~Author's Note ~
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- Emmeline Alicia Mary -

Dawn to Dusk

The wind tangles through the swaying grass
Pushing against the maple tree bark
Marigolds rise and the forest they pass
Swirling and whirling, continues in dark

Birds twitter, tweet and glide in silent sound
Pecking at the dirt and looking through the grass
Landing gently, selecting crumbs on the ground
Forgetting all, but their glorious past

The thunder cries and sprinkles the land
Liles gloat, and dance in the rain
Ripples in water, nothing but grand
All beauty arises, and all others remain

Snowflakes at midnight, drizzles at noon
The sun goes down, with it's brilliant pink hue
Thunder and lightning pass over the moon
The sky transforms colors, pink, purple, and blue

The sun peeks in quietly, reflecting the dewdrops
See the sun-kissed leaves, hear the hummingbirds' call
You stop and think that without other life
Yours wouldn't even be worth it at all