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Nike and Rosemarie

Written By: Jasmine Marie and Krystal Jo-Lynnelle

Sometimes things are meant to be a little backwards...

-Book Three

"Maybe he can't forget and he doesn't want to. He loves you too much, like I love you." -Nike Ediuqil

Rose: was putting Neel to bed as she waited for Nike to return home.

Nike: came home.

Rose: she came out of Neel's room and hugged Nike, "Welcome home." she kissed him.

Nike: kissed her in return, "Thanks."

Rose: smiled "You're welcome, did you have a good time?"

Nike: shrugged slightly, "About as good as any."

Rose: "That's good."

Nike: "What did you do while I was gone?"

Rose: "Just played with Neel and hung out with Ali."

Nike: "You didn't go anywhere?"

Rose: shook her head.

Nike: "How are you and Neel faring?"

Rose: "It's like I never left."

Nike: smiled, "Good." he said happily.

Rose: "I made you some dinner if you want some."

Nike: "Sure I'll take a bit." he walked into the kitchen.

Rose: brought it out to him.

Nike: "Thanks." he sat down and ate his dinner.

Rose: "Sure." she cleaned up the supplies.

Nike: "Did you eat dinner before?"

Rose: shook her head, "I had the chocolate tarts but that's the last thing I ate.

Nike: "Oh. Well, I'll sit here while you eat then. You should have told me and I could have ate with you."

Rose: "That's okay, I'm not really hungry."

Nike: "Alright." he stood.

Rose: "Done?"

Nike: nodded, "Yea." he picked up his empty plate and handed it to her.

Rose: "Thanks." she took it cleaned it and put it back in the cupboard.

Nike: went into the living room.

Rose: her eyes saddened, she cleaned up the rest of the kitchen.

Nike: was watching a show on television in the living room.

Rose: she came in, "May I sit beside you?"

Nike: shook his head no. He smirked and looked at her, "You can sit on me though."

Rose: sat on his lap she smiled slightly.

Nike: put his arms around her and leaned back. "I need a job."

Rose: "Why do you say that?"

Nike: "The money Ali and I had stolen from those people in the casino is running low."

Rose: nodded, "I understand."

Nike: "That's why I was asking about that cooking show idea."

Rose: "Well if you want to go into it together we can."

Nike: "Now I know Kah-Lee likes socializing and so do I. But I know Nicodemus hates it so I am guessing so do you."

Rose: "It's okay."

Nike: "Well, it's up to you. If not, I can find something else to do."

Rose: "We can do it."

Nike: "Well I can try to see if we can get the job then." he smirked, "Then the only one who won't be on T.V. is Nicodemus."

Rose: smiled, "That would be interesting."

Nike: "He'll be out of the loop." he chuckled.

Rose: "He'll be jealous."

Nike: "Even better to see."

Rose: smiled, "Yea."

Nike: kissed her cheek.

Rose: kissed him back.

Nike: "I'll get started on that later."

Rose: nodded, "Okay."

Nike: "Ready for sleep love?" he lifted the remote and shut off the television.

Rose: nodded, "Mhm." she got up went to the bedroom though she wasn't tired and got in bed.

Nike: followed her, "If you're not tired you don't have to sleep babe."

Rose: "That's okay."

Nike: climbed on the bed and leaned over her, each of his hands on either of her sides, looking down at her face, "I could make you tired?"

Rose: smiled, "Yes you could."

Nike: leaned down and kissed her.

Rose: kissed him back, "I love you." she whispered to him.

Nike: "I love you too babe." he pulled off his shirt.

Rose: smiled and kissed him again.


Nike: was snuggled with Rose.

Rose: opened her eyes about 6 o'clock.

Nike: was still sleeping.

Rose: just closed her eyes and waited for him to get up though she didn't sleep.

Nike: woke up about thirty minutes later. He got up and left for a run.

Rose: watched him go, she sat up and just looked around the room.

Nike: came back thirty minutes later.

Rose: had already made breakfast.

Nike: came up behind Rose and put his arms around her, "Hi babe. You eat?"

Rose: smiled, "I was waiting for you."

Nike: "We can eat and then leave then." he kissed her cheek and stepped back.

Rose: "Where are we going to go? To Nicodemus' house?"

Nike: "If you want. Or we don't have to."

Rose: "That's fine."

Nike: sat down at the kitchen table, "Okay."

Rose: gave him his plate and then got hers and sat down and waited for him to start eating to start herself.

Nike: picked up his fork and took a bite of the food.

Rose: took a bite of her food then too.

Nike: "It's good."

Rose: "I'm glad you like it."

Nike: "There are a lot of things I do that make you glad." he pointed out.

Rose: "That's because you ultimately make me happy."

Nike: "Sometimes I do." he admitted.

Rose: "You make me happy all the time."

Nike: "That is good to know. At least I can have some comfort knowing I don't hurt you as often as I think I do." he continued to eat, looking down at his plate of food.

Rose: "You never hurt me."

Nike: "I have made you sad before though." he said, "I know. I may not hurt you but I make you sad at rare times."

Rose: "That's my own stupid fault. It's not yours."

Nike: "Not all the time."

Rose: "99.9% of the time."

Nike: looked up and gave a small smile, "Alright, 99.9% of the time." he agreed. "That leaves me .1% all to myself."

Rose: smiled a little, she finished her breakfast and then went and put her hair in curlers.

Nike: finished his food and set the dishes in the sink, "SERVANT GIRL!" he called.

Woman: came in, "Yes sir?"

Nike: "Clean the kitchen."

Woman: "Yes my lord." she went and started to clean up the kitchen

Nike: "Oh, and take a plate of food downstairs and give it to my girl with a glass of water."

Woman: "Yes sir." she made up a plate and took it down with some water then came back up and continued to clean.

Nike: went and sat on the couch and read the newspaper as he waited for Rose.

Rose: came out and her hair was curled and her makeup was done, she wore a robe. "I was thinking about something." she said as she sat beside him.

Nike: glanced over at her, "Yes?" he put his paper down.

Rose: "Maybe like when we go out in public or something I could wear normal clothes and then you could just add that time to what I already owe." she said slowly.

Nike: "How long did I say? A month?" he paused, "I could do that."

Rose: smiled, "I'll go get changed then." she got up and went to their room and went through her limited selection and found a nice tight fitting shirt and jeans.

Nike: "Wearing revealing shirts and stuff doesn't seem to be much different than walking around naked." he commented when he saw her.

Rose: shrugged, "It makes me feel better." she smiled and sat on his lap.

Nike: smiled slightly, "You just sat on my newspaper."

Rose: wrapped her arms around his neck, "That's okay, I'm paper trained." she smiled and kissed him.

Nike: kissed her back gently, "Oh, great." he laughed slightly, "But with this new proposition you've made it means work for me to remember what you owe."

Rose: smiled, "I'll remind you."

Nike: "You won't try to cheat me?"

Rose: shook her head, "Nope, I don't mind being naked for you."

Nike: his eyes twinkled with mischief, "Even now?" he said, placing his hands at her sides under her shirt.

Rose: smiled, "Even now." she kissed him again and closed her eyes.

Nike: "Because your hair is ultra enticing with those curls that just frame your face so perfectly." he moved one of his hands and intertwined a curl in his fingers.

Rose: smiled, "Oh is it now?"

Nike: "It is." he confirmed, kissing her again, only this time the kiss was harder.

Rose: returned the kiss. "What about your brother?" she wondered.

Nike: "What about him?" he also wondered as he continued to kiss her.

Rose: smiled but made sure not to giggle. She just kissed him back, "Weren't we supposed to visit him?" she pushed him back.

Nike: stayed back, "Were we?" he put his hands at her hips and moved her forward so he could kiss her again, his kisses growing more and more passionate.

Rose: "Not anymore." she kissed him back.

Nike: "That's what I thought." he laughed and teleported them to his room.


Rose: was lying close to him again. "I love you so much."

Nike: stroked her back lightly, "I love you too." she smiled slightly at her, "You're going to have to curl your hair again."

Rose: smiled, "If I keep curling my hair we'll never see family."

Nike: "That's okay. You're enough family for me."

Rose: smiled slightly at him, "That's good."

Nike: kissed her forehead gently and then kissed the tip of her nose, "Mhm." he leaned back.

Rose: smiled.

Nike: "I'm a little tired now." he said as he laid his head back, "I used a lot of energy there."

Rose: "Do you want some?" she exposed her neck to him.

Nike: turned his head to look at her, "Do I have to?"

Rose: "No you don't have to; I'm just saying you can have some if you want."

Nike: "I know but with the deal we made, it means when you want me to bite you I will so let me know."

Rose: "I would like you too." she whispered.

Nike: smiled slightly, "Well that doesn't mean much. You would always like me to." he left his fangs come down and moved closer to her.

Rose: smiled. She closed her eyes.

Nike: moved her neck to his mouth and bit her. He drained her until she was dry.

Rose: was unconscious.

Nike: now that he was awake he got up and, after making sure Rose was tucked in bed, he went to play with Neel.


Nike: was on the floor of the bedroom, playing with Neel. He faced her and holding a cup of hot chocolate to her lips he had her drink some, letting it fall down her throat.

Rose: drank some before she opened her eyes and groaned a little bit.

Nike: smiled slightly, "That's what you get for wanting me to bite you. I hope I didn't ruin the moment."

Rose: "You could never ruin the moment."

Nike: "Well I know draining you was part of the deal too so I have to hold up my end sometimes. And hey! Surprises are nice, are they not?" he kissed her forehead gently and handed her the cup of hot chocolate when she had enough strength to hold it herself.

Rose: smiled, "They are nice. Perfect even."

Nike: "Now that I think about it, though, the sad thing is that you were out for another three days which means three more days you were away from Neel." he looked over his shoulder at the child, "He and I were in here a lot so though you couldn't see him, he was here with you. I hope that helped." he looked back at Rose, "I know how fast he ages."

Rose: smiled slightly, "I'm glad he still thinks I'm his mom."

Nike: "And why wouldn't he?" he leaned back and picked up Neel and put him on the bed, setting him on Rose's legs on top of the comforter.

Neel: "Mommy!" he came closer and hugged her,

Rose: smiled and hugged him back softly so she didn't hurt him. "I don't know."

Nike: smiled slightly, "Well, maybe he can't forget and he doesn't want to. He loves you too much, like I love you." he leaned close and whispered in her ear, "And like the new baby will love you too." he kissed her cheek and stood up.

Rose: smiled and nodded, she kissed the top of Neel's head. She checked to see if she was pregnant.

She was pregnant, so that was what Nike had been referring to.

Nike: "Alright, well, I'll give you time to shower and change, then we can go visit my brother. Unless you want to relax today again." he smirked slightly.

Rose: smiled slightly, "I think I should stop distracting you. Besides your brother is going to wonder what happened to you and...I really would like to talk to Demecius. I haven't spoken with him in forever."

Nike: "If he wasn't your brother I'd be jealous." he smirked and scooped up Neel, "Come on son you can come with us." he glanced from him back to Rose, "I doubt Nicodemus even cares what happened to us. Besides, he probably likes me not being there, after all, there are so many people in that house already. I almost feel bad for him." he laughed, "Not really."

Rose: smiled, "Why you should know that you are the only man for me." she smiled and got up and went over to her closet to look though her limited selection of clothes and flipped through the clothes, she thought of the perfect outfit then realized it wasn't in this closet, it didn't take long for her to go through her clothes in fact she still only had four pairs so she just picked out a shirt and a pair of jeans and went to the bathroom to change. She came back out she was putting her hair in a tight bun. "Ready?" she asked while she still tried to work the bun.

Nike: walked over to the bathroom doorway, holding Neel in his arms. He leaned against the door frame and watched her, "Rose, I thought I told you to leave your hair down." his eyes trailed from her head down her body and then back up to her face. "Why are you wearing clothes?"

Rose: "You said I could remember?" she took down her hair.

Nike: "If I did I think I lied." he watched her hair fall.

Rose: "You said you would just add the time on to the end."

Nike: pouted, he jutted out his lower lip, "But I miss the NOW time."

Rose: sighed, "With Neel around?"

Nike: "That didn't stop you a few days ago. You were carrying him around while you were naked." he shrugged slightly, indifferent to her tone.

Rose: "Alright just never mind then." she sighed again softly, "Then can I at least wear a robe like you said before?"

Nike: "You can wear the clothes, just don't say it's because Neel is around." he turned and left the room.

Rose: nodded softly and looked down, she had made him angry. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.

Nike: "I'm not angry!" he yelled to her from the other room. "Don't be upset I can feel it in my head."

Rose: nodded she got up and started to brush her hair out.

Nike: fed Neel.

Neel: ate happily.

Rose: came out she went to the kitchen. "Nike are you hungry?"

Nike: "No, I ate this morning." he watched Neel drink his bottle, "Have you bit anything yet?" he asked his son.

Neel: shook his head the bottle still in his mouth.

Nike: "Open your mouth." he leaned down to look in his mouth for fangs.

Neel: opened his mouth, his fangs were already down.

Nike: smiled, he looked over at Rose, "Wifey baby come here." he motioned her over.

Rose: came over, "Yes?"

Nike: took the bottle from Neel and set it aside, taking Rose's hand he held her arm to Neel close to his nose.

Rose: watched as Neel bit her, she smiled slightly.

Nike: "We're gonna have to get you teething rings or something to bite on."

Rose: "It's alright, if he wants to bite me he can." she said, though her arm was going numb

Nike: looked at her a bit annoyed, "Yea, once or twice. Other than that your body is just mine to bite. He needs to get something else to bite I'm saying." he looked over and picked up the bottle and held it back to Neel.

Neel: let go of his mothers arm and started to drink the bottle again.

Rose: looked down.

Nike: looked back at Rose, "Unless you want to be shared."

Rose: shook her head quickly, "No it's fine whatever you want."

Nike: tapped her gently on the behind, "Go eat breakfast then we can get going." he took a seat at the table and opened up the newspaper.

Rose: quickly made herself something small to eat and ate it, she cleaned up, "Alright."

Nike: picked up Neel, "Bye Ali." he called as he teleported him and Neel and Rosemarie outside of Nicodemus house and walked up to the shield and waited to be let in.

He was let in within a few moments.

Nike: walked inside, "Made us wait long enough."

Nicodemus: "Waiting never killed anyone."

Nike: "Why don't you go test that out." he set Neel down.

Nicodemus: "No thanks."

Rose: "May I see my brother?"

Nike: looked at Rose, "Don't ask me, ask him," he pointed to Nicodemus. "It's his house."

Rose: looked to Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: nodded, "Go ahead Rose."

Rose: "Thank you." she said to both of them then quickly went down the hall and knocked on a door. "Demecius it's..." at that point the door opened and she walked inside and the door closed behind her.

Nike: blinked, watching them, "That's weird."

Nicodemus: "What is?"

Nike: "Demecius is weird." he sat on the couch.

Nicodemus: "Yes he is, in fact he's been staying here for a couple months and I've only seen him five times. He never leaves that room."

Nike: "Kick him out."

Nicodemus: "Kah-Lee would be so aggregated at me if I did that."

Nike: "Since when do you care about that? She'd get over it."

Nicodemus: "Since recently."

Nike: "Just tell her it's better for the family. He's just leeching off your food and money."

Nicodemus: "Actually he only eats once in a while it's not like he eats like everyone else around here."

Nike: smirked, "Certainly not as much as our mother eats."

Nicodemus: chuckled, "That's for sure."

Nike: "So is Kah-Lee back at work?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yea."

Nike: "I feel bad for you, man." he shook his head sadly and kicked off his shoes, setting his feet on the coffee table.

Nicodemus: "What'd I do to deserve that?"

Nike: shrugged slightly, "Nothing except that you're being ruled by your family instead of you ruling the family."

Nicodemus: "I'd rather have it this way then my wife live in fear of me."

Nike: "Rose isn't afraid of me."

Nicodemus: "Whatever you say." he stood and grabbed some popcorn and put it in the microwave.

Nike: watched Nicodemus, "What? Is she?" he asked suddenly worried.

Nicodemus: "Let's face it Nike since the accident you've changed. I do believe she's scared of you again."

Nike: "What accident? Her being taken? Well of course I'm going to be more protective now...I don't want it happening again."

Nicodemus: "I see." he got the pop corn out of the microwave then sat on a couch.

Nike: glared at Nicodemus, "You just see. From me being the way I am, nothing bad will happen to Rose or any of my family because I am the way I am, protecting them. Because of your softness I bet a thousand bad things will happen to your wife and or your family. In the long run, Rosemarie will appreciate how I act and your wife will just hate you."

Nicodemus: "She already does."

Nike: "Who does what?"

Nicodemus: sighed, "Never mind."

Nike: "Sure." he looked at the popcorn, "Since when do you eat that?"

Nicodemus: "Since it's filled with red liquid."

Nike: "Natural or synthetic?"

Nicodemus: "Natural."

Nike: "Hmm..." he nodded and leaned back in his seat and took the remote and flipped on the television.

Rose and Demecius came out a few minutes later.

Rose: she came up beside Nike and asked him, "Nike may I go shopping?"

Nike: "Whose money are you going to be using?"

Rose: "Mine." she said softly.

Nike: looked at Rose, "Where did you get money?"

Rose: "The last time I saw mom she gave me fifty dollars." she looked at him for a moment then looked down.

Nike: "You are scared of me, aren't you? What did I do?"

Rose: "Nothing, I'm not scared of you."

Nike: "You're acting like it."

Rose: "I'm sorry." she apologized quickly and looked up at him.

Nike: "I don't care if you go shopping." he shrugged slightly and leaned over to kiss her forehead, "Have fun."

Rose: nodded, "Thank you." she stood and went out with Demecius, when he couldn't open the door she laughed, "It goes like this." she opened the door.

Demecius: chuckled, "They should come with instruction manuals." he said as he closed the door behind them.

Nike: watched them go out and shook his head, "He's weird and he's an idiot. He's supposed to be smart. Isn't he Kientian?" he looked at Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: "He's been locked in a room for 500 years. I think he was just trying to make her laugh."

Nike: scowled, "I can make my wife laugh. Doesn't take an idiot to do that." he looked back at the television.

Nicodemus: "Then when was the last time she laughed when you weren't biting her?"

Nike: thought about that, "She smiles a lot...does that count?"

Nicodemus: "No. Anyone can fake a smile. Or even smile for real."

Nike: "They were genuine smiles. It was just this morning. She was smiling because she's pregnant. And that had nothing to do with me biting her."

Nicodemus: "Smiling doesn't count."

Nike: "She laughed yesterday when we were making love. Though I told her to stop. But I wasn't biting her."

Nicodemus: sighed and stood throwing the container away.

Nike: shut off the television, "What now?" he said exasperated.

Nicodemus: "Nothing. I did not say one word." he took out a drink and drank it.

Nike: "Fine, if Demecius can make her laugh, then why doesn't she just stay here and I leave since you think you can do so much better."

Nicodemus: "I never said that. I'm just saying that laugh and giggle is what girls do. Perhaps you are controlling her a bit much."

Nike: "She can laugh and giggle anytime she wants just not when I am trying to create a mood."

Nicodemus: "Maybe she feels differently."

Nike: "Why can't I have ONE thing that I want without her getting all OFFENDED by it?"

Nicodemus: "I never said she was offended."

Nike: "Fine, then without her complaining in her own silent protesting way about it."

Nicodemus: "Perhaps you should notice her shaking sometime."

Nike: "Shaking with what? Fury?"

Nicodemus: "Not fury or anger."

Nike: "Then what?"

Nicodemus: "Think about it."

Nike: stood up and dropped the remote. His eyes burned, "What makes you such an expert on MY wife anyways Nicodemus? If I didn't know any better I would be of a right mind to be suspicious."

Nicodemus: "I am not an expert but I picked up on a few things a while ago. Before you ever knew she existed."

