. I flung my hands up instinctively to protect my face, but it did me no good. The sharp point pierced my chest and I felt my vision going fuzzy already, and barely saw the blood soaking my shirt. Light headed, I collapsed onto the ground. The monster stepped around me, and I could see Dad...dissected. I felt a well of grief in me, but the tear never got out, as far as I'm aware, for then everything went black.

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