Dear Mother

What is the point

Of being in a world where

Your own mother hates you.

"Skanky bitch."

"Who at all the pies? Oh, I know! It was you."

"You stink."


You stink.

How about I make this easy for you?

After all, you can't wait for me

To leave.

So you can make more room in your life

For him.

Well that's


You have your happily-ever-after.

I don't care.

I do not care.

In fact, I'll show you how much I care.

How about I jump off a bridge?

Or in front of a car, bus, train?

That'd make you happy, wouldn't it?

Just imagine it! That'd make you happy, wouldn't it?

A world where you weren't burdened by me.

Because, funnily enough,

All I ever wanted was for you to be happy.