Nike: "Yes, sorry I FORGET before I was around you and her were like BFF's. So sorry I ruined that." he said sarcastically, scowling.

Nicodemus: "We were acquaintances not BF...whatevers."

Nike: "Acquaintances don't let acquaintances bite them."

Nicodemus: "I never said she let me."

Nike: "Well she said she couldn't stop you so whatever."

Nicodemus: "Nike just look to see if she shakes even a little if she does that means that she's scared of you and she doesn't want to admit it because she fears to see you disappointed or angry with her."

Nike: "I haven't done anything to make her scared of me!" he raised his hands in bewilderment, "This is ridiculous. I just don't want her laughing when we are making love, is that such a problem to make a person afraid of you? What have I done? I would like to know!"

Nicodemus: "I think we are still seeing effects from when she was taken I don't think you have actually done something."

Nike: took a breath and slowly let it out, "I'll talk to her then."

Nicodemus: nodded, "That's wise."

Nike: "Unless Dem talks to her and it gets fixed." he slumped back onto the couch. "Then I don't have to bother."

Nicodemus: "Oh yes because it would be horrible to waste your time talking to her." he rolled his eyes.

Nike: "I didn't mean that. I just don't like talking, unlike you who seems to love the idea of talking."

Nicodemus: "I don't love the idea of talking just when it comes to something important it's necessary."

Nike: sighed and leaned his head back, "Fine I will talk to her, but I can't promise she'll talk to me."

Nicodemus: "Just do it in a kind not demanding way."

Nike: "I can manage that. I'm nice to Rose all the time and never demanding."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Alright."

Nike: "If it's bothering Rose, is it bothering Kah-Lee?"

Nicodemus: "I don't think so I'm not sure Kah-Lee has gone back to her old self."

Nike: "And what is that?"

Nicodemus: "The kind that works a lot and can't stand to wear the same outfit twice and is happy all the time."

Nike: nodded, "That's good." he had calmed down enough to where he went back to watching the television.

Nicodemus: nodded, he sat in a kitchen chair.

Nike: "Are you leaving your shield up or down?"

Nicodemus: "It's up but Rose will be able to get back in."

Nike: "I think I hear someone calling you outside." he turned his head to the window.

Nicodemus: sighed, "I hope it is not work." he opened the door.

Kennith was standing outside with a pregnant Klara that he held firmly by the arm at his side, "Nicodemus put the shield down so I can get in."

Nicodemus: put the shield down. "I give you a few days and this is what you do?" he growled.

Kennith: walked towards the house, pulling Klara with him. "Believe me, if I did I wouldn't be bringing her here. She'd be at my base where my pregnant wives go...and she'd be changed or else she would probably die giving birth to a Snyde child." he said calmly as he walked up the stairs. "Though I do say it was nice to be her first." he smiled slightly, "Just like the other girl you gave me."

Nicodemus: "Then what do you want?"

Kennith: "I wanted to ask HOW it happened."

Nicodemus: "I have no idea."

Kennith: "Well," he shrugged slightly, "You can have her back if you want."

Nicodemus: took her, "Alright. How's the other one doing?"

Kennith: "Good I guess..." he shrugged slightly, "No complaints." he pointed his chin to Klara; "I went ahead and taught her English too." he smiled slightly, "Hope you don't mind."

Nicodemus: "Nope saves me the trouble."

Kennith: "I guess I'll see her next week." he looked at Klara sadly, "She's not one of my better girls..." he said softly, watching her sympathetically.

Nicodemus: "What's wrong with her?"

Kennith: "Well look at her. Does she look well to you?" he wiped a tear streak off of Klara's face.

Nicodemus: "Well have a nice day then Kennith."

Kennith: looked at Nicodemus and nodded, "You too." he vanished.

Nicodemus: took Klara to her room and shut the door behind him, "What's wrong? What happened?"

Klara: lifted her eyes to look at Nicodemus. They were pained, deeply, "You said I would be safe. You wouldn't touch me."

Nicodemus: his eyes showed sympathy, "I'm sorry Klara." he hugged her.

Klara: tried to push him off of her, "Don't." she said through gritted teeth at first and then her strength waned and she just stayed against his shoulder and cried softly.

Nicodemus: his grip lessened, "You won't ever have to go over to his house again." he promised.

Klara: "The damage is already done. And I haven't even been given time to mourn my husband. I was supposed to be his and no one else's and he, he was murdered and so I was never his." she turned her face away from his so he couldn't see her tears.

Nicodemus: "How much time will you need to mourn your husband?"

Klara: "One week for every day we were wed. So it makes one week." she said quietly. She put one of her hands on her stomach and fought the urge to dig her nails into the flesh over the womb.

Nicodemus: "Can you do it here? In this room?"

Klara: "I can't do it now. It's all disgraced." she whispered.

Nicodemus: sighed, "It's not disgraced."

Klara: "I wasn't married to him," she looked at the palm of her hand and stared at the scar there, "A scar means nothing. I never agreed." she whispered, "We weren't married, and I carry a child."

Nicodemus: "Do you know for sure it is his child?"

Klara: shook her head slowly, "No," she whispered, "But I never slept with another."

Nicodemus: "Can I check something?"

Klara: nodded again slightly but didn't say anything.

Nicodemus: "I'll be right back." he got up and went to his office and got a syringe and came back, "I just need a little blood sample is that alright?"

Klara: "It doesn't matter anymore." she said quietly without looking at him. She had lost her spirit.

Nicodemus: "It matters to me."

Klara: "I think I hurt his feelings." she whispered to herself.

Nicodemus: "What did you do?"

Klara: "I cried."

Nicodemus: "I see." he nodded, "Kennith doesn't like crying." he sat beside her.

Klara: "But I didn't want him, either." she turned slowly to look at what Nicodemus held in his hands, "He spent all week with me...and one of the other girls told me he never spends full weeks with them. Just one day at a time..." though she was looking at Nicodemus' hands she wasn't really seeing anything.

Nicodemus: "He wants you to trust him."

Klara: "I can't." she blinked and another tear fell and splashed on her lap.

Nicodemus: nodded, "I understand."

Klara: "I don't think I have energy for anything anymore, Nicodemus." she turned around to look at the bed and stood slowly. "I think I am just going to rest." she looked back at him.

Nicodemus: sighed, "Can I at least have a sample of your blood first?"

Klara: "Why are you asking? You never asked to bite me before. Why should a syringe of my blood be any different?"

Nicodemus: "Because I'm trying to see how you got pregnant, I have a feeling it's because of the place you were in for a week not Kennith."

Klara: nodded slowly, "Asking questions isn't going to make me trust you again, Nicodemus. I never will."

Nicodemus: "I know you will never trust me and I deserve that but I am curious then perhaps you can mourn the loss of your husband properly if it is not Kennith's child."

Klara: "Perhaps." she agreed quietly.

Nicodemus: "So is it okay?"

Klara: nodded slowly.

Nicodemus: he pulled up her sleeve and wet the arm and then inserted it, he only took as much as needed then he ran his fingers over it and it healed. "I'll let you rest and when I know I'll come back okay?" he asked as he stood.

Klara: nodded and watched him, "Yes sir."

Nicodemus: "Alright see you then, rest well." he walked over and closed the door after he was out of the room.

Nike: "What's with the blood sample?" he said, seeing it in his brother's hand.

Nicodemus: "I want to test something." he walked into his office and brought up his scanner. He typed on his keyboard and did a scan to see if any trace of the stuff the fake Nicodemus put into Kah-Lee's neck was there then went to see who the father appeared as.

It was indeed the same stuff, but no one came up as the father. The gene, instead, was a perfected alternative to the girl's genes when combined with them would make a perfect child of the same species they were.

Nicodemus: "I don't believe it..." he stopped. "Oh no..."

Nike: "Talking to yourself again?" he said from the doorway to his brother's office.

Nicodemus: "Nike are you sure that Rose's baby is yours?" he said looking up. "I mean without a doubt."

Nike: nodded, "Yea. Why wouldn't it?" he raised an eyebrow. "Should I call to mind my suspicions again?"

Nicodemus: "Because when I went and saved Kah-Lee the other me was injecting something into her body to make her have kid after kid. Klara was taken as well and she was injected too. I think that Rose might have been as well."

Nike: "I don't think so..." he walked into the room and leaned two hands on the back of the chair in front of Nicodemus desk, facing him, "I kept hearing the man who took her tell Rose she wasn't for breeding purposes because Kah-Lee was there...which is why the other me was having her work in the gardens I think instead."

Nicodemus: "I'd like to check her out just to be sure."

Nike: "Well she's out shopping right now."

Nicodemus: "When she gets back. If you excuse me I have to tell Klara the good news." he got up and went and knocked on Klara's door.

Klara: "Yes sir?" she said softly.

Nicodemus: "Can I come in? I have news."

Klara: "Yes." she said, sitting up under the covers on the bed, holding them to her chin.

Nicodemus: opened the door and entered. "The baby is not Kennith's. In fact it doesn't have a father."

Klara: "That is not possible."

Nicodemus: nodded, "It is possible you remember when you were taken to that planet with all those other girls?"

Klara: "I don't remember ever being taken."

Nicodemus: "Alright well that makes it difficult then. Anyways you were taken along with my wife and her sister to a planet so that you could reproduce and fill the planet with perfect children. They injected you with this serum that has made you pregnant and is going to keep making you that way."

Klara: "But I was with Kennith all the time..." she thought about that, "I thought it was just another of his bases." she watched Nicodemus a bit confused, "I can't keep getting pregnant and having a child. I don't think my body can take that."

Nicodemus: "It wasn't another base; you were taken from him." he nodded, "That's why I'm going to try to find a cure."

Klara: "It makes no sense. But are you certain?"

Nicodemus: "Positive."

Klara: put a hand on her stomach over the covers, "Oh." she said softly, relief heard in her voice. She looked down at her hand.

Nicodemus: "So maybe you can mourn the loss of your husband after all."

Klara: "I think I can." she whispered to herself, "Thank you for that."

Nicodemus: "You're welcome, I'll leave you to mourn." he walked out and closed the door.

Nike: "And is she happy with whatever good news it was you brought her?"

Nicodemus: smiled slightly, "I think so." he walked back to his office and held the vial that had the potion in it. He just stared at it.

Nike: "I wonder what would happen if we drank it." he chuckled.

Nicodemus: "I don't want to know."

Nike: sat down in the office chair.

Nicodemus: ran a hand through his head and closed his eyes.

Nike: "If you want me to call Rose to come home now I can."

Nicodemus: "No need." It was at that moment the door opened and closed. "She's back."

Nike: got up out of the chair and left the room.

Rose: was hugging Demecius. "Thank you."

Demecius: "You're welcome."

Nike: walked over to Rosemarie and put a needle into her arm as she hugged Demecius, holding her still. He took out some blood and then pulled the needle out and kissed her cheek and went back into Nicodemus room and handed it to him.

Rose: "Oww..."

Nicodemus: put it through the same scanner and test he did with Klara's

It was for sure, Nike's child.

Nicodemus: "Okay well you're in the clear." he smiled, "Congratulations."

Nike: "Thanks." he smiled back then walked back out to Rose. "Sorry about that baby doll."

Rose: "It's okay." she said softly and looked down at her arm and rubbed her hand over it.

Nike: walked over and put his hand on it and made it feel better, "Have fun shopping? Get anything good?"

Rose: "Just another pair of pants and a shirt or two." she said softly.

Nike: "I don't see why you don't just get the clothes from that house that were yours...or at least for you. Then you can save your money."

Rose: "I don't need that many clothes besides I don't want to remember that place." she looked away

Nike: shrugged slightly, "Alright. Whatever you want."

Rose: nodded, "Can I sit on the couch?" she wondered softly, then quickly corrected herself. "May I?"

Nike: "Ask me one more question Rose and I just won't answer anything anymore. I mean, if they need to be asked, great, ask them. But silly questions like that are just a waste of your breath and don't need to be asked."

Rose: "I'm sorry I don't mean to upset you." she sat down and kept her eyes to the floor.

Nike: walked over and sat on the couch by her, "Can you talk to me please? Tell me what's bothering you and why you are acting scared of me."

Rose: looked at him, "Nothing is wrong, I am not scared of you, I don't know or understand how my actions come across as such."

Nike: touched her arm again, "Are you shaking?" he watched his hand.

Rose: she was shaking a little bit if you paid attention, she looked down at her arm and realizing what was happening she immediately stopped herself from shaking.

Nike: moved his hand, "You lie to me." he sighed.

Rose: she looked away and closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.

Nike: "Fine if you can't tell me what is wrong then I can't help you." he sat back on the couch and didn't look at her.

Rose: she stood, "Excuse me." she said softly and went to the kitchen and in her mind she thought, 'I'm disgusting anyways.' she started to make something to eat.

Nike: 'No you're not.' he said mentally to her.

Rose: jumped, she hadn't been expecting a response she realized she dropped the bowl she bent down and picked it up and started to clean the chocolate off the ground.

The girl with long black hair came out quickly and knelt by Rose, "Let me get that Miss." she said softly, taking over.

Nike: sighed.

Rose: "It's okay I made the mess, I've got it." she continued to help clean up.

Nike: 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.' he told Rose, 'Fine, I won't pry if you don't want to talk to your husband about it, then never mind.'

Rose: 'It's okay, you're fine. It's my fault after all. You don't need to be sorry.'

Nike: 'I just want to know what's wrong because I care about you. But if you'd rather talk to Demecius about it than speak to your husband...fine.' though you could tell he was a bit annoyed at that thought.

Rose: 'That's not it at all; I just need a little more time. That's all.'

Nike: "A little more time for what?"

Rose: 'A little more time to get used to all of this again, please just give me a couple more days. I'll do anything for just a couple more days to get over it. Please Nike.' she begged of him, when they were finished cleaning it up she turned and looked at him her eyes were pleading.

Nike: his eyes softened as he looked back at her. He nodded once. He had been watching her the whole time

Rose: she smiled a little then turned and started to cook again being careful this time.

Nike: turned back around and got comfortable again, his feet on the coffee table; whether Kah-Lee liked that or not, he turned on the television and relaxed a bit. Nicodemus was wrong. Rose wasn't made at him and so that meant he wasn't doing anything wrong. He was doing just fine at being a husband and as far as he knew, he hadn't changed at all. What did Nicodemus know anyways?

Rose: finished and ate the little bit that she had made and then cleaned up, in the back of her mind where Nike wasn't she thought about different things, she couldn't help but now just feel like a pet to him, but she would not say that or even think it for fear he would get angry and leave her. She would just take it and hoped that the next few days would be alright so she could just go on pretending and stop shaking.

Nike: clucked his tongue and ran it across his teeth as he waited for Rose to finish eating. Of course he heard what she was thinking, and yes, it did make him upset but not in the way that he wanted to leave her. Quite the opposite. It made him want to make her believe and feel in her heart that he would never leave her. How to do that...he thought to himself as he waited, wiggling his foot back and forth as he sat there. Just because the television was on didn't mean he was watching it. Sure he was at his brother's house...but Nicodemus had sound proof walls. That could come in handy. He pressed the tip of his tongue against his canine teeth and they lowered into sharp pointed fangs. Then he ran his tongue over his teeth again, letting them go back in. He played with his fangs, letting them in and out, as he sat their waiting.

Rose: she came and sat beside him after she was done.

Nike: in an instant he moved his feet from the coffee table to the floor and moved his hand closest to Rose and gripped her by the upper arm, tightly, leaning over to whisper in her ear and his words did sound harsher by the anger and urgency, "Wife, you think you are a pet to me?" he voiced her thoughts to her and in another instant stood up, pulling her with him. He tucked his other hand and arm behind her and picked her up, holding her against him as he teleported to the bedroom that Nicodemus and Kah-Lee had given to him and her to stay as guests the week before when they were there. He shoved her onto the bed and teleported to the door, making sure it was shut and locked, then bounced back to stand in front of her, "Pet?" he growled again, watching her. Now he knew she was visibly shaking and she could not even 'pretend' to stop. His eyes burned with an intensity as he watched her. He took a step closer to her. No more than three seconds had passed.

Rose: back up, "I...I'm sorry." she whispered as scared as can be she fumbled over the words. "I...didn't mean it."

Nike: grabbed her legs and pulled her back down towards him to the edge of the bed again and he stepped up and straddled her legs, pinning her down on the bed as he moved his hands to her arms to hold her there again, "Whatever in your right mind would think that you were my PET? Do you think I love my pets the way I love you?" he growled again, staring at her with a burning rage that had been suppressed from his earlier conversation with Nicodemus and also the recent slight jealousy he felt when Rose left with her brother Demecius to shop.

Rose: she closed her eyes, "No I know you love me more, or at least did."

Nike: "Did? And what made you think that changed?"

Rose: "Your intense anger at me."

Nike: "Such a pity that sometimes even the smartest creatures on the planet- nay, in the universe, can be so dumb." he dragged a finger from her arm to her shoulder, under her shirt sleeve. He watched his finger as he spoke to her. "You don't even understand in the least bit do you, Rosemarie?"

Rose: shook her head, "No I don't." she whispered.

Nike: twisted his finger in her shirt sleeve until the fabric was pulled so tight it ripped under the pressure. "What makes you think I'll leave you, Rose?" he yanked the torn sleeve down so that it tore off completely and pulled it down her arm and tossed it off.

Rose: "If you find out I am for no use and worthless then you will just toss me aside."

Nike: "Have I done so before?" he started at her other sleeve, ripping the fabric the same as he had done to the other. "Have I tossed you aside Rosemarie?" his voice still seethed with a dripping anger.

Rose: "No sir." she whispered.

Nike: "No, I haven't. So again I ask, what would make you think such things?" he pulled the ripped sleeve off her arm.

Rose: "I...I don't know."

Nike: "Exactly, you don't know." he leaned down to her ear, "But do you know what I am going to prove to you?"

Rose: "What?"

Nike: he let the anger slowly drain from his voice as he moved his lips from her ear to her jaw line and tenderly kissed it, dragging his lips across her skin, "I am going to prove to you, tonight, just how much of a waste that thought is." he leaned back, his eyes still burning. He scanned over her face from her dark tendrils of hair over her smooth porcelain skin and to her tinted pink cheeks that seemed to even glow now. Running his tongue over the top of his mouth his felt his fangs descend and his eyes glinted. Not that Rose could tell because they were still closed. "I am going to prove to you that you are mine, Marie. And that I am yours. And after we are done, you will feel my presence with you, not for just tonight, but for days and weeks later, like the first night we were together. You may be sore, but this will be a soreness you asked for, something you know you craved for. I will show you how much I love you because you are MINE." he leaned down and pressed his lips to her perfect lips, hard and possessive his kiss came, kissing the hard tight line away from her mouth.

Rose: a few tears fell from her eyes. She made no reaction other then the tears falling and what he made her do.

Nike: kissed her as he shifted her onto the bed more and slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off. He ignored her tears; because by the end of his he hoped that she'd never have any other reason to ever cry again.

Rose: "You don't have to do this." she whispered.

Nike: leaned back and looked at her, his eyes flashed with indignation, "Object if you wish. Doesn't mean I'll listen." though he knew he would if that was what she really wanted, and he also was in tune with her mind to hear her thoughts.

Rose: she turned her head to the side and opened her eyes; she didn't say or think one word.

Nike: sighed and pushed off of her, "Fine." he fixed his shirt and let out a long breath, "Never mind, I thought it would help."

Rose: she looked at him, "If you want to go ahead, I'm not going to go against you. I am yours to do whatever you wish with, I will complain nor object anymore."

She looked down and could see bruises of where he had held her and she knew it would be some time before they disappeared.

Nike: "Forget it Rosemarie. You don't want me to prove I love you, then I won't. You want me to give you time OFF? Alright, I will. When YOU want me, I'll be here. But know that after I leave this room I'm no longer choosing first for anything." he saw her looking at her bruises and he shrugged a shoulder, "Love is tough. I didn't know it bothered you for me to hold you tightly, but apparently, it does. Though I will not apologize."

Rose: "I was just looking at them I never said if bothered me I do want you to show me Nike, just be a little careful for the baby's sake."

Nike: "I'm not an idiot, Rosemarie. And I know a woman's womb has more protection for a child then apparently you think it does."

Rose: "I never said that you were. I know that you are smarter than I am, in that case don't be gentle, don't hold back." she begged him.

Nike: "That depends if my little therapy means will work or not." he watched her.

Rose: "I think so."

Nike: "And what is it I am trying to prove to you Rose?"

Rose: "How much you really do love me."

Nike: as he watched her his eyes softened and he sighed and looked away from her.

Rose: "What? What did I do?" she asked quickly knowing she did something but not sure what it was.

Nike: "Nothing, you didn't do anything." he shook his head and put a hand to his forehead and closed his eyes briefly, letting out another breath, "I just can't do it now. I lost the moment and I can't get back to..." he motioned with the other hand to her and just her overall bruises. He dropped the hand at his forehead and looked at her, "That...I can't do it now. I mean, not with the anger. I lost it."

Rose: "Do you want me to make you angry again?"

Nike: "That would work." his mouth curled up at the invite.

Rose: nodded softly then just spit in his face.

Nike: laughed and wiped it off and looked at his hand, "Nice one. Failed, though." he looked back at Rose.

Rose: she thought for a minute. Then she threw him against wall to where it knocked stuff off and it hurt him a little though it was more his pride than anything else.

Nike: his eyes flashed and he glared at her, "That hurt."

Rose: shrugged.

Nike: in an instant he was in front of her, "It's a good thing these wall are sound proof." he pushed her back onto the bed.

Rose: "Why are you afraid of someone finding out that you were beat by a girl?" she said her strong side fading.

Nike: "Perhaps I don't want my brother to know I let my wife push me around." he gripped her by the front of her shirt and lifted her up onto the bed and set her back down with a thud, letting go of the shirt and leaning over her as she collapsed back.

Rose: "Maybe it's about time they knew." she said bitterly and now her strong sprit was gone, replaced by fear.

Nike: "Now that REALLY upsets me." he growled, "Do I GIVE you reason to be scared and fearful?" he said, ignoring what she said and focusing on her thoughts.

Rose: "No." she lied.

Nike: he had moved so that he was straddling her again, "You lie to me." he growled, "I hate that."

Rose: "Then it won't be long till you kill me." she said softly not accusingly or anything like that, just a simple statement, not that she hoped to die.

Nike: "And what would make you think I want to kill you?" he snarled, staring at her fiercely, "Look at me woman." he ordered.

Rose: looked at him, a defiant glare to her eyes, "I know you."

Nike: "Apparently you don't know me well enough." he sliced his nail down the middle of her shirt and chest and pulled back to the two edges so the cloth fabric rested on her arms, "If you did, you'd know you should never lie to me." he cocked his head sideways, watching her, "Is that defiance I see in your eyes?"

Rose: "What else could it be?" she growled.

Nike: his eyes flashed red a moment and he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers again, kissing her just as hard as before. He slipped his hand behind her back and pressed her body close to his.

Rose: refused to kiss him back.

Nike: moved his hands, sliding them up her neck and to her chin, cupping her face in his hands to hold her there firmly, not about to stop kissing her until she gave in the will and kissed him back. After all, he knew it would win. He didn't need to breath, but she did.

Rose: just breathed through her nose refusing to kiss him.

Nike: "You're stubborn," he said, lifting his lips just for a moment to speak, letting his breath wash over her before pressing his lips to hers again, moving one hand and pinching together her nostrils.

Rose: pushed him back.

Nike: didn't budge.

Rose: 'When I want to be.'

Nike: 'Sorry can't hear you.' he said mentally, kissing her still.

Rose: 'When I want to be I will be stubborn and you can't do a thing about it."

Nike: he pushed his fangs back up and just nibbled on her lips, trying to get her to surrender, 'That's my girl...' he said, remembering that's how she used to be and he was glad he could get it to come out. He knew she needed to breathe sooner or later.

Rose: 'I'd rather pass out then kiss you and if that's what it takes then I'll do it. You can't make me kiss you because you don't have Vice, so I ultimately win."

Nike: 'I'll make you yield under my pressure until you scream for me to kiss you.' he leaned back from her lips and put his hands at her sides, bringing her to lay against the pillows as he started to take his kisses elsewhere; not on her lips, but just all over her. He knew Rose could not resist his touch. She couldn't even resist his bite.

Rose: bit her tongue and she didn't say a word.

Nike: "You seem to have stiffened Rose," he taunted, looking up, "Pressure getting to you?"

Rose: rolled her eyes, "In your dreams."

Nike: smiled slightly, "All the time." he kissed her toes and then in an instant moved to her back and placing his hand there upon her side he flipped her over in one smooth motion so her face was pressed to the bed pillows. He started to kiss her from the back, starting at the nape of her neck and moving down.

Rose: being a stubborn person she didn't make any comment.

Nike: flipped her back over and now, not in the least bit being gentle about it. He started at the base of her feet now and this time, he let his fangs come down and gently grazed the skin over her delicate feet with the pointed tips, letting the touch tickle her.

Rose: "You fail."

Nike: his eyes flashed again and he leaned back. He was seriously getting upset now, "I do NOT fail!" he growled and leaped forward in a swift movement, placing his hands just right beside her head and his face inches from hers.

Rose: smiled and said nothing else.

Nike: "I seriously would like to rip that smirk off your face." he snarled, his lips pulled back to expose his teeth and fangs.

Rose: shrugged unaffected.

Nike: lifted his nail and actually, he did, let a slight corner of his nail dig into her skin and leave a small slice. Enough to let a small drop of blood seep out. It was right above her lip and below her nose.

Rose: she didn't react. She just stared at him, though it was more like she was staring through him.

Nike: seeing as how she wasn't reacting, he just let his nail slide more and make the cut larger.

Rose: she still didn't react.

Nike: leaned down and licked her lip, healing the wound as he went. 'Tell me what it is you want...' he asked, annoyed yet fighting for some control as he asked her mentally.

Rose: he got a response in her eyes, 'I want for you to be angry with me to hurt me. That is what I want.'

Nike: 'Since when do you deserve to get what you want?'

Rose: 'Since always. I deserve the best whether you willingly give it to me or not.'

Nike: chuckled, 'You'll get what I give you and nothing more.'

Rose: 'We'll see about that.' she threatened.

Nike: leaned up and looks into her eyes as his hands went back to pinning her to the bed as he straddled her. He gripped her arms hard, "You will TAKE what I give you, and you will LOVE it. You will not get ANYTHING else from ANYONE else BUT me. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" he hissed at her, his eyes burning intensely with a pure rage. "After I am done with you, you won't even THINK about anyone else BUT me. I will fill your mind, your thoughts, your dreams, and it will just BE me."

Rose: "That is in YOUR dreams." she hissed.

Nike: slammed a hand into her jaw and held it there, keeping it shut, "Just stop talking!" he ordered.

Rose: did as told partly because her jaw was broken then, she just glared at him.

Nike: "You asked for it." he smirked. "Poor baby."

Rose: rolled her eyes.

Nike: "You're seriously getting on my nerves." he warned her.

Rose: shrugged. She realized she had reached her goal now so she could somewhat relax.

Nike: laughed harshly, "Oh darlin', you reached your goal a long time ago. Now you just made it so I will literally be punishing you for not just today, but perhaps three or four days."

Rose: shrugged again.

Nike: moved his hands and pressed down on her shoulders, dislocating them so she couldn't move them again.

Rose: sighed and closed her eyes, the pain was starting to seep through her and soon she knew she would be dragged to unconsciousness.

Nike: "Don't worry, I'll mask the pain with pleasure." he said, slipping his shirt off and tossing it aside as he leaned back down to kiss her, hard again.

Rose: it hurt worse with having her jaw obliterated, she groaned in pain.

Nike: 'You asked for it.' he reminded her. But he wasn't going to break or dislocate anymore. He knew the child could feel pain too that the mother went through, and he didn't want it to be so much it was unbearable. So this is why he started to do his original plan of just making Rose feel good.

Rose: 'I know and I know I deserve it.' the disobedient she had moments ago was gone and she was just back to her normal weak self.

Nike: "Not as much fun unless you can show the same amount of aggression back. Perhaps later." he said as he worked to locate her shoulders again and then went and made sure her jaw was fixed. He paused a moment, "Will you kiss me if I fix your jaw?"

Rose: 'Yes.'

Nike: finished fixing her jaw and leaned down to kiss her again.

Rose: she kissed him back like she said she would, being completely obedient now to his every wish and whim.

Nike: just because she was didn't mean he was any less angry. He also needed to prove a point to her, and so, he made sure he did.


Andraia: came home with the children and walked back to her room. On the way she passed Nicodemus office and peaked in, "What are you doing?"

Nicodemus: "Finding a cure."

Andraia: "For?"

Nicodemus: "A serum."

Andraia: "You are...finding a cure for a serum?" she cocked an eyebrow.

Nicodemus: nodded, "That's what I just said."

Andraia: "I swear you make no sense these days." she mumbled to herself as she walked off to her room.

Nicodemus: sighed.

The front door slammed open and closed and the dead bolt sounded. You could hear Kah-Lee's labored breathing as she slumped against the door and slid to the floor, resting her back against it.

Andraia: poked her head out, "What's the matter with you, child?"

Kah-Lee: was too busy crouching down, looking out the window by the door to answer her.

Nicodemus: got up and came out, "Kah-Lee what in the world is the matter with you?"

Kah-Lee: held up her hand to him while keeping her head turned towards the window. It was either a gesture of stay there or hold or the other but was indistinguishable. The side of her neck where the makeup had been rubbed off was the park towards Nicodemus. Where the makeup was, the skin was smooth as it should be, but where the makeup was rubbed away, her bite marks could be seen as clear as day.

Nicodemus: waited.

Kah-Lee: scrambled up quickly and walked by Nicodemus right into the kitchen and quickly got some food to eat.

Nicodemus: followed her, "Explain." he ordered

Kah-Lee: looked at him, her eyes flashed with fear, "My dad's going to kill me, and if not, you are. I'm too pretty to die. I can't." she looked back at her cup of hot chocolate and lunged for it and drank it down as if it was the last thing she'd ever eat.

Nicodemus: "What did you do?"

Kah-Lee: "I didn't do anything." she sat on the floor.

Nicodemus: "Then what happened?"

Kah-Lee: pointed to her neck.

Nicodemus: "Who did it?"

Kah-Lee: "It rubbed off...I don't know. And then there were cameras and..." she held her cup of hot chocolate tightly between her grasp of both hands.

Nicodemus: "And?"

Kah-Lee: "We were doing a live feed interview for a global send out." she whispered.

Nicodemus: "Great." he muttered and sat in a chair.

Kah-Lee: "There was..." she winced as there was pounding on the door and sirens sounding, "I think that's for you." she scrambled over to him and put her hand on his knee in an effort to hold him down, keeping her cup in one hand, "Don't answer it." she pleaded. "We can just hide."

Nicodemus: sighed, "I knew that this was a bad idea."

Kah-Lee: "It was an accident!"

Nicodemus: "Now I'm going to be put in the place with those people." he leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

Kah-Lee: "What people?" she said almost paranoid, "People?"

Nicodemus: "Nothing."

Kah-Lee: her eyes drifted to the door as there was more pounding, "Give them the children or something. Tell them it was them, not you. We can leave, let's go." she got up and set her cup on the table.

Nicodemus: "They want to arrest me or something?"

Kah-Lee: "They think this is just some covering for abuse or something." she tapped her foot.

Demecius: came out, "What's going on?"

Kah-Lee: looked at Demecius, "DEM!" she smiled and then let her smile fade, "No, I wouldn't do that to you." she said to herself and bit her fingernail as she paced around the kitchen in a little circle anxiously, "Never dealt with cameras before. Always snap shots, old things before, nothing like this, wasn't used to this." she muttered to herself.

Demecius: "I'll fix whatever it is I just need told what to do."

Kah-Lee: looked at Dem, "You can't. Everyone knows. The world knows."

Demecius: "Knows what? And your bites? I can say that I gave them to you."

Kah-Lee: "This," she pointed to her neck and shook her head, "No, I won't let them do that to you." she looked at the door again, "What if they know." she whispered, paranoid.

Demecius: "I'm willing to do it for you Kah-Lee. For you and Nicodemus." he laughed dryly, "I have to have my keep somehow." he walked over to the door.

Nicodemus: "I might have an idea." he whispered into her ear.

Kah-Lee: grabbed his arm and pulled him back, "No Dem don't!" she tried to use her weight to keep him back. She was too afraid for her brother she didn't hear Nicodemus.

"We know you're in there!" the police officer yelled.

Demecius: he held her arms. "Kah. Just let me do this. Please."

Nicodemus: "We could just use the cream."

Kah-Lee: looked at Nicodemus since Demecius was subduing her anyways. "No I WANT my scars that's why I kept them in the first place!" she protested.

Andraia: leaned against the wall, watching everything transpire.

Demecius: "Then I have to." he let go and opened the door.

The whole house was surrounded by police cars and camera men. They shoved microphones into Dems face and flashes went off from cameras.

Kah-Lee: bit her nails, "Oh no, oh no. My dad is going to kill me." she muttered standing behind the door.

A thousand questions were thrown to Demecius at once. But the officer's question stood out more, "Are you Mrs. Kah-Lee Ediuqil's husband?" he gave him a stern glare.

Demecius: "I am."

Officer: "We're going to have to take you down for questioning, sir."

"That's not the one who came to work with Kah-Lee a few days ago!" one girl yelled.

Demecius: "Very well." he changed everyone's mind that didn't believe that he was her husband and all of the videos containing such.

Police: "We are going to need your wife too."

Demecius: "I'll go get her." he walked in, "Kah-Lee I need you to say I am your husband trust me on this. You need to come as well."

Kah-Lee: nodded and glanced at Nicodemus and then walked out with Demecius.

Police: escorted them to the car, letting them both in the back seat. He took off to the police station.

Demecius: he looked perfectly relaxed he just looked out the window.

Once they got to the station, Kah-Lee and Demecius were separated, one taken to one room, the other to another. Demecius was alone in his questioning room for a long while. Finally, the door opened and a woman walked in, shutting it behind her.

Demecius: followed her with his eyes.

Woman: "Have a seat, Mr. Ediuqil." she motioned to the chair across from her as she took hers. Palms up on the table and look straight at me please."

Demecius: sat down and did as instructed.

Woman: took out a flashlight with a blue light to it. She held it against his skin, studying it for a moment and shut off the light. She shook her head and looked up at him, "Open please."

Demecius: opened his mouth.

Woman: shook her head again, "You aren't him."

Demecius: "What makes you think that?"

Woman: "It's very sweet of you to lie for your friend, but Mr. Ediuqil will need to come in on his own. There are a few people who want to talk with him." she gathered her things and stood, "Each person's teeth are like a fingerprint- none are the same. You can't possibly be Mrs. Ediuqil's husband because your teeth do not match up with the marks. In fact, you look as if you have barely bitten anything in your life; your teeth seem that new."

Demecius: "Are you sure they don't match? Perhaps you should check again."

Woman: "Certainly sure, no need to check again. Besides, your fingerprints are not his either. That I did check and that is for certain even harder evidence. Is the real Mr. Ediuqil too afraid to show his face and own up for the mutilation of a woman? What is he hiding? We just want a few questions."

Demecius: "There are many things that he is but is never afraid and he loves his wife more then you or anyone else on this world could imagine. He doesn't have anything to hide."

Woman: smiled slightly, "I don't see how he can, as his wife is on television and practically everywhere in California and in the United States. She is watched constantly, and I am sure even if he doesn't think he is being watched, he is. We don't question his love for her; in fact, Mrs. Ediuqil has told us repeatedly how she wanted the bites. However, it is other matters that need to be questioned. The show with the cameras and the police squad...well, precautions needed to be taken to give the people a show. Wouldn't you agree? They need to think it was abuse. How could they understand...bite marks otherwise?" she asked calmly.

Demecius: "So basically this is one big act."

Woman: "In a sense, yes. We would like you to stay, however."

Demecius: "Of course."

Woman: "We cannot count on Mrs. Ediuqil asking her husband to come in, as, she is proving to be difficult. But you could do such a thing for us."

Demecius: "Not without talking to Kah-Lee first."

Woman: "That cannot be done."

Demecius: "Then I won't call him."

Woman: nodded slowly, "Very well," she turned to the door, "Then we will resort to other matters. But of course, like always, people must be difficult. Thankfully, we have leverage."

Demecius: "That being?"

Woman: "A young boy by the name of Declan." she opened up the door.

Demecius: "I see."

Woman: shut the door behind her as she walked out.

Demecius: leaned his head back. This was no good.


A few hours later, when she was certain things had calmed down a bit, she pulled on a cloak, fastening it around her shoulders, and stepped outside. She walked to the Ediuqil's house, taking her time. She was in no hurry. She stepped up to the door and knocked lightly. Indeed as she guess, the place was cleared out, but she was sure a few last spectators were watching from nearby.

Adrielle: answered the door, she shook slightly at first, "Can I help you?" she asked softly.

Woman: smiled down at the girl, "You should really tell your father he needs to fix the holes in his shield." she motioned to the house, "May I come in?"

Adrielle: looked behind her, she nodded slightly, "Yes." she opened the door so she could come in. She was holding Niko.

Woman: stepped inside and dropped her hood back, "Thank you dear. May I inquire of your name?" she smiled slightly, "And the little one?"

Adrielle: "I'm Adrielle and this is Niko."

Woman: "It is nice to meet you two. My name is Charlotte." she lifted her eyes to look at the house, "Where is Mr. Ediuqil?"

Adrielle: "Dads in his office."

Charlotte: "He does not come to greet his guests?" she cocked an eyebrow.

Adrielle: "He doesn't like to answer doors."

Charlotte: "Certainly not. Well, let's not disturb him he can stay there." her eyes flashed a dark green and she lifted her hands and moved them out to her sides and then forward, thrusting them back.

As she did so the house frame shifted and the walls where the office was fell away and came forward, so that the office Nicodemus sat in was a hands span away from where she and Adrielle stood. She looked right at him.

Nicodemus: "So the police finally decide to show up."

Charlotte: "No dear, not the police. We are the FBI. Compared to us the police know nothing."

Nicodemus: "Does it matter? You're all the same."

Charlotte: "Snippy." she observed. "I don't know how your wife can stand you."

Nicodemus: "Let's just get to the point. What do you want?"

Charlotte: "To talk. Bring you in for questioning."

Nicodemus: "And you can't question me here?"

Charlotte: "No, I cannot. My questions need to be monitored."

Nicodemus: "Of course they do." he stood and just walked where the wall used to be.

He ran into the wall.

Charlotte: "You might want to try the door." she said without any hint of amusement.

Nicodemus: a second before he went hit the wall he made himself able to go through it so he came through in tact without a headache.

Charlotte: her eyes flashed dark green again and she kept her hands to her sides and the rooms shifted back to normal. She looked to Adrielle and Niko, nodded in a good bye and watched Nicodemus for a moment before turning back to the door.

Nicodemus: he walked over to Adrielle. "I need you to watch over your brothers and sisters until I return or your mom, she will probably come back before I do just be sure you listen to her and not give her any problems okay?"

Adrielle: nodded, "I won't dad." she hugged him.

Nicodemus: "I'll see you when I return." he kissed her forehead then followed Charlotte.

Adrielle: turned away and cried softly.

Charlotte: "You really should fix that hole in your shield Nicodemus, it is quite a problem." she mentioned casually as she stepped out of the house.

Nicodemus: "Well now that I know there is a hole I'll be sure to."

Charlotte: "But do you know where?"

Nicodemus: "No but if I just put up a new shield the problem is solved."

Charlotte: "Yes, until another hole is made."

Nicodemus: "Well hopefully what caused that hole won't happen again though I am sure my family will no longer have any problems with them."

Charlotte: smiled wryly, "Yes." she moved her hands to each side and though Nicodemus couldn't see, her eyes flashed a bright yellow and the area around them went pitch black and the shield glowed a bright lavender purple color. Charlotte moved a pointer finger in a small circle and a hole ripped in the shield and she stepped through the slit. As soon as she went out her eyes went back to normal and the world was bright again.

Nicodemus: "Interesting."

Charlotte: "What is?"

Nicodemus; "What you just did."

Charlotte: "Comes in handy when you have a mob of humans wanting to get in your house but the shield blocked them. This way, it doesn't, and so there are fewer questions to answer for the population."

Nicodemus: nodded.

Charlotte: walked in silence back to the precinct.

Nicodemus: followed though he would have rather taken his motorcycle.

Charlotte: "From what I gather about you, Mr. Ediuqil, so far, is that you are snippy, and also that you like to send your wife off into the police hands without following or caring about her position. Instead, you send another to go with her, so you can shirk your responsibility."

Nicodemus: "I did as my wife wishes."

Charlotte: "How sweet." she stepped through the doors and slipped off her cloak and draped it over a chair in the lobby.

Nicodemus: "So is the whole FBI like you?"

Charlotte: "No, just the select few special of us." she looked back at him, "This however, is the police station where we are holding your wife, the man who came in for questioning with her, and also...your son Declan I believe."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Where was Declan?

Charlotte: "On the island of Patmos."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Not too bad."

Charlotte: "As far as what?" she wondered.

Nicodemus: "As far as being in a third world country, that's a nice and kind place."

Charlotte: "You may be talking from years and years ago Mr. far as I know it's not so bad off anymore. After all, I found Declan in an abandoned castle, along with four or five other male friends of his."

Nicodemus: "That's interesting."

Charlotte: "It seems your whole family is in a heap of trouble, Mr. Ediuqil." she lifted her hand and turned towards a hallway, motioning for him to come, "Walk with me my dear."

Nicodemus: "Not all of them." he replied as he got up and walked with Charlotte.

Charlotte: "Criminal records on you, your wife, Declan, your mother," she paused, a slow smile spread on her lips, "Avecita and Adrielle...I'm afraid the only one free is little Niko and small Kierce and baby Neel, because they are all too young to even be accountable for their actions." she stopped in front of the door and opened it up, revealing an empty silver room with a steel table nailed to the ground in the center of the room and two steel chairs, one on each side of the table, sitting, as if waiting for someone to sit in them. One side of the room was lined with one sided glass, so it could not be seen out of. Charlotte motioned for Nicodemus to go inside, "Not to mention, Katara and Demecius. Definitely Nike and Rose and their child Ali. Please tell me if I am missing anyone. I am speaking from memory and I am not quite as smart as Rosemarie or your wife, Mrs. Ediuqil. Have a seat, Nicodemus."

Nicodemus: "And what has Adrielle, and Katara done? As well as my wife?"

Charlotte: "Adrielle has stolen...Katara has broken and entered a few places. To mention your wife's crimes would take up all of the little time I have to speak with you. Please go inside." she urged.

Nicodemus: sighed and went in and sat down.

Charlotte: shut the door behind them and went to take her seat.

Nicodemus: waited.

Charlotte: "Do you realize that sending your wife out for public display would mean only a short amount of time before the world found out?"

Nicodemus: "I did what was necessary to make her happy. I assumed she would be careful, however, yes, sometimes accidents happen.

Charlotte: "Well this is a major accident."

Nicodemus: "So I see."

Charlotte: "This, however, is too big to contain. If it happened at any other time, perhaps it wouldn't have been a problem."

Nicodemus: "I fail to see how it is a problem."

Charlotte: "Camera's focused on her neck. The marks are not normal teeth bites."

Nicodemus: "Camera's, and people's minds, can be erased."

Charlotte: "Not of this magnitude."

Nicodemus: "Maybe not to others."

Charlotte: "Nicodemus, you don't know as much as you think you do. I hate to hurt your pride but it's the truth."

Nicodemus: "I know people in high places."

Charlotte: "And you think I don't?" she raised an eyebrow.

Nicodemus: "I never said that."

Charlotte: "We are saying we both know the same people in these high places. So there is nothing to do that hasn't already been done."

Nicodemus: "I haven't called them."

Charlotte: "But the FBI already has."

Nicodemus: "Off world even?"

Charlotte: "We don't deal with aliens." she said simply.

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes, "Of course not."

Charlotte: "And neither will you."

Nicodemus: "So what happens now?"

Charlotte: "Now?" she said, looking to the glass as if she could see through it. " pay for your crimes." she slowly moved her eyes back to his.

Nicodemus: "Jail?" he guessed.

Charlotte: nodded slowly, "For your kind...Declan will be in the same jail building as you, but Mrs. Ediuqil will be in a separate one for her kind. Too bad her modeling job was cut short." a small smile appeared on her lips. She was enjoying this.

Nicodemus: "Why in the heck is Kah-Lee in jail?"

Charlotte: "Try to be respectful, dear. Harassing an officer can make your penalty more severe than just 'jail'."

Nicodemus: "Well, if it were fair there would be no problem."

Charlotte: "Oh, believe me, it is. You can't have servants...nay, slaves, without us seeing, Nicodemus. You are too sloppy." she enjoyed hurting his pride.

Nicodemus: "Yes I am sloppy and lazy." he said unaffected.

Charlotte: "Nice of you to be able to own up to it. I suppose you know about...two girls in your possession in particular then. Kay, as she is called, and Savannah?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yes what about them?"

Charlotte: "That's your crime."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Alright. But what is my wife being charged for?"

Charlotte: "She's an accomplice."

Nicodemus: "She is not an accomplice; she has nothing to do with it. I did all of it just let her go. Please."

Charlotte: her eyes widened a fraction, "Begging now?"

Nicodemus: "Yes."

Charlotte: "It does not become you."

Nicodemus: "I just want my wife to go back to how things should be with her at home Declan as well."

Charlotte: "I am sorry but that cannot happen. Katara and Adrielle and Avecita will be brought in too."

Nicodemus: "If need be and if it is aloud I will take all of their time. There has to be something that I can do so that they can all live at home peacefully."

Charlotte: "They each must serve their own time, Nicodemus."

Nicodemus: "Are you sure there is nothing that can be done?"

Charlotte: shook her head slowly, "I am afraid for them to be free that only way would be for you to lay down your life for them."

Nicodemus: "I'll do it."

Charlotte: "I'm afraid not."

Nicodemus: "Why not?"

Charlotte: "Your wife has already opted for it."

Nicodemus: shook his head, "No. I won't let her."

Charlotte: "Not like we will tell her that."

Nicodemus: "Then let me."

Charlotte: "The whole point of you and her being in separate jail cells even is so that you will not converse. Mentally I make sure that can't happen, also."

Nicodemus: "Just for a couple of minutes. Just long enough to tell her and convince her to let me do it."

Charlotte: smiled slyly, "Why don't we see how it works out? Let's play a game of cat and mouse with me being the one who chooses the winner."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Fine."

Charlotte: "You tell me what I need to know, and you earn points. The one who spills the most truthful information is the one who gets to be the savior of the other. How does that sound?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Alright."

Charlotte: "First of all, where are all of your bases located? We know you have more than one home."

Nicodemus: "Currently I only have one other because all the others were destroyed and that, over in India."

Charlotte: "Where are others of your kind located?"

Nicodemus: "I have no idea, I don't keep a read out of all of my kind."

Charlotte: "Arsenrios, know where some are."

Nicodemus: "Anthony is off world and so is Arsenrios."

Charlotte: smiled slowly again and pulled out a cell phone, "Why don't you call them to stop in for a visit?"

Nicodemus: "And why would I do that?"

Charlotte: "To save you wife." she shrugged one shoulder.

Nicodemus: "So you expect me to call them just for them to come to Earth so you can arrest them?" he shook his head.

Charlotte: "We are giving you a choice Nicodemus, save your friends and children, or save you wife."

Nicodemus: "Have I ever said how much I don't like you?"

Charlotte: this made her bloom with a smile, "No you have not. But it's a nice thought. I don't mind being hated by my enemies."

Nicodemus: "I am not an enemy."

Charlotte: "To earth, you are."

Nicodemus: "I am not. If I were an enemy then this Earth would not exist."

Charlotte: "An enemy enough to put small children at harm and also be an advocate for slavery."

Nicodemus: "No children were put to harm."

Charlotte: "The girl Kay is a child. I am not wrong."

Nicodemus: nodded, "True."

Charlotte: "So you admit to your crimes."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yes but my wife was no part of it."

Charlotte: "But she did not stop you either, or notify the ACS for us to stop you."

Nicodemus: "She tried to stop me but I didn't listen."

Charlotte: "So are you saying that your wife is as much of a victim as your captives?" she found that hard to believe, but if needed, she would fake it.

Nicodemus: "Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying."

Charlotte: "She is still guilty of other things."

Nicodemus: "Like?"

Charlotte: "Oh, I am sure we can find something on her, much as we did for Katara and Avecita and Adrielle." the sly smile was still on her face.

Nicodemus: "You purposely went LOOKING for something on them!" he said getting angry.

Charlotte: smiled, "But of course. Is there a problem?"


Charlotte: "Well, Mr. Ediuqil, you know for a fact if there was nothing to hide there would be nothing for us to find. But there are things to find. Your family has a lot of secrets...a lot of locked up secrets just waiting to be found out."

Nicodemus: "One of these days Charlotte, you are going to suffer as much as you are making my family suffer and I that will make my death much more peaceful."

Charlotte: "Are you threatening me Mr. Ediuqil?" she raised an eyebrow; all hint of smile gone from her voice replaced by malice, "May I remind you that any threats you make are recorded."

Nicodemus: "Did I say I was going to do it? No. That was not a threat."

Charlotte: "You lie too." she shook her head and stood up.

Nicodemus: growled but said nothing.

Charlotte: "I believe we are done here Mr. Ediuqil." she put her cell phone back into her pocket.

Nicodemus: "I suppose we are." he gave a dry laugh, "It's funny you work for the government yet they are still against you."

Charlotte: "How do you suppose?" she wasn't about to listen to this man's rambles but she was still curious as to what he was talking about the government

Nicodemus: "I work for the government to help them out and this is how they treat my family, by SEARCHING for things wrong with it. By wanting it to be gone off the face of the Earth and the rest of the galaxy and by wanting me to betray friendships."

Charlotte: "That's what they do, Nicodemus." she shrugged slightly, "Just because you work for the government does not mean you are immune to the law."

Nicodemus: "I never felt that I was but when they purposely go and look for things so that they can through the whole family in jail." he shrugged, "I guess I always just thought they were better than that. That they actually cared about the people and the children."

Charlotte: "We are only throwing the ones in jail who deserve to be in you."

Nicodemus: "But Kah-Lee and the kids? They don't deserve that life and neither does Demecius."

Charlotte: "Perhaps you are right." she slowly sat down again, "Perhaps we can strike a deal." she smiled slowly.

Nicodemus: "That is?"

Charlotte: "I don't ask you to betray your friends...I will let your family go. If you tell me one thing, and promise to follow through on one request I ask of you."

Nicodemus: "Anything."

Charlotte: "Tell me where it is all of the golden wish flowers are."

Nicodemus:"Why?" he asked softly.

Charlotte: "The deal was not for you to ask questions, Nicodemus. Just answer what I asked you."

Nicodemus: "They're in a different dimension."

Charlotte: "All of them?"

Nicodemus: "All of them the ones I had up at my house are all used up. So the only ones left are at the source."

Charlotte: "Perfect." she looked down at her side and reached into a bag at her feet that she had brought in with her. She came back up and set a small anklet type object on the table before her and Nicodemus, "Now, here is my request to you Nicodemus. You've already fulfilled half of what we want of you, now if you fulfill this part, your family will be free and it will be as if nothing ever happened." she watched him calmly, "Are you ready to fulfill my request?"

Nicodemus: "Yes."

Charlotte: "I want you to detonate a bomb to kill all of the wish flowers, Mr. Ediuqil. Every single last one of them. Wipe them off the face of their source with no hope of return." she gave him a small smile, "Since you kill and torture people for both a living and a past time, this should be really simple for you. Are we at an agreement?"

Nicodemus: "Yes we are."

Charlotte: "I don't care where they are at, Nicodemus, but we will not let your family go until all the flowers are gone." she picked up the object on the table, "Lean forward please."

Nicodemus: leaned forward.

Charlotte: unsnapped the anklet type object and snapped it around Nicodemus neck for a tight fit. She moved back, "That should ensure we get what we want."

Nicodemus: "Of course."

Charlotte: "If not, it won't just be your life that is lost." she stood again, "We are through here."

Nicodemus: nodded and stood.

Charlotte: "Did I say you could leave?" she asked, watching him, still smiling. She enjoyed controlling him. "You house and bases have been compromised. You will spend the night here while we clear them out."

Nicodemus: "And my family?" he sat back down.

Charlotte: "We hold them here until your job is done, of course."

Nicodemus: "But you won't hurt them right?"

Charlotte: "Correct." she confirmed. "Unless of course they resist. We may have trouble with your brother."

Nicodemus: "Just please make sure they can heal quickly and that you don't kill them please."

Charlotte: "No one will die, unless you fail your job. That I promise you."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Alright."

Charlotte: "Now you may rise and follow me to your cell for the night." she turned towards the door.

Nicodemus: stood and followed her.

Charlotte: took him back into the deeper parts of the building, where it was mostly concrete and steel. She walked past the cells, one of them they walked past held Declan, another held Demecius. Kah-Lee wasn't in this one though. She opened up an empty cell and motioned him inside.

Declan: looked up, hearing people walk by. "Dad?" he ran to the bars, putting his hands on them.

Nicodemus: looked back at him, "Hello son." he looked back at Charlotte and walked inside.

Charlotte: locked him inside and curtsied to him, "Have a nice night. I'll be sure you can't leave here." she turned and walked out.

Nicodemus: sat on the floor against the wall.

Declan: "Dad I'm sorry. If this is my fault, I'm sorry." he saw the thing on his dad's neck and wondered what it was.

Nicodemus: "It's not your fault. It's mine."

Declan: "What's on your neck?"

Nicodemus: "I assume it's a tracker. I made a deal for you and the rest of the family to go home. And will kill me if I don't do what is asked of me."

Declan: "Dad I'm sorry. I know I may not have been a perfect son, but I don't want you to die."

Nicodemus: "There is nothing to apologize for it's not your fault in the least bit."

Declan: nodded slowly and just watched his dad, "Where's mom? Is she alright?"

Nicodemus: "She's fine. They put her in another building."

Declan: "Can you feel her? Mentally?"

Nicodemus: tried to feel her.

She was there but he could not communicate.

Nicodemus: nodded, "I can feel her."

Declan: "What a nice way to meet after so many months of not seeing each other, eh?" he smiled slightly, showing his perfect teeth. He had grown into a nice young man, almost like Nicodemus with his DNA.

Nicodemus: smiled slightly, "Yea, you're not kidding."

Declan: "So how have you been?" he tried to make conversation.

Nicodemus: "All things being considered not too well, what about you?"

Declan: "Yea...I bet my friends hate me." he chuckled dryly.

Nicodemus: "Why's that?"

Declan: "They're in here somewhere too."

Nicodemus: nodded, "I see, why were they arrested as well?"

Declan: "Not sure. Probably because they were in my company though..." he shrugged one shoulder.

Nicodemus: nodded, "It's rough."

Declan: stepped back from the bars and sat down on the ground, "Be careful dad, in whatever you are going to do."

Nicodemus: "I will." he promised.

Declan: sat back against the wall and waited as time just passed by. "How's Madison?" he said after awhile.

Nicodemus: "I don't know I haven't heard from her."

Declan: nodded, "She must be doing good."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Must be."

Declan: sat back and closed his eyes and waited for morning.

When morning did come it was hard to tell because it was so dark in there. Charlotte walked into the prison cell hallway and wrapped on the bars, "Hello Nicodemus." she said to get his attention.

Nicodemus: looked up, "Hello."

Charlotte: "We have a slight tweak in our plans, Mr. Ediuqil." she opened up the bars and stepped aside for Nicodemus to come out.

Nicodemus: came out, "That being?"

Charlotte: closed the door behind him, latching it again.

Declan: watched them both, as he hadn't slept all night.

Charlotte: motioned in front of Nicodemus and took a few steps before speaking, "You will destroy the source of the flowers, and all at the source, except for one golden wish flower. I will give you a special container and you will store that one flower inside and bring it back to me. At which time, I will use it to finish the job."

Nicodemus: "What job is that?"

Charlotte: "The process of elimination. We will wish for them all to die...and then we will send you back out to make sure every last one of the flowers is gone."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Alright."

Charlotte: turned down another hallway and stepped inside an open and waiting elevator. Once Nicodemus stepped in, she shut the door and pressed the down arrow.

Nicodemus: waited.

Once the doors opened, Charlotte stepped out into a reflective mirror room. In the center was a large platform.

Charlotte: "Up." she commanded Nicodemus lightly, and motioned to the platform surrounded by mirrors.

Nicodemus: stepped on to it.

Charlotte: "I'd advise you not to move while you're in here." she stepped back, "Once it vanishes, you will be on the roof of a large skyscraper. After that, you do what you must to finish your work assigned." she lifted her hands and they flashed a bright red, and she moved her hands in a circle motion. The plates around Nicodemus started to spin until not even his reflection was moving anymore. Everything was just a blur.

Nicodemus: didn't move just like she had said

Soon the walls vanished and Nicodemus was on the top of a building.

Nicodemus: jumped down and looked around at his surroundings.

He was in Chicago City.

Nicodemus: he changed dimensions and looked over the field of flowers and picked one putting it in the container then killed all of the flowers. He came back to this dimension and found every flower like it and killed it too.

As soon as Nicodemus stopped bouncing around, the tracker on his necklace beeped and he was brought back to the precinct. Charlotte met him at the door.

Nicodemus: "It is done."

Charlotte: took the flower container from him, "Thank you dear." she looked down at it.

Nicodemus: "Sure."

Charlotte: "One last thing, Mr. Ediuqil."

Nicodemus: "Yes?"

Charlotte: "For about fifty years, you and your immediate family may not be known to public. Either you stay hidden in your home, or you live on another planet until fifty human years is over."

Nicodemus: nodded, "We will do it."

Charlotte: "You are free to leave then. However, the tracker is on your neck and will stay that way." she turned to go and then paused a moment and looked back, "You may find your house is a little more empty."

Nicodemus: "For how long? What do you mean?"

Charlotte: "The tracker? For the rest of your life. And your house is empty as in we took the women you were keeping for slaves."

Nicodemus: "My family is set free?"

Charlotte: "Yes. They are already home and waiting. But may I warn you, one wrong move on your part, one slave you posses...your life ends. And there will be no point for return." she turned and walked off.

Nicodemus: teleported home.

The family was congregated around the living room and kitchen area next to the hallway and front door. The windows and doors were sealed up.

Kah-Lee: was looking out the small crack that provided a small ray of sunlight. When she heard Nicodemus come in she turned to him, "Nicodemus!" she ran and hugged him, "I am so glad you are okay."

Nicodemus: hugged her, "If okay is having a tracker around your neck is being okay then I'm perfect." he leaned down and kissed her.

Kah-Lee: kissed him back gently, "Tracker? Tracker for what? Nicodemus I want to go outside. This is horrible being in here."

Nicodemus: "Like a dog tracker only on me." he let out a breath and teleported them to a different planet.

Kah-Lee: "I think Rose and Nike went home."

Nicodemus: teleported Nike and Rose back to where he was with Kah-Lee. "You have to stay here for fifty years." he told them.

Nike: scowled at him, "I was doing quite fine on earth, thank you." he had his arm around Rose's waist and she had some bruises on her. He was holding her close.

Kah-Lee: saw her sister, "What'd you do to her!"

Nike: "None of your business." he said to Kah-Lee.

Kah-Lee: huffed and looked to Rose, "Rose tell me please?" she asked sweetly.

Rose: "I'm fine Kah really."

Nicodemus: "Trust me if you value your life or Rosemarie's then you'll stay here for the next 50 years."

Nike: "And what about my children?"

Nicodemus: "Them too, they're already here as well."

Nike: "Servants?"

Nicodemus: "They're here to though I don't think it best to have them."

Nike: "And why not?" he sighed, "Did I miss something?"

Nicodemus: "You missed a lot let's just say that it's best if you don't have them.

Nike: "Nice um..." he pointed to his own neck, "Accessory."

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yea. So that is why you can't have servants you have them you die for good simple as that."

Nike: "Well then send them off anyways. Kah-Lee can do all my work."

Kah-Lee: scoffed, "I don't think so." she looked at Nicodemus, "Where are we at?"

Nicodemus: "We're on Anthony's planet." he sent them off.

Kah-Lee: "And can we go outside here?"

Nicodemus: "It's not Earth so yup."

Kah-Lee: "Good." she smiled slightly, "I've been banished before. No big deal." her smile slowly faded, "I just don't like that on your neck. I'd rather it be on mine."

Nicodemus: "You didn't do anything wrong Kah-Lee."

Kah-Lee: "But still." she frowned, "I feel bad."

Nicodemus: "Do me a favor and don't worry about it."

Kah-Lee: nodded slowly, "Okay." she kissed his cheek softly and walked off to look around the house.

Rose: she looked up at Nike for a second to see what he wanted to do.

Nike: watched Kah-Lee walk off and then smirked down at Rose and scooped her up in his arms, "Well, Nicodemus, show us to our room for the next fifty years, please. You may not see us very often so make sure it's a nice room."

Rose: didn't react though she was sore.

Nicodemus: showed them a room.

Nike: "Thanks. You hungry Rose?" he asked as he stepped inside with her.

Rose: "Yes Nike a little bit." she admitted looking down.

Nike: set her on the bed, "You alright babe?" he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

Rose: nodded, "I'm fine."

Nike: "I'll go get you food then." he kissed her forehead gently then left the room.

Rose: she lay over on the bed ignoring the going through her body.

Nike: came back into the room a few minutes later and gave her a cup of hot chocolate and a Hershey's candy bar.

Rose: "Thank you." she drank it carefully and ate the chocolate bar.

Nike: touched her cheek lightly, smoothing his finger of a bruise, "I should let you heal."

Rose: "I'm fine, I don't need to heal." she stopped herself from jerking back.

Nike: put his hand down and sighed, "I scared you again. I thought we were having fun."

Rose: "We were, I'm not scared at all." she looked up and her eyes didn't show any fear nor could it be detected in her mind or body.

Nike: "Then...why did you have to resist jerking back?"

Rose: "I hurt a little." she whispered and looked down again and closed her eyes.

Nike: "You just had chocolate. You should heal fast. We can wait." he promised.

Rose: nodded, "Okay."

Nike: laid back on the bed, "This one is comfy." he commented and looked around the room.

Rose: nodded, "Very." she laid over again and looked down at her stomach that was now huge.

Nike: "That the baby?" he asked, following her eyes.

Rose: nodded.

Nike: "Why is it out and not flat, anymore?"

Rose: "I...I don't know. I thought it was always out." she admitted.

Nike: "Yea, I guess...though with Ali it wasn't."

Rose: nodded.

Nike: "Which is how you effectively hid her existence from me."

Rose: "I'm sorry." she whispered. "I was wrong; I shouldn't have kept her from you. It was wrong of me to do that."

Nike: put his hand up to shush her gently, pressing his fingers to her lips, "All is done love, and over with. No need to be sorry. Just as long as you promise me you'll never do it again."

Rose: "I promise." she whispered.

Nike: leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips, then he just put his arms around her and buried his face in her hair as he laid there on the bed.

Rose: kissed him back softly.

Nike: "We should go check this place out later."

Rose: "Any time you wish it."

Nike: sighed, "Yea." he leaned back to look at her, "I have a question for you Marie."

Rose: "Go ahead." she said softly.

Nike: "Why is it sometimes you act forceful, then like, just're all...submissive?"

Rose: "I don''re my husband I am to be submissive all the time if I fail then I am most deeply sorry."

Nike: smiled slightly and shook his head a bit, "No, I mean, like earlier...yesterday. When you were actually making me upset by saying things. You did it well, and then it just gradually died out."

Rose: "I don't remember that." she admitted. "What did I say?"

Nike: his smile faded, "What do you mean you don't remember that?"

Rose: "I don't remember actually making you angry, I remember trying spiting in your face and then you saying that my punishments would continue on for the next couple days."

Nike: "Yea but you knew I was joking about the punishments. Making love isn't really a punishment; I was just joking...are you saying you really don't remember the hour in between?"

Rose: shook her head, "I don't...may I...see from your mind? Perhaps it will help..."

Nike: "Yea...but...yea, alright." he wasn't sure how she would take remembering the broken jaw and the other things. But he wasn't going to hide anything from her.

Rose: went into his mind and watched that hour after she was done, she cried, "I am so sorry...I...I didn't mean it. You have every right to be angry with me. Please Nike I beg you to hurt me."

Nike: held her tight against him to quiet her sobs, "No." he said confused, "Why are you crying?" he didn't understand.

Rose: "I was so disrespectful and disobedient, I can't believe it. Please Nike hit please."

Nike: "I don't understand how you didn't know of this before." he was still trying to make sense of it.

Rose: she still cried softly.

Nike: leaned her back, "Rose what's going on?" he asked, his eyes searching hers intently.

Rose: "I don't know." she wiped tears away. "I should have acted like that. It's just as bad as hiding a child actually it's worse." she cried some more just thinking about it.

Nike: "No, Rose." he said softly, "The only reason why I was bringing it up was because I was going to tell you that I liked it and wished you would be like that more often."

Rose: "So I can disrespect you and make you angry? I don't understand."

Nike: "Well, yea. When I ask you to. Like that time, I asked you to. That's why I said I thought we were having fun..."

Rose: "Oh..." she said in understanding.

Nike: "But if you don't remember...did I hurt you that bad?" his eyes suddenly widened in worry.

Rose: shook her head quickly, "No of course not, I'm probably just tired and parts of my mind are going to sleep."

Nike: "Probably." he relaxed a bit, "We did do a lot to make you tired." he wiped a tear away from her face with his hand, "Please don't cry."

Rose: nodded and stopped crying immediately.

Nike: snuggled her in close and closed his own eyes as he lay on the bed.

Rose: fell asleep after a while.


Nike: woke up before Rose did, but he lay there, letting her sleep as long as she needed to.

Rose: she rolled over a little not sleeping to well.

Nike: he lifted his hand and stroked her cheek lightly with the back of his hand, brushing back bits of her hair that had moved in front of her face as she slept. "You're so beautiful." he whispered slightly to her, knowing she couldn't hear because she was sleeping. Then he turned his hand over to he could stroke her cheek with his thumb as he rested his hand near her jaw line and ear. He watched her and after a moment, he checked to see what was bothering her as she slept.

Rose: It was just a bad dream but not like she had ever had before but when he touched her it got slightly better.

Nike: "I wonder..." he whispered to himself, moving his hand off of her cheek so he wasn't touching her anymore. He kept tabs on her dream to see how it went...better or worse?

Rose: it got worse and her heart started to beat faster and faster, in just a matter of second if she was a human she would have had a heart attack right now.

Nike: put his hand back on her cheek, monitoring it.

Rose: it calmed down and slowly returned back to normal. She groaned softly.

Nike: smiled slightly and leaned forward and pressed his lips to her forehead as he monitored her night terror.

It was getting calmer and calmer.

Nike: kissed her forehead again gently, then planted a kiss over her eyes delicately, then he leaned back and cupped her face softly in his hands, holding her face up to his he kissed each of her cheeks and then he finally kissed her lips.

Rose: she opened her eyes and kissed him back softly.

Nike: leaned back, "You're awake." he smiled slightly, "Good."

Rose: smiled slightly back and nodded.

Nike: "I'm sorry you didn't sleep well."

Rose: "It's alright I'll live."

Nike: "Well..." he let out some air as if to stop a chuckle, "That's a relief."

Rose: "What's wrong?"

Nike: "I just want you to be well rested is all."

Rose: "I'm fine; you don't have to worry about me. Chocolate will solve any problems I might have."

Nike: "Oh that's nice to know."

Rose: nodded slightly.

Nike: "Do you remember now?" he wondered.

Rose: "From yesterday yes.

Nike: "You mean, you still only remember from what I told you, and not from your own experience?"

Rose: nodded slightly.

Nike: "I wonder must not be...the lack of sleep." he sat up slowly.

Rose: shrugged, because she was wore out she couldn't move to well.

Nike: "I'll bring you in breakfast but I need to talk to someone about this."

Rose: "I'm fine Nike really."

Nike: "You don't remember. That is not fine." he got off the bed and pulled on a pair of jeans.

Rose: "If you say so."

Nike: "I do. You should think so too. After all, don't you Kientians pride yourselves on remembering everything?" he looked back at her.

Rose: if she could have shrugged she would. "I've had a memory problem since I was born."

Nike: "Well I've never noticed it till now." he pointed out.

Rose: "It comes and goes." she explained.

Nike: "How often? Once every five years?"

Rose: "I'm not really sure."

Nike: "Well I've known you for five that way."

Rose: "Most of the time it's just little things I forget so it's over looked."

Nike: "I wonder if this memory problem can be fixed."

Rose: "It's fine, like I told you before I'm flawed. I'm not perfect like Kah-Lee which is a little bit of the reason that dad kept her and tossed me aside."

Nike: "Ridiculous. I know you aren't Kah-Lee, but you are just as perfect to me."

Rose: "I've blinded you then." she looked away.

Nike: "Perhaps. But let's not clear the fog just yet. I like being blind." he smiled slightly at her as he pulled on a shirt.

Rose: "If you say so."

Nike: kissed her forehead and opened the door and went out to the kitchen.

Rose: laid there not able to move.

Nike: came back in with a cup of chocolate milk for her. He put the straw in her mouth.

Rose: sucked on it getting out some chocolate milk.

Nike: waited for her strength to return.

Rose: took it from him when her strength returned, "Thank you." she said softly and drank till it was dry then she sat up.

Nike: "Welcome."

Rose: she got up and stretched.

Nike: "I am not sure what to do here, but I think I am going to want to check around or something."

Rose: "Can I come?"

Nike: "Yea. I'm going to have to find things to do to fill the time when I can' with servants. Fifty years is going to eternity." he sighed and stood up again from the chair he was sitting in as he fed Rose.

Rose: "Even after 50 years I don't think you can have servants."

Nike: sighed, "If I paid them?"

Rose: "That would be maids, which is different, so I think that would be alright."

Nike: nodded, "Fine...I guess. That's still...not the same though."

Rose: nodded slightly.

Nike: "Hurry up and get dressed then."

Rose: hurried and got dressed in one of her new outfits.

Nike: looked at her outfit.

Rose: it was a nice dark blue top that emphasized her curves and a pair of jean short shorts. She went over and brushed out her hair.

Nike: "You know, you are going to have a lot of days tacked on to make up to me with you being naked..." he pointed out, watching her.

Rose: nodded, "That's good for you right?"

Nike: "It's the same...this is just me having to wait longer so...sort"

Rose: "I'm sorry."

Nike: shrugged slightly but said nothing.

A few days passed and soon turned into a few weeks as Nicodemus and Kah-Lee and Nike and Rose and their families all got used to being banished from Earth. Kah-Lee whined a lot because she wanted to be popular again. Nicodemus decided it was best to help her deal by taking her on vacation with the kids. Even though Kah-Lee wanted to go with just her and Nicodemus, they did take the children- though the children stayed in a separate hotel room.

Kennith didn't know what to do so he stayed there at Anthony's castle where they had all bunked. The place was so large, even though they were there in the castle it was like each family lived their own separate lives. He missed his wives. Klara wasn't even here. She was still on earth, about to give birth to a newborn perfect child. And he was sure with what the people had given her when she was taken, she would give birth more than once during the next fifty years. He felt sorry for her. Who was there to watch over that perfect woman?

Andraia and Adidas also stayed around the castle, having nothing better to do. Andraia almost couldn't stand it. So she left a lot to find something to do on the planet.

Nike and Rose stayed in the bedroom Nicodemus had showed them, a lot. Though, he would take Rose on dates occasionally. He hoped she wasn't having anymore memory lapses, where a different side of her personality took over and so she couldn't remember anything afterwards. He hoped she was okay, and was constantly watching over her. He loved her. He didn't want anything bad to happen to her.

While Nicodemus and Kah-Lee were on vacation, one night while Andraia was out at a club and Nike and Rose were sleeping- the attack on Anthony's planet happened. It was so fast; no one had time to leave the house. Kennith got trapped beneath the castle as it crumbled and crushed him, and while Nike and Rose were sleeping, Nike got knocked out by a fallen stone. So he didn't have time to save his beloved Rose from what ever happened after he was unconscious.

Woman: with long silvery white hair stood in front of the crumble of castle, she smiled slightly, "Two in a bed snuggling to keep warm, one trying to get used to the norm, no wives just himself, all alone." she smiled, "What a happy but pitiful scene." she was saying to herself, she shook her head, her silvery hair covering her face, "I'm sure it's time for them to wake up now." she stepped closer to the rumble, she listened for anything a heartbeat, she didn't have to bend down, she could hear if there was any. She moved some rocks looking for them as she knew they were there. She pulled Nike out and then Kennith and then she looked for rose. While she worked she whistled a tune.

Andraia: she appeared, "What's going on?" she saw the woman and then Nike and then Kennith and looked back at the girl, "Where's Adidas? And Rose? What did you do!" she growled at the woman with the silver hair.

Woman: didn't look at her, "I did nothing, there was an attack on the castle, I am simply getting the people that were trapped inside." she said simply and continued to whistle while she searched.

Andraia: "Stop being so happy!" she almost attacked the girl.

Woman: "There is no rule against it but don't worry I am neutral not happy." he moved some more rocks and pulled Rose out and she had a lot of cuts and bruises far worse than anyone else. She went looking to Adidas next, when she found him she laid him to on the grass then took a special crystal stone and jabbed it into his neck and then waited, she examined her nails, waiting.

Andraia: stood there watching them both. She made no attempt to stop the woman from stabbing Adidas in the neck.

Adidas: made no reaction to anything. His skin was a slight color of blue.

Woman: when the stone glowed she took it out, and Adidas healing was already starting. In a few minutes he would be waking up she knew. She walked over to Kennith and did the same thing. Then she went over to Nike and did it to him, she waited slightly longer before removing it, she looked at Rose sadly.

Nike: took a gasping breath and sat up quickly, "Rose." he got up and then fell again, being weak still, "Where's our baby!" he went over to the rubble and started to dig.

Woman: "Nike." she said to get his attention and pointed to the one teenager who was carrying a child walking towards them. She knelt next to Rose and took a syringe and poked it into her neck. Then she put it back in her pocket and checked Adidas' pulse.

Adidas: pulse was still very weak, if any at all.

Nike: he leaned back and turned his head to his children and then in the process he saw Rose, "Rose?" he crawled over to her.

Woman: she put her hand on his chest and then she leaned down and kissed him, giving him her power, part of her life.

Kennith: he groaned and opened his eyes and sat up slowly, looking around, squinting through the sunlight.

Woman: she leaned back, "Just one more, come on Adidas."

Nike: "Not one more! Rose wake up!"

Rose: she groaned, the cuts were so bad she was about to fall unconscious because of the lack of blood.

Woman: she watched Adidas.

Nike: he pressed his hands to her chest and let power run from him into her, healing her cuts so she wouldn't pass out. "Come on baby." he said frantically. He felt so bad he wasn't able to save her from this.

Adidas: he was breathing very slowly now, his skin a lighter shade of blue, but he was not waking up.

Rose: she coughed up blood and then wiped her mouth off. She was too weak to open her eyes still. She needed chocolate.

Woman: she gave him all the power that she had, she fell beside him. It was just enough to wake him up.

Adidas: he took a deeper breath and let it out. He opened his eyes slowly. His skin slowly warmed as his blood moved again.

Nike: now he was even weaker. He didn't have any chocolate to give her. Everything was destroyed in the house.

Andraia: just watched everything.

Rose: she moved her head on him with some of the last energy she had before the chocolate ran out.

Woman: had passed out half on him and half on the grass. Her eyes were softly, it was like she was wearing fancy makeup but you could tell that was just a part of her skin.

Nike: "Rose." he wrapped his arms around her, his breathing strained. But he was glad Rose and his family was okay.

Adidas: it was hard for him to breath with the girl on his chest. He tried to sit up but was too weak.

Andraia: she vanished and left to get Nicodemus and Kah-Lee.

Woman: with that small effort she rolled off him and shattered

Adidas: he sat up slowly and looked around at everything, "What happened?"

Nike: "Attack." he whispered hoarsely and coughed from all the dust.

Rose: "She...helped us, tho...though."

Kennith: "Who?" he looked around, his interest peaked by the mention of a she.

Rose: "The girl that lay in shatters."

Adidas: he looked down by where he was, "Oh no." he was like looking as someone's ashes.

Kennith: he looked over by Adidas.

Suddenly like a jolt Adidas felt power it was the strangest feeling he had ever felt in his life.

Adidas: "Something's...happening." he swallowed and didn't dare move.

The once shards of the woman came back together as energy was returned to her, she stood and looked over them, she came over and fed Rose some chocolate and thus making her strong, she looked over the rest of them.

Andraia: she appeared again, with Kierce in her arms and some of Nicodemus and Kah-Lee's children with her.

Kah-Lee: appeared with the other kids. She did not look happy.

Kennith: "Well hello gorgeous." he said to the woman who came back together.

Adidas: just stared at her.

Nike: he just held Rose, focused on her.

Woman: "You all should be good now, you no longer need my assistance, I suggest..." she eyes were stuck on Adidas, "that you value your family." she said just watching him

Andraia: "Alright bye!" she said urging the woman away.

Adidas: "I will." he agreed softly.

Woman: she smiled at him, "Good." she glanced to Kennith and then to Rose and Nike, she bent down and kissed Adidas again giving him some extra power, then she stood and shattered again only this time as they fell they vanished.

Adidas: he didn't know what to do. He just sat there. He had never kissed anyone but Avecita before.

Kah-Lee: "I can't wait for this stupid fifty years to be over." she grumbled, looking at the loss of the castle.

Nicodemus: kissed her ear. "Don't complain babe." he told her lightly.

Kah-Lee: she sighed lightly, "Yes Nicodemus." but she still looked at the crumbles. Her eyes were smoldering.

Kennith: he got up and brushed himself off.

Kah-Lee: "What happened anyways?"

Nike: "Attack." Nike repeated, still caring for Rose.

Rose: she got stronger and could stand.

Ali: "Anthony said he is going to fix the castle after the ball."

Kah-Lee: her glare turned into a pout. "I have nothing to wear to a ball."

Nike: he helped her up, keeping his arms around her.

Nicodemus: glared at Ali. He didn't want Kah-Lee to know about the ball.

Rose: she almost fell.

Nike: but his arms around her kept her balance.

Kah-Lee: she suddenly smiled, "I can go shopping until the castle is fixed. Fun, fun, fun." she turned to Nicodemus, "Do you have your wallet with you?"

Nicodemus: handed it to her.

Kah-Lee: "Thanks babe." she kissed his cheek, "Do you mind watching the kids?" she blinked.

Nicodemus: "Nope you go ahead."

Kah-Lee: "Thanks." she used Nicodemus teleporting skill and vanished to town.

As soon as Kah-Lee left, Nicodemus' collar made a beeping noise and started to shock him in a wave of pain that didn't stop.

Nicodemus: fell to the ground holding the collar. He brought Kah-Lee back to him.

Nike felt shocks on his neck too. He couldn't hold onto Rose anymore. He stumbled back, his hands rubbing his own neck, trying to get the pain to subside; but it wasn't working.

Andraia: "That looks like it hurts." she said, sounding like she was in pain just thinking about it.

Kah-Lee: "What? Did I for- Nicodemus!" she almost screamed and put a hand over her mouth to stop the gasp.

Nicodemus: "Stupid collar." he growled.

The shocks stopped and a female voice came out of the holes in the collar, "Nicodemus, do you think it's time that you died?" the girl asked.

Nicodemus: he was out of breath, "No, I haven't done anything."

"That's exactly my point. You haven't done what we've asked."

Nicodemus: "I have stayed away from Earth and I no longer have servants."

"What was the main thing we wanted?"

Nicodemus: "All of the golden flowers gone." he growled, "I made good on that promise."

"They are coming from somewhere then, Nicodemus, and we want you to find out just exactly where that is." she ordered him.

While the woman was talking to Nicodemus, Nike felt his own neck. No; he wasn't wearing a collar like Nicodemus was. But because his genetic makeup was so close to his brothers, he felt his pain. Nike could feel burn marks on his neck too, from the shocks of the collar Nicodemus wore.

Nicodemus: "I'll find them." he said as he slowly started to stand.

"That's right, you better." there was a pause, then the girl sounded like she was smiling, "Good puppy." her voice clicked off.

Nicodemus: growled and dusted himself off.

Kah-Lee: walked over to him quickly, "Hun, are you okay?" she asked quietly.

Nicodemus: "I'm fine." he rolled his eyes, "Stupid Government." he growled under his breath.

Kah-Lee: "Let me see your neck." she reached her hands up to see.

Kennith: sighed, "I miss my wives."

Nicodemus: "Just forget about it." he told Kah-Lee.

Kah-Lee: "But the burns..."

Nicodemus: sighed, "Fine. Do whatever I don't care."

Kah-Lee: she stopped and crossed her arms and just looked at him.

Nicodemus: sighed.

Kah-Lee: she smiled slightly, " don't want my help. I'll just go now." she vanished again.

Nicodemus: he touched his neck and flinched slightly.

Avecita: "Dad, are you okay?" she asked softly.

Nicodemus: sighed, "I will be once I find out where the wish flowers are coming from."

Avecita: "Do you want me to help?"

Nike: "Yea. I'll be okay too once you do that." he sighed.

Nicodemus: "If you can." he didn't like getting help from other people especially someone so young but there was nothing else he could at this point.

Avecita: "What do we have to do?" she looked over at Adidas who was getting up slowly.

Nicodemus: "I don't know." he brought Kah-Lee back, "Help me."

Kah-Lee: "I was about to buy something." the credit card was in her hand.

Nicodemus: it appeared beside her, "I already paid for it."

Kah-Lee: she looked shocked, "How did you do that?" she looked at the bag of the item she bought. She slipped the credit card into her back pocket.

Nicodemus: "Just help me."

Kah-Lee: she looked back at Nicodemus, "Have you healed already from the burns?"

Nicodemus: "I have no idea."

Kah-Lee: she stepped up to him and then lightly she moved the collar more up his neck and looked beneath it to see if he had healed.

Nicodemus: "Well?"

Kah-Lee: "Don't be mean to me Nicodemus or I might just have you wear this collar forever." she let go of the collar and let it drop and stepped back, "Almost but not quite."

Nicodemus: "That's already the arrangement." he growled. "Don't you dare threaten me Kah-Lee."

Kah-Lee: "What are you going to do about it?" she looked at him not the least bit scared, "Last time I needed punished I practically had to force you to do it."

Nicodemus: grabbed her arms he was getting angrier, he squeezed and slapped her on the face. "Getting on my bad side right now is not something you want." he let her go and watched her fall to the ground.

Kah-Lee: she caught herself on the ground with an 'oof' and didn't know what to do for a few seconds. She was shocked. She put her hand to her cheek where he had hit her. "I'm sorry." she whispered without looking at him, keeping her eyes on the ground. "I shouldn't have said that. You're right. I'm sorry. I'm just irritated at everything."

Nicodemus: "So I noticed." he growled and turned, "I have work to do." he vanished.

Kah-Lee: she looked over where he had been, "No Nicodemus come back!" she called quickly and got up and sighed. It was useless.

Nicodemus: you could hear his voice but could not see him; he probably looked as irritated as he sounded, "What Kah-Lee?"

Adrielle: ran over to her mom, "Mom are you okay?"

Kah-Lee: there was no way she could hide the bruises showing up on her arms, "I'm fine Adrielle." she whispered to her, "Nicodemus can I see you? Please? It'll only take a few minutes." she told him softly.

Nicodemus: appeared before her.

Kah-Lee: "I just want to see if...well, you know how Kientians can shift their molecules around to go through things? I wonder if you can shift your molecules around and go through the collar."

Nicodemus: "It's worth a shot." he stepped closer to her.

Kah-Lee: she stepped back a step. "You can try it're allowed to use my powers...silly."

Nicodemus: "I'd rather you try."

Kah-Lee: she nodded and stepped closer to him and put her hands on the collar and lifted it so that it wasn't touching Nicodemus very much. She focused her energy on the collar and soon its image was wavering. "Step out." she said distractedly to Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: tried to step back.

It worked. Once Nicodemus was out of the collar Kah-Lee let go of it and it fell to the ground. She dropped her hands.

Nicodemus: "Thank you." he kissed her softly.

Adrielle: back up beside Avecita

Kah-Lee: kissed him back, "You're welcome."

Nicodemus: "Well I should let you get back to your shopping."

Kah-Lee: "That's okay. I'm the mood." she bent down and picked up the collar.

Nicodemus: "We should bury that and since when are you not in the mood to shop?"

Kah-Lee: she shrugged slightly, "Since...a few seconds ago." she held onto the collar and pressed it in the ground as she shifted both the molecules of the collar and of her arm and hand and let them seep into the ground. She released the collar and left it in the ground as she brought her hand back up. She stood. "Done."

Nicodemus: "Thanks again." he sighed. "Is it possible to need a vacation right after you get back from one?"

Kah-Lee: "You need a vacation?" she asked him, remembering he had told her that before about him needing a vacation. That he would take one by himself.

Nicodemus: "I guess it doesn't matter I just got back."

Kah-Lee: "If you want a vacation then you should feel free to take one."

Nicodemus: "Well maybe until we have a house though after this ball of Anthony's."

Kah-Lee: "Are we going to that?" she asked softly.

Nicodemus: "Do you wish to go?"

Kah-Lee: shrugged slightly, then walked over to her bag she got at the store and picked it up. "It's up to you."

Nicodemus: "Well, you have to have some sort of fun so yes we will be."

Kah-Lee: she opened her mouth with an intake of breath to speak and then closed her mouth slowly and glanced down. "I need a dress for that..." she mumbled to herself.

Nicodemus: "I know, I'm going to take you and the rest of the kids to a tailor for custom clothing."

Kah-Lee: looked back up, "Custom clothing?" she said, her voice had a tweak of excitement in it that she was containing. "You mean like clothes I can pick to fit my tastes perfectly and they will be made as thus?"

Nicodemus: smiled slightly and nodded, "Exactly. Not to mention some of the added features I'm going to get with it. And that of course comes with customs shoes."

Kah-Lee: "CUSTOM SHOES!" she squealed and then clamped a hand over her mouth. "Sorry." she muttered.

Nicodemus; "It's alright I like to see you happy." he smiled a little more and wrapped an arm around her.

Kah-Lee: "I think I might like that place better than stores." she whispered under her hand.

Nicodemus: "Well we should get going then." he looked up, "Avecita will you gather everyone else and tell them to come here so they can be fitted for the ball?"

Avecita: she nodded, "Yes Dad." she went off to gather everyone.

Kah-Lee: "What did you mean by added features?" she moved her hand.

Nicodemus: "Well they're also going to do your hair give you a full body massage, manicure, pedicure and all that."

Kah-Lee: she started to smile slightly and then stopped. She just thought it was funny when Nicodemus said manicure and pedicure.

Nicodemus: he put his mouth to her ear, "Why do you stop smiling?" he whispered then kissed her ear.

Rose: slowly stood and pulled her robe closer around her.

Kah-Lee: "Because I was thinking thoughts about you that were funny." she admitted, whispering back.

Nicodemus: "I'm not saying you can't smile and laugh."

Nike: he helped her up, "I'm sorry." he used his other hand to rub his neck, getting rid of the last of the phantom pains.

Kah-Lee: she nodded, "Okay."

Rose: "It's alright, it's not your fault." she said softly.

Nicodemus: waited for the rest of his family to arrive

Nike: "We need to find a place to stay now."

Kennith: "I can't take this another day. I'm going HOME to my family. Where's a ship?"

Rose: nodded slightly, "I have a few dollars I can rent an apartment." she said quietly.

Nicodemus: looked to Kennith, "No you are not."

Kennith: "YOU get YOUR family. Why should I be discriminated against!" he growled.

Nike: "Honey, I wonder if they have apartments on this planet."

Nicodemus: "Because if you go, you die, I die, and Nike dies so I suggest you stay here." he growled.

Rose: "If not I can see what else we can rent for a few days."

Kennith: "I have children for heaven's sake! And a lot gosh darn more wives then you do! They need cared for! How about you try to be away from your ONE wife and FIVE children for fifty years! YOU TELL ME HOW YOU WOULD FEEL!" his eyes glowed red.

Nike: "I've got money. We can buy a place here since we will be here awhile. Are we staying with them?" he nodded in the direction of Nicodemus and Kah-Lee.

Rose: "I don't know."


Kennith: "IT WOULD BE BETTER THAN THIS!" he motioned around him. His fists clenched; he needed to whip something.

Nike: "It's up to you."

Rose: "I'd rather not show myself to your brother." she whispered looking up at him.

Nicodemus: "Then I'll knock you out."

Kennith: "Just try and catch me Nicodemus. I'm older than you. Wiser. Stronger. If I wanted to leave you couldn't stop me."

Nike: he looked confused, and then he remembered, "Oh...the naked deal?"

Rose: nodded.

Nicodemus: "THEN STOP COMPLAINING! For someone that supposedly wiser all I hear is complaints!"

Kah-Lee: "Nicodemus doesn't like complaints." she whispered to Kennith.

Kennith: "One of these days Nicodemus, I'll make you go through what I'm going through right now." he hissed. "And I'll tell you that same thing." with that, he vanished.

Nike: "You don't have to do that anymore."

Rose: "Yes I do, my time hasn't been up yet."

Nicodemus: he continued to wait for his family to arrive.

Kah-Lee: "He threatened you." she sounded scared.

Nike: "Then let's find a place to stay. I wonder if they have condos around here. If so, we can all live in the same house without actually living in the same house."

Rose: "Let's go find out." she said softly, honestly she didn't like to be in debt and right now she was in debt for two months still and her being in this robe was not helping.

Nicodemus: "I won't let him hurt you or the children Kah-Lee." he promised her.

Kah-Lee: she nodded slowly, but in the pit of her stomach, she felt something bad was going to happen. Something Nicodemus couldn't stop no matter how many promises he made. She swallowed hard.

Nike: "Well if you're going to think of it like a debt, then just forget it." he told Rose.

Avecita: came back with the rest of the family.

Rose: "I didn't mean it, I'm sorry." she whispered, "It's not a debt. I really do want to do this for you."

Nicodemus: he kissed her forehead. He was glad that a long time ago he had wished for his family to always be safe, so that meant no matter what Kennith did he couldn't hurt Kah-Lee or his kids which made him happy.

Avecita: "Dad we're back."

Nike: "Never mind about it." he said seriously.

Nicodemus: "Then let's get going."

Rose: "I don't want to never mind about it." she whispered.

Kah-Lee: "Rose are you coming?" she looked back at her sister.

Rose: shook her head, "I'm going to stay with Nike and try to find somewhere to live."

Kah-Lee: "We were going to look after the ball. Aren't you going to that?"

Rose: shook her head no.

Kah-Lee: "Okay." she looked sad and then looked back at her family as they left.

Rose: watched them go, she looked down again, she'd really messed things up and she didn't know how to fix them.

Nike: kissed her temple. "I'm glad you're alive."

Rose: "I'm glad that you are perfectly well."

Nike: "We should find you clothes."

Rose: "No that's okay, I don't want any."

Nike: "Okay..." he looked over at Ali and Neel. He caught the glimpse of Adidas. "What are you doing here still?"

Adidas: "Left behind." he answered.

Nike: nodded slowly, "Alright...then."

Rose: "Where do you need to go Adidas?" she asked softly.

Adidas: "I have no idea. I was here. Now here doesn't exist. I have no idea where mom guess nowhere."

Rose: looked to Nike, "Can he come with us?" she whispered to him.

Nike: "If you didn't want to be naked around my brother Nicodemus, why do you want to be naked around my half brother Adidas?"

Rose: "We can get him his own room while we..." she trailed off.

Nike: "No. I don't like him."

Rose: she nodded slightly and looked down, "We should get going then." she whispered.

Nike: he kept his arm around Rose and walked over to Ali and Neel. "Come on guys."

Adidas: he sighed and started to walk in a random direction away from them. Story of his life.

Ali: held Neel and followed her parents.

Nike: "So where are we going exactly?" he asked his family.

Rose: "I don't know."

Nike: "Yea. Me either. I don't know my way around this world."

Rose: "Maybe Anthony can help?"

Nike: "And where is he?"

Rose: "The safe house up there."

Nike: he looked ahead of the path and nodded, "Alright." he headed in that direction.

Rose: followed.


Woman: Adidas could hear her voice, "They all left you?"

Adidas: "Yep." he started to hum.

Woman: appeared beside him, "Well if you have nothing better to do perhaps we can hang out." she suggested softly.

Adidas: he looked at her, "Are you the girl who shatters?"

Woman: nodded, "The one and only."

Adidas: "I'm honored to meet you."

Woman: "It shouldn't be an honor and trust me it would be an honor to never meet me."

Adidas: "If I never met you, I would be dead." he pointed out. "But perhaps that's for the better."

Woman: shook her head, "Death is never for the better Adidas."

Adidas: "You don't have to hang out with me if you have something better to do. I thank you for saving me, and my family. Or ex family. I'm not really related to them anymore thanks to a wish. But...I know what it's like to be alone. And it's true, I am alone. I'm not related to anyone anymore. And I was in a cell for a year before my relative Avecita came along. So I'm sure I can manage." he said kindly.

Woman: "Trust me there's nothing I'd rather do then spend some time with you."

Adidas: he nodded, "If you say so."

Woman: "I do."

Adidas: he didn't exactly know where he was going to be walking to so he just stood there. "Do you have a name?"

Woman: smiled, "Of course how rude of me, my name is Ari'anna."

Adidas: "Nice to meet you Ari'anna. My name is Adidas." he held out his hand to her.

Ari'anna: shook his hand, "Pleasure."

Adidas: "Do you live here?"

Ari'anna: shook her head, "I live everywhere but at the same time nowhere."

Adidas: "That very much sounds like me."

Ari'anna: "Would you like to go to my place for a bit?"

Adidas: "I thought you just said you didn't have a place to live..."

Air: "I said I live everywhere but nowhere."

Adidas: "Then I...don't understand."

Ari'anna: "I'd have to show you."

Adidas: "I would like that." he smiled slightly.

Ari'anna: took his hand and he started to shatter like she had and soon they were in this large spacious room.

Adidas: "That felt weird." he commented, moving his shoulders a bit as he remembered the feeling of shattering. He let go of Ari'anna's hand and looked around the room.

The room around them looked like a state ball room; all decorated in gold and extravagant furniture, there was a hallway at one end.

Adidas: "Wow." Adidas whispered, "Something Kah-Lee would like." He said mostly to himself. When he was done looking around, his eyes went back to Ari'anna, "And you live here?"

Ari'anna: smiled and nodded, "Yes, welcome to everywhere and at the same time nowhere. There is more than just this room though, theirs bedrooms and living rooms, and dens, and kitchens, and any other sort of rooms you can think of."

Adidas: "It may seem weird that I agreed to visit your house so soon after we met...but...I trust you. It's just a feeling I get."

Ari'anna: "I'm glad you trust me, and I wouldn't do anything to harm you ever." she promised.

Adidas: "You sound like Avecita." he said softly.

Ari'anna: "What do you mean? You like her don't you?"

Adidas: "I do." he said quickly, "That...that was a compliment what I said. Avecita is my best friend."

Ari'anna: "I'm glad to be the kind of person you like, thank you for the compliment."

Adidas: "You're welcome."

Ari'anna: "If. You'd like to stay here you can it would be my honor to have you."

Adidas: "I can't stay long. I have to get back for Avecita and my mom."

Ari'anna: nodded. "Well your always welcome here. Just call my name the best thing is no one can get here."

Adidas: "Call your name? Ari'anna?"

Ari'anna: nodded

Adidas: "I'll be sure to do that." he agreed. He wanted to ask if Avecita could come here too, but, that would be rude. He was taught not to impose.

Ari'anna: "Yes if you want to bring her along that's fine too."

Adidas: "Who?" he looked confused by who she meant by 'her'.

Ari'anna: "Avecita."

Adidas: he smiled again, "Thank you."

Ari'anna: "You're welcome."

Adidas: he looked around the room again.

Ari'anna: "Would you like a tour?"

Adidas: "Sure." he looked back at Ari'anna, "But only if it's okay with you."

Ari'anna: smiled slightly, "of course this way." she showed him all around her place and it all looked like the initial room made out of gold and very expensive. She even showed him the spare rooms that's she had.

Adidas: "Where do you sleep?"

Ari'anna: stepped up to two large doors and opened them at first it looked like the room glowed. She followed him inside half the room had vials it had a bed and computer and all else a room could have.

Adidas: "Wow..." he whispered to himself in awe, looking around. This place was something he'd only ever dreamed of.

Ari'anna: watched him and smiled slightly

Adidas: walked over to the vials and looked at them.

Each of them were a different color some glowed some bubbled others just sat there; but there was one that had steam come off, none of them were labeled

Adidas: he wondered what they were for.

Ari'anna: "All of these do different things but it depends on which one you choose for what you get."

Adidas: "What do you mean?"

Ari'anna: "Take for example these." she pulled out two pink ones similar it color. "One's a love mixture the other wounds someone."

Adidas: "If they aren't labeled, how can you tell the difference?"

Ari: smiled, "I made them so I know the difference."

Adidas: "But what if someone else sees them and doesn't know the difference? Someone could get hurt."

Ari'anna: "like I said the only ones that can get here is through me and that is only you and if Avecita decides to come."

Adidas: "What so special?" he wondered. Why would she let him here? Avecita would be here because of him. But why would she let him here?

Ari'anna: "You're different than everyone else. You don't demand things."

Adidas: "I was taught to keep silence." He said softly. In fact, he didn't even talk until Avecita came along.

Ari'anna: "I'm sorry. If I would have known I would have stopped it."

Adidas: "No one one could have known." His eyes grew dark as he thought about his troubled past; about Avecita...about his mom.

Ari'anna: put her hand on his arm softly, "I'm so sorry."

Adidas: "Don't worry about it." he said quietly. "I hurts. But I forgive my dad. And my mom." he looked over at Ari'anna. "I don't hold grudges. I try to move forward."

Ari'anna: "That's commendable most if not all people don't do that."

Adidas: he nodded slowly. "Thank you."

Ari'anna: "You're welcome."

Adidas: he blinked a few times and his eyes lightened again as he stopping thinking about it. He wanted to talk about something else. Something happier.

Ari'anna: smiled, "Are you hungry I can make you something to eat that you will positively love I think."

Adidas: he nodded again, "Sure." he replied lightly.

Ari'anna: smiled and took him to the kitchen and started to cook something up.

Adidas: he stood there, watching her.

Ari'anna: "What do you like to eat?"

Adidas: "Anything you are willing to give me."

Ari'anna: "What's your favorite though?"

Adidas: "I don't have a favorite. I just eat what I am given. Kah-Lee makes a lot of delicious food, and so does my mother."

Ari'anna: nodded slightly then walked over to the fridge and pulled out some ingredients and continue to make something to eat. "Would you like to have a seat?" she pointed to the chairs.

Adidas: "Sure. Thank you." he took the seat she had pointed to.

Ari'anna: smiled and continued to cook.

Adidas: he sat there, staring, not seemingly staring at anything. Just seeing nothing.

Ari'anna: sat something down in front of him, "Please tell me what you think."

Adidas: he looked over at the plate of food and picked up a fork and took a bite. "It's delicious." he said after a moment.

Ari'anna: watched to see if he was telling the truth, "Thanks."

Adidas: his face was the same as always, but his eyes were lighter. "You're welcome Ari."

Ari'anna: smiled and turned around then got herself some and sat down across from him and started to eat.

Adidas: continued to eat.

Ari'anna: ate in silence.

Adidas: when he finished his food, he licked the plate clean.

Ari'anna: she smiled and drank it up with her spoon.

Adidas: he got up and took his plate to Ari'anna's sink to wash the dirty dishes for her.

Ari'anna: "It's alright, I can do the dishes later."

Adidas: "I was taught to wash them right after a meal...but..." he turned to her, "If you don't wish me to wash them, I won't." he promised.

Ari'anna: "You're a guest you don't have to work."

Adidas: he nodded and came and sat back over in his seat.

Ari'anna: "What would you like to do?"

Adidas: "I am not sure what there is to do. And I am not sure how long I can stay."

Ari'anna: "Have you ever played laser tag?"

Adidas: "No...I haven't. But I know what lasers are." his dad had used them a few times.

Ari'anna: "Do you want to play, it won't hurt I promise."

Adidas: "Play with lasers?"

Ari'anna: smiled and nodded, "Laser Tag."

Adidas: he nodded slowly, "Alright." That sounded different.

Ari'anna: smiled and took his hand and took him down the hall.

Adidas: he looked down at their hands as he walked forward with her.

Ari'anna: she opened the door.

Adidas: he looked up and looked inside the room.

Ari'anna: she handed him a laser gun, and she took one and she looked down at her hands and let go, "I'm sorry." she said softly.

Adidas: "No it's...fine." he looked at the gun and stepped back a bit, "Avecita held my hand all the time."

Ari'anna: smiled slightly, "She doesn't anymore?"

Adidas: "No," he shook his head slightly, "Her parents do not like it."

Ari'anna: "I'm sorry."

Adidas: "It's...okay." he said softly. No, he didn't really like it...but he wouldn't go against their wishes.

Ari'anna: "Well I don't have any parents so they can't say that about me. Anyway, what you do is you take this." she gestured towards the gun, "And you walk around and anything you see that moves you shoot at, you can hide behind the various things in the room too."

Adidas: "Shoot at...things?"

Ari'anna: "Like I said it won't hurt them, it's more of a light than anything else and it's cardboard and stuff, it's not living."

Adidas: "Oh...I see..." he hesitantly took the gun from Ari'anna.

Ari'anna: nodded, she turned off the lights and things started to glow.

Adidas: the dark... "What do I do?"

Ari'anna: forgetting about her standards she got behind him and putting her arms around him she got it in the proper form, "You put your finger on the trigger." she moved his finger for him, "When you get lined up and when you see something move you...push it towards you." she said as something came by and she demonstrated on him and his gun.

Adidas: he was a bit scared, "This won't hurt anyone?" he asked, just to make sure. He got used to holding the gun as he was supposed to.

Ari'anna: "Nope it's just light, nothing that would hurt anyone."

Adidas: "Okay..." he waited for something else to come by and he tried it on his own, though he missed.

Ari'anna: charged hers up and turned a corner looking out for everything then something jumped out in front of her and her first instinct was to shoot, the piece of track fell back into place glowing from the light.

Adidas: "You're good at this..." he said as he looked around something else, keeping his eyes open.

Ari'anna: "It's good to do when you're bored. I have a lot of free time."

Something else flashed right in front of him.

Adidas: he noticed it and with a sudden panic he yelped and dropped his gun and stumbled back a few steps before dropping to the ground in a crouch.

Ari'anna: she came over to him setting down her gun she put a hand on his back, "Are you okay?"

Adidas: "Ari'anna, I don't like this game very much." he said, his voice quiet with fear.

Ari'anna: nodded, she turned it all off and tuned on the lights, "Do you like to read? There are thousands of books I'm sure at least one of them has you're very subject. I'm sorry about this Adidas, I didn't want to do this to you." she said softly.

Adidas: he got up slowly once the lights turned on, "Do what to me?" he asked her.

Ari'anna: "Scared you, I should have known better." she shook her head.

Adidas: "It's okay. Please don't feel bad." he was slowly calming down, "I just get scared easily. I try to not be so scared but I can't."

Ari'anna: "Still I should have thought before I acted."

Adidas: "It's not your fault. I could have said no."

Ari'anna: she shrugged. As much as he told her not to she still felt bad know it was her fault.

Adidas: "And for your previous information, I do like to read. Avecita read to me all the time and I read to her. We taught each other to read."

Ari'anna: smiled, "I can show you to the library and if you want to pick out a book you can."

Adidas: "Now that...that I would love."

Ari'anna: smiled, "This way." she took him to the library which as she said had thousands upon thousands of books.

Adidas: "How does one get so many books?"

Ari'anna: "Just browsing and when libraries are going out of business they sell them cheap. I've lived for a long time."

Adidas: "How long?" he asked her, "If it's okay to ask."

Ari'anna: "It's fine...about three hundred years." she shrugged.

Adidas: "I'm only...twenty-two." he admitted.

Ari'anna: nodded and smiled slightly, "I know. But that's alright." she shrugged. "At least you're not two. Anyways, when I was twenty-nine almost thirty I was like you." she smiled slightly.

Adidas: "Why would you have been like me?" he asked softly.

Ari'anna: "Because there was a time when I was nothing better than dirt, when I had to serve others and say nothing and do anything without questions. Even improper things."

Adidas: "I'm sorry." he looked down.

Ari'anna: "It's okay, life happens. I want better for you though Adidas. I want you to have a life sooner than I did. You see Adidas it's what we had to go through that makes us who we are and it's our job to decide what we are going to do with our background."

Adidas: "Is that why me so much?"

Ari'anna: "Adidas, I spoke truth when I said I have never met anyone like you ever and that your different. I know that you still care about people which is most different than anyone else or myself. But I liked you because yes I could relate to you, I know what it's like. You're so down to Earth so to speak."

Adidas: smiled slightly at her, "Thank you. You are a very kind person Ari'anna." indeed, she did make him feel better.

Ari'anna: "You're very welcome, and thank you."

Adidas: "Thank you for sharing that information about yourself with me."

Ari'anna: "You're welcome, anytime."

Adidas: "I won't ask. I don't like to pry. It's none of my business to do so."

Ari'anna: "It's not prying at all, you have whatever freedom you'd like." she turned her head slightly to look at all of the books with white hair behind her ear, he could see the long scar from the top of her temple down to her back.

Adidas: he slowly and gingerly reached his hand out and touched the skin at her neck where her scar was located.

Ari'anna: she didn't move nor did she tense up, she continued to breath normally like he wasn't even touching her. The skin was rough like it had been cut open many times and as soon as it was healed over cut open again.

Adidas: he felt so bad for her. He quickly put his hand in his pocket, ashamed for touching her.

Ari'anna: "He liked to watch me bleed, he has tons of videos of when I was weak and he'd cut me, he even had certain spots he preferred." she looked at him her eyes softer than ever before, if it was a little more softer then she would be crying right now.

Adidas: "Who is he?" he asked; his voice and eyes as soft as hers with compassion and concern.

Ari'anna: "In the beginning it was my step-brother, and then he sold me to some friend of his. It was more if not all the friend. He made sure that every time he cut me in the same spot it was at least a half inch deeper than before. This one..." she ran her hand over the one that he had touched but close by her temple. "It's so deep I remember he actually cut the bone one time, so if I got an X-ray there is a line that follows my scar engraved into my skull."

Adidas: he blinked to keep his tears at bay, and looked down, "It was my parents who hurt me. Mostly my father."

Ari'anna: "That's sounds like it would be a cut that would hurt the most."

Adidas: he ran a hand through his hair, remembering how many scars it hid.

Ari'anna: "I'm sorry Adidas." she hugged him.

Adidas: "For me? I've long since forgotten about apologies."

Ari'anna: "Of course for you, for all that you faced, for what they did to you. I'm so sorry."

Adidas: "I'm sorry for you too. I don't know all that you went through...but...I'm sorry."

Ari'anna: "It's okay it's not your fault."

Adidas: he hugged her for a few minutes, "We do have a lot in common." he agreed somberly.

Ari'anna: nodded and leaned back, "If only there were more happy things we had in common."

Adidas: "We both like to read books..." he suggested.

Ari'anna: smiled, "True." she said though it only half showed in her eyes.

Adidas: "Something's still bothering you, isn't it?"

Ari'anna: she shook her head and smiled this time it was showing completely through her eyes, "Nope. Is something bothering you?"

Adidas: "I just thought you were thinking of things in your past and so it destroyed your good mood. I am sorry for bringing it up."

Ari'anna: "Don't worry about it, I said you could ask questions. Please don't be ashamed of curiosity around me." she stroked his cheek softly, for a couple minutes before she pulled her hand back.

Adidas: he took a slow breath, "Only Avecita has ever done that before."

Ari'anna: "If it made you uncomfortable I'm sorry."

Adidas: "I wouldn't say that. It's just that no one has really ever shown me affection before; no one but the little I've received from Avecita."

Ari'anna: "Has she ever kissed you? I'm sorry that's none of my business."

Adidas: he nodded. "She has. My father...he made things we shouldn't have done. Her parents don't know."

Ari'anna: "I..." she shook her head, "I wish I could have helped you."

Adidas: "It's okay." he said softly, "No one knows except for Avecita and I and my father."

Ari'anna: "Not even your mother?"

Adidas: "No. She never knew."

Ari'anna: "How could he do that to you?"

Adidas: "My father...he liked that sort of thing. He used to tell me about these twins he had an obsession about all the time..."

Ari'anna: "I'm sure he hurt them as much as he hurt you if not worse."

Adidas: "He told me he had them one time in Russia...but...he never got them since."

Ari'anna; she thought for a long moment, "That's interesting, why was he obsessed?"

Adidas: "I don't...I'm not exactly sure. They were something he couldn't have. And he...I don't know. He was working on something before he died and I think that pertained to them."

Ari'anna: "Do you know what it was?"

Adidas: "He just always told me he loved them and was waiting for them to grow up. Every time he would leave me and Avecita he would say he was going to work on a gift for them. That's all I know."

Ari'anna: "Was this if he could get them back or would it happen when they were older?"

Adidas: "I don't know." he looked down, "I'm sorry."

Ari'anna: she stroked his face again, "It's alright don't worry about it."

Adidas: he nodded slightly and looked back up at Ari'anna.

Ari'anna: she smiled slightly at him.

Adidas: "He only had them for a week. He had me for 21 years."

Ari'anna: "Sadly life is not fair. He should have cared more about you."

Adidas: "I agree that life is not fair, but, like you said- it makes us who we are today. So I hold no grudges."

Ari'anna: smiled, "Good." she realized that her hand was still stroking his face, she stopped and just looked at him in eyes.

Adidas: he smiled slightly and didn't pull away.

Ari'anna: she leaned up and kissed him softly.

Adidas: he closed his eyes and kissed her in return, once again.

Ari'anna: she stopped and leaned back, "I'm sorry I couldn't control myself." she kept her eyes to the floor.

Adidas: he opened his eyes, "No, it's alright. I didn't mind being kissed. I just hope you didn't mind either."

Ari'anna: she looked up, "Really?"

Adidas: he nodded, "Yes. Really."

Ari'anna: "You're so wonderful." she kissed him again softly.

Adidas: kissed her back, "Really? What makes you say that?"

Ari'anna: "Everyone would have shoved me away by now, but you didn't." she smiled slightly, "I knew you were different and I think I'll never stop learning how, which is a good thing."

Adidas: "Why would I push you away?" he asked softly, looking into her eyes.

Ari'anna: "Because believe me I'm the worst person to get caught up with." her eyes trembled slightly and she looked down and let out a long breath.

Adidas: "What? Why?" he asked softly. He didn't want to make her feel any worse. "I'm sorry." he looked down too, "You seem like a kind, caring person. You saved me, and Kennith, and Nike and Rose." he reminded her. "I don't see how that can be true." it was the most he said in a long while.

Ari'anna: "You don't have to be sorry, it's just what everyone says when I save them or their family, that I'm a monster, a curse, and should be buried so deep under the ground that I'm lost forever. I'm just warning you what they all say about me."

Adidas: "That doesn't make sense. They are mad at you for saving them?"

Ari'anna: "I don't know." she shrugged and looked down a moment then around at the books.

Adidas: he nodded understandingly.

Ari'anna: nodded, "Yea."

Adidas: he walked over to a book shelf, thinking she was done with reliving her past. He understood.

Ari'anna: she sat on the sofa.

Adidas: he looked through the titles of books.

As he passed the books they were on so many different subjects it was like the whole universe beyond was written in these books in her library. Some of them interested him others probably not but when he got to the end, there was a different looking book. It had leather for the cover and a rubber band to keep it together. It looked at least two hundred years old or maybe possibly more. It was extremely fat and when you took it out from the shelf it looked like what an olden time diary would look like. It definitely stood out from all the other books because it was the one that looked most used to the book that time was the toughest on.

Adidas: he slid the book gently off the shelf and held it in his hand a moment, running a hand over the cover lightly. Then he opened the cover.

The first page was simple it read, 'This Journal belongs to Ari'anna Mechila Deson, if you are reading this, it means that I am long gone and there is something actually to remember about me.'
It was in an older time script but the English was enough that you could decipher what it meant.

Adidas: he closed the cover, sure he wasn't supposed to be looking at it. He slid it back on the shelf.

Ari'anna: she lay on the couch.

Adidas: he picked out another book, one not private, and took it with him back over to the chair.

Ari'anna: she had her eyes closed now that she was sleeping, her hair was completely off her back and there were scars, like swirls on the top of her back as well as the one that had started at her temple beside it.

Adidas: he stared at her scars for a moment before he opened his book on his lap and minded his own business by reading what was on the written pages.

Ari'anna: she let out a breath.

Adidas: continued to read. He realized he needed to be getting home soon.

Ari'anna: she sat up.

Adidas: he lifted his head and looked over at her.

Ari'anna: looked over at him.

Adidas: "You're awake."

Ari'anna: "I was never really asleep." she admitted.

Adidas: "Oh," he closed his book, "I'm sorry I thought you were."

Ari'anna: "It's alright you don't have to apologize."

Adidas: "I saw a book on the shelf, one that you made. I didn't read it though. You said it was only to be read when you are gone."

Ari'anna: she shrugged, "It doesn't really matter if you want to read it go ahead. I did that when I was very young."

Adidas: "How young is very young to you? I won't read it I don't want to pry."

Ari'anna: "When I was like ten to twenty."

Adidas: "Then I must be very young to you." he guessed.

Ari'anna: "No, you know more than I did. Your knowledge has made you older."

Adidas: "Is that a good or a bad thing?"

Ari'anna: "Very good."

Adidas: he smiled slightly as a tune went off and a vibration sounded. Adidas pulled out his phone, "Excuse me." he told Ari'anna and then answered his phone. He said yes and nodded a few time and then said good bye and shut his phone, "I have to get home."

Ari'anna: nodded, "Do you want me to leave you where you were?"

Adidas: "Yes please." he stood and put the book back on the shelf in its proper spot, "Will I see you again?"

Ari'anna: "all you have to do is call my name remember?"

Adidas: "I remember." he said softly.

Ari'anna: she smiled, "Good." she held out her hand to him.

Adidas: he took it with his hand.

Ari'anna: she closed her eyes and they started to fall apart and land where they had first left. "Remember call when you need me." she kissed him softly.

Adidas: he kissed her back, "I will." he assured her.

Avecita: "Adidas?" she said softly, watching the two of them. Her voice sounded sad.

Ari'anna: "Good bye." she told him softly then looked over at Avecita, "He's special not many people come around like him. Treasure him Avecita. Don't be sad you probably won't ever see me again anyway." with that she vanished in her shattering way.

Avecita: "You kissed her." she told Adidas softly.

Adidas: "I'm sorry Avecita but you have to realize that..."

Avecita: "That what? You're not related to me anymore."

Adidas: "But I didn't wish that just for-"

Avecita: "You didn't wish it for me, did you?" she said quietly. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Adidas: "Avecita, I love you but it's just-"

Avecita: "JUST GO AWAY!" she yelled at him and then ran through the forest.

Adidas: "Avecita wait!" he called to her, holding out his hand. He tried to follow her, but she was too fast and he lost track. He sighed and leaned against a tree. He felt awful. After a few minutes, he walked back into town and went to find Nicodemus and Kah-Lee to let them know that Avecita ran off.

Ari'anna: she sighed and stopped her, "Avecita listen to me. He loves you okay? I did that not him just go live your happy life with him forever, when he was with me he always talked about you, always. He loves you, he cares about you just go back to him."

Avecita: "I can't. My dad hates him too." she sniffed and crossed her arms.

Ari'anna: "Love finds a way." she told her softly. "You just have to believe in it."

Avecita: "No because my dad's right. Adidas is right. I shouldn't love him that way." she looked down, "But I do." she fell to her knees and then just sat on the ground, looking down.

Ari'anna: "You're not related anymore." she reminded her.

Avecita: she shrugged slightly but didn't look at her.

Ari'anna: "I know that means more to you then your letting on."

Avecita: "Apparently my feelings are not returned."

Ari'anna: "How do you figure?"

Avecita: "Adidas told me he didn't wish he wasn't related to me" her voice was weak as she cried again.

Ari'anna: hugged her.

Avecita: she hugged Ari'anna back and just let herself cry. It hurt so much on the inside. She wanted to die.

Ari'anna: just continued to hug her, "It's going to be okay."

Avecita: "Don't tell anyone where I am. But I am not going home."

Ari'anna: "Why not?"

Avecita: "I just don't want to go home. I don't fit in there. And now without Adidas there is no point for me to be there."

Ari'anna: "It's impossible to not fit in at your own house."

Avecita: "For me it is. Adidas was the only one who understood." she released the hug and then got to her feet. She started to walk away, "Don't follow me. I don't ever want to be found."

Ari'anna: "What about Adrielle? She loves you. She'd do anything for you and your father and mother will stop at nothing to find you. You are cared about there are people that would understand." she told her.

Avecita: "My mom doesn't like having children, my dad never wanted me. Adrielle is the only one who loves me. But it's just not the same."

Ari'anna: "You don't know that he never wanted you."

Avecita: "He's not even originally my dad."

Avecita: "If he didn't want you then why would he change you to be like him?"

Avecita: "So that his mom would take me to teach me lessons."

Ari'anna: "I highly doubt that's the case."

Avecita: "I don't care. I don't want to talk about it." she continued to walk away.

Ari'anna: stopped her, "Avecita, talk to them, please." she begged her.

Avecita: "No! I'll go find myself something to do! Like join a strip club!"

Ari'anna: "Avecita if I have to take you back to your family I will."

Avecita: "You can't do anything!" she glared at her, a bit of her old self showing through. She ran full speed away from Ari'anna.

Ari'anna: she stopped her again.

Avecita: teleported away.

Ari'anna: brought her back.

Avecita: "STOP IT!"

Ari'anna: "If you would just talk to your parents then I wouldn't have to!"

Avecita: she burst into tears again, "Just kill me. Or I'll find a way to do it myself."

Ari'anna: "Death is not the answer."

Avecita: "Death is always the answer." she spat back.

Ari'anna: "No it is not. I've been in your position Avecita and it is not and NEVER the answer."

Avecita: "How do you know? You're not dead."

Ari'anna: "Maybe but I tried to kill myself and guess what I'm glad that I failed."

Avecita: "Why?"

Ari'anna: "Because now I get to help people."

Avecita: "Maybe I don't want to help people."

Ari'anna: "Well whatever it may be something is going to happen in your life that you are going to be glad that you were still living."

Avecita: "I doubt it." she crossed her arms.

Ari'anna: "It will I promise you."

Avecita: "Do you know what it's like? My dad has never even told me that he loved me. My mom used to tell us all the time before she found out that our real father had just raped her to get us. Then she hated us for what seemed like forever." she was crying again, "And I know now that she loves us, but it doesn't seem as real. The first person who ever told me he loved me and I believed him, was Adidas."

Ari'anna: "There are many people that love you Avecita, whether they tell you or not. If your father didn't love you then why did he try to get you back? Why did he suffer pain to try to get you back? Maybe it's time that you opened your eyes so to speak to see how good you have it. To see how many people truly love you."

Avecita: "Well then maybe where the problem lies is in me!" she almost screamed, "Maybe I don't love them!"

Ari'anna: she sighed, "I remember a time when you did."

Avecita: she turned and walked away again. She just wanted to be left alone.

Ari'anna: sighed, she just shook her head, "One day you'll realize how much you're missing." she said and just vanished.


Adidas: walked into the tailors. He looked around for his family and when he spotted them, he walked over to them.

Nicodemus: was standing to the side waiting for them to get finished.

Adidas: "Nicodemus, brother." he walked up to him, "Avecita ran off."

Nicodemus: growled, "Why?"

Adidas: "I think it's my fault." he looked down.

Nicodemus: "How?"

Adidas: "I kissed Ari'anna...that girl who saved us from the wreckage. And Avecita saw me."

Nicodemus: sighed, "Where did Avecita go?"

Adidas: "I don't know. I lost track of her."

Nicodemus: "Alright you stay here and I'll go look for her."

Adidas: he nodded.

Kah-Lee: she looked over at Nicodemus, wondering what was wrong.

Nicodemus: "I have to go but I'll be back." he told her softly then vanished.

Kah-Lee: she sighed and just rolled her eyes a bit. All she could think of was his personal vacation. Which, come to think of it, wasn't a bad idea. Maybe she could take a personal vacation too...after this ball...she smiled slightly to herself as she went back to being fitted. Yes...and maybe she could start her own line of clothing...maybe...maybe she herself her own mall...


Nicodemus: he appeared right in front of Avecita.

Avecita: she halted. She looked up at him scared. Adidas told him she was running away and now she was going to be punished again. Ha. Like she would let that happen. She vanished away from him.

Nicodemus: brought her back, "I just want to talk and work this out."

Avecita: "There's nothing to work out." she crossed her arms, "I just want to be by myself."

Nicodemus: "I can see this however I see that something is causing a disturbance."

Avecita: "Yea. Adidas is."

Nicodemus: "With this Ari'anna girl?"

Avecita: she nodded and looked down.

Nicodemus: he put a hand on the small of her back, "If you have never listened to me before I ask that you do so now. Avecita, you deserve so much better. You're special in ways that I don't even comprehend. You are going to find someone that you will fall in love with and he will never disappoint you. You two will live happily forever. You deserve a life of happiness and quite frankly I don't think that Adidas can give it to you." His voice was soft as was his touch.

Avecita: she sniffled and a tear fell to the ground as she kept looking down, "But I love him. I thought he could. I thought so after he wished he wasn't related to me anymore..."

Nicodemus: "Then maybe you should give him a second chance but at the same time you want to keep your options open and if someone comes along that you want to be with more than there you go."

Avecita: she burst into tears again and cried and sat on the ground, "Daddy I want to be little again." she sobbed, her hands over her face.

Nicodemus: he knelt beside her, "If you want to be little then we will make it so."

Avecita: "No Daddy I can't ever be little again." she cried and sniffled. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

Nicodemus: he tensed for a second and hugged her back. "If only I could have gotten you back then none of this pain of yours would be happening."

Avecita: "You wanted me back?" she mumbled.

Nicodemus: "Yes of course I did. I realized that I made a big mistake."

Avecita: this only made her cry more. She cried into Nicodemus' shirt. "I wanted to come back too."

Nicodemus: "I know." he whispered and put his head on top of hers.

Avecita: she buried her face against him as she hugged him, her eyes closed. She never really realized until now just how much she missed her dad.

Nicodemus: he hugged her back and just rubbed her back softly. "I love you Avecita." he told her softly, wondering if she even believed him, he had never such a thing. But he was getting to be so weak it didn't even matter now.

Avecita: "Did Ari'anna tell you to say that to me?" she asked softly. But even as she said it she didn't believe herself.

Nicodemus: "Of course not and anyway I don't listen to what she says anyway."

Avecita: "Oh." she said softly.

Nicodemus: "So what I said was of my own initiative."

Avecita: "Thank you dad."

Nicodemus: "You're very welcome."

As Nicodemus hugged Avecita, there was a girl that came up and kissed Nicodemus on the cheek and giggled and ran back into the forest.

Nicodemus: looked at the girl. What was that about?

There was something missing from Nicodemus pocket.

Nicodemus: he checked his pockets.

Avecita: she leaned back and brushed the tears from her eyes, "What's wrong dad?" she asked him.

His wallet was gone along with his pocket watch.

Nicodemus: sighed, "It's not important." he checked to see if it was Kah-Lee. He kissed her forehead, "We need to get you fitted for the ball."

Kah-Lee: was still at the tailors.

Avecita: "I'm not in the mood for a ball." she said quietly.

Nicodemus: "Then we shall think of something else to do. However let's get out of here before something else is stolen." he teleported his wallet back to his pocket along with his pocket watch.

His wallet came back, but it was empty. The watch came back but it was broken.

Avecita: "Something was stolen?"

Kah-Lee: looked over at them, "Hi Avecita." she smiled slightly. She looked at herself in the mirror. "I think we need to go with long sleeve." her arms were still bruised from earlier and she didn't want them to show. She rubbed them slightly. "Would this dress look good with sleeves?"

Nicodemus: nodded, "Yes it would look absolutely beautiful." he looked to Avecita, "My money and my watch which was returned broken."

Kah-Lee: "Good." she told the tailor what she wanted.

Avecita: "Oh." she looked over at Adidas and then just avoided looking at him all together.

A girl came into the tailors and pulled her hair back. She walked over to the counter and spoke to the lady behind the desk. She leaned over the counter, her shirt a bit low cut. Her shorts were just below her buttocks and she kept her leg out behind her a bit on her tip toes, sliding her flip flop on and off as she spoke to the person. She had large silver hoop earrings on and her nails were painted a dark auburn red.

Nicodemus: he glanced over analyzing her.

She smiled at Nicodemus and winked then went back to talking to the person. She thanked them and took a seat in a chair in the room.

Nicodemus: sighed and put his left finger on his temple and middle on his forehead, "This world is against me I swear." he said to himself.

Kah-Lee: she looked over at him, 'What's wrong?' she asked him mentally.

Nicodemus: 'You don't even want to know.'

Kah-Lee: she nodded slowly and went back to being fitted. If he didn't want to tell her, she wouldn't ask.

Avecita: went over to the other tailor and started to get fitted.

Nicodemus: he pulled out his wallet just to play stupid and see if money was there.

It was empty but there was a note inside.

Nicodemus: took out the note and read it.

Hello Cutie.
Want to be my love?
I'd love to be yours.
You're rich and I like that.
And I like you.
Someone who's obsessed over you.

Nicodemus: he checked his pockets for the other money that he had not in his wallet.

Instead, a small picture of a girl fell out. There was no money.

Nicodemus: grabbed it and put it back in his pocket he sighed.

The girl was watching him with a small smile on her face, looking at him over the edge of the magazine she was reading.

Nicodemus: 'Babe do you have any money?'

Kah-Lee: 'I have a bit. Why?'

Nicodemus: 'My money has been stolen.'

Kah-Lee: 'So you're saying I have to pay for the visit to the tailor?'

Nicodemus: sighed, "I will but just for the moment until I can go to the safe and get money."

Kah-Lee: 'Can you buy me a mall?'

Nicodemus: 'What?'

Kah-Lee: 'While I'm here I wanted to start my own clothing line.'

Nicodemus: 'I'll see what I can do.' he walked over to Adidas. "I need to get something, watch over my family again." he told him softly.

Adidas: "I'm not sure I am the best one for the job, but I can try."

Nicodemus: "Alright I'll be back in a few minutes." he disappeared to the safe that no one could get in but him then got some money out and closed it and locked it he kept on to the money and teleported back to the place and gave it to the receptionist so he wouldn't have to pay later.

A girl cornered him before he got back to the tailors. "Hi Cutie."

Nicodemus: "Hi." he pushed her aside and walked around.

She followed him close behind, "You're very cute. You know that? Want to marry me?"

Nicodemus: "I'm already married."

"I could pretend to be your wife and you could pretend to be my husband." she giggled and caught up to him and put her arms around him from behind.

Nicodemus: "Don't touch me and no."

"Do you want me to tell the earth government that you took off your collar little puppy? Arf, arf!" she giggled again still holding onto him.

Nicodemus: "So you want me dead? That must be pleasant for you because then you will not have me or my money." he said irritated.

"It is pleasant for me. I get paid for turning you in if I see you without a collar on." she smiled, "A lot more than you're worth."

Nicodemus: "I bet." he said irritated even more he was seriously about to kill her.

"Kiss me and I won't tell a soul."

Nicodemus: "You have to get off me first."

The girl let go of him and skipped around him to look at him from the front. She smiled at him, her hands clasped behind her back.

Nicodemus: leaned down and kissed her.

She kissed him back, "Yay!" she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. "See how good I kiss? Now will you marry me?"

Nicodemus: "I still already have a wife." he turned and loosening her grip walked into the tailor.

The girl giggled, "Not for long." she ran off.

Nicodemus: he made the girl inactive and paid for their outfits. "I'm being stalked." he said he was still irritated.

The girl couldn't move. Something was wrong, and she knew it. And because she thought something was wrong, it sent a distress signal to earth.

Kah-Lee: she was already back into her dress for the day, her clothes from the tailor in a bag. Right now she was just waiting for the rest of the family to be finished. She looked over at him, "Stalked?" she said, she leaned closer, "Is that lip stick on your mouth?"

Nicodemus: "I hate Earth so help me I'll kill every one of them. There is a spy from Earth here, she knows I don't have that stupid thing on. I'd love to kill her." he hissed. But because she was inactive she also couldn't think so the message could not be sent.

Kah-Lee: "Should I put it back on you?" she asked softly. She didn't want to get Nicodemus in trouble anymore than he was.

Nicodemus: "It doesn't matter, whatever happens, happens, but I will protect all of you with my life."

Kah-Lee: she frowned and looked down.

The girl in the seat at the tailors still smiled at Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: ignored her, he waited for his family to be done and when they were he left.

Kah-Lee: she walked by him but made sure there was still some space between them, in case he was angry again and what happened earlier, she didn't want to be the center of his anger. She didn't think about the lipstick either. I mean, she had told him he could kiss other people, right? it's not like it wouldn't happen...

Nicodemus: put an arm around her keeping her close.

Kah-Lee: "You know, if you can kiss other girls can I kiss other boys?"

Nicodemus: he sighed.

Kah-Lee: she looked down. Right. Wrong thing to say. She was just going to stay quiet now.

Nicodemus: "If I had the choice I wouldn't have kissed her at all."

Kah-Lee: he said that all the time. She nodded a bit.

Nicodemus: sighed, "You don't believe me. Of course."

Kah-Lee: "I believe you." she said quickly. "I do!" and instantly she did. She bit her cheek again. She didn't want to upset him.

Nicodemus: "Kah-Lee you can believe whatever you want to believe."

Kah-Lee: "Alright." she said softly, agreeing with him.

Avecita: walked behind them. She kept her eyes to the floor.

Adidas: walked behind everyone, he glanced at Avecita every now and again.

Nicodemus: he kissed the top of her head softly, and just set his on top of hers thinking.

Kah-Lee: "So where are we staying?"

Nicodemus: "There's a place just about a half mile out of town. It's closer to the stores for you hon, and it's just far enough away from people for me."

Kah-Lee: "I should take a tour of this planet. I do really want to start my own clothing line, since I can't be a model."

Nicodemus: nodded, "I'm sure Anthony can hook you up for a tour."

Kah-Lee: "Sweet. Do you think I have enough money for my idea?"

Nicodemus: "Well if no more of my money is stolen then I think that with combined efforts you'll have enough."

Kah-Lee: "How much were you carrying with you that got stolen?" she asked him.

Nicodemus: sighed, "About a thousand."

Kah-Lee: "That's not that much."

Nicodemus: "I know but it's the point of the matter."

Adrielle: she looked up at her mom and dad, A thousand was a lot of money, maybe to her but not her parents obviously.

Kah-Lee: "I spend about that much each store I visit. Did we ever get anything stolen on earth? Maybe it's not safe to stay on this planet..."

Nicodemus: "We did but I got it back and killed whoever stole it."

Kah-Lee: "I'm surprised with as soft as you're getting, you can still kill people at the drop of a hat."

Nicodemus: "Thanks that made me feel so much better, now I know for sure that I'm becoming weak."

Kah-Lee: she looked at him confused, "I would think it would prove you are still strong. I mean, unless you really do feel bad after you kill someone now."

Nicodemus: "That's not the part I meant see now what I thought is confirmed I am turning weak." he sighed.

Kah-Lee: "Well, it's the truth." she said softly, "I'm sorry."

Nicodemus: "It's alright." he said softly.

Kah-Lee: "I'm going to make the most of our fifty years here. And by the time we return to earth, I will be widely famed and known in all planets, not just this one. And then when we return to earth, I can make myself famous there, too."

Nicodemus: nodded, "We shall do it together. Just don't expect me to go to the party's." he smiled slightly.

Kah-Lee: "No problem." there were plenty of men who would pay her for a date. She kissed his cheek.

Nicodemus: "And even though I don't want you kissing other men, you can when you see fit, I just better not be around to see it because I will kill him." he warned. "And it better be just kissing and nothing else."

Kah-Lee: she smiled slightly, "Sounds good." she brushed a finger over his lip to get the remainder of the lip stick from the other girl off of his mouth.

Nicodemus: "That would be embarrassing." he said a slight smile to his lips.

Kah-Lee: "Not if it's my lipstick. I'd leave it on your lips."

Nicodemus: smiled, "So would I." he leaned down and kissed her.

Kah-Lee: she kissed him back, a little more passionate than needed.

Nicodemus: he kissed her some more.

Kah-Lee: she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him more.

Nicodemus: he just picked her up, "Hon I think we should wait just a few more minutes." he told her softly.

Kah-Lee: "Mmm." she said sadly and forced herself to stop. She nodded in compliance.

Nicodemus: he just continued to hold her and the bags.

Adrielle: "Father would you like me to carry those bags?"

Nicodemus: looked to Kah-Lee, "Are they bothering you?"

Kah-Lee: "No it's okay. I mean, if she wants to carry them she can." she said softly and rested against him.

Nicodemus: "It would probably make you more comfortable." he concluded and held Kah-Lee with one hand and handed all of the bags to Adrielle.

Adrielle: they were really heavy but she didn't complain. She just tried to get the hang of it and kept walking, she looked back down again.

Kah-Lee: "Thanks Adrielle." she said to her softly. She looked up at Nicodemus, "You don't have to carry me you know."

Adrielle: "You're welcome mother, it's a pleasure."

Nicodemus: "I know but I want to."

Kah-Lee: "Why do you want to carry me?"

Nicodemus: "Because I love you and I want to protect you."

Kah-Lee: "Hun, there isn't anything scary around..."

Nicodemus: "Just in case. I'm not taking a chance."

Kah-Lee: she rolled her eyes and giggled a bit, "Okay."

Nicodemus: smiled down at her.

Adrielle: she looked up slightly, hearing her mom giggled, she remembered when her real dad used to make her giggle like that. She shook the thought from her mind, he was her real father and she was glad that Nicodemus made her happy and giggle.

Kah-Lee: she kissed him again when he looked down at her. She loved him very much.

Adidas: "What about Klara?" he said quietly, thinking.

Adrielle: looked up at him, "What?" she asked softly.

Nicodemus: kissed her back.

Adidas: "Klara. She's on earth. Isn't she...the one having children over and over?" he said quietly. "She'll die if they can't stop it."

Nicodemus: "I guess the Earth government will have to deal with it because they wanted to be morons. Because I can't go back to Earth and get her."

Adidas: he nodded, "Oh." he looked back down.

Nicodemus: he continued to walk.

Kah-Lee: "Oh well." she didn't really care. One less competition in the world of perfect women.

Adrielle: "But wouldn't it be nicer if we helped her? Otherwise what was the point of saving her from that horrible place to begin with?" she realized it was not her turn to speak. "I'm sorry." she apologized.

Adidas: "I'm sure there are lots of aliens stronger than human governments."

Adrielle: she nodded.

Kah-Lee: she shrugged a bit.

Adrielle: looked back down, that was one more thing that she had done wrong, she really didn't like herself right now. She was so stupid. Speaking out of turn! Of all things! She scolded herself.

Nicodemus: opened the door and set Kah-Lee down inside.

Adidas: he put his hand on Adrielle's back for a moment, "It's okay." he whispered to her.

Kah-Lee: "Thank you." she walked inside the house.

Avecita: "So we aren't helping her?"

Adrielle: she looked up at him, she looked so weak, "Maybe someday it shall be." she whispered in response.

Nicodemus: "Nope."

Adidas: "Are you okay Adrielle?" he watched her, concerned showed in his eyes.

Avecita: "That's rude!" she exclaimed dropping the bags she was carrying to make a large thud, and crossing her arms angrily.

Adrielle: she nodded slightly, "Just a little tired but I'm fine, thank you for asking." she said softly she picked up Avecita's bag to.

Nicodemus: "The government is the one that it to her and to us. They want to create problems then they can solve them."

Avecita: "Sure. Let's just let them kill all of the Aliens." she shrugged slightly, "Whatever. Not my problem."

Kah-Lee: "Is anyone hungry?"

Adrielle: she was hungry but she wasn't going to admit that. She just hoped that her stomach wouldn't growl. She looked down just hoping.

Kah-Lee: "I asked if anyone was hungry." she repeated, "If not, I'm not wasting my time making dinner."

Nicodemus: "I'm fine." he looked around at the rest of the kids and at Adidas.

Kah-Lee: she looked at the kids too.

Avecita: "I don't want to eat with any of you." she left to a room in the back and slammed the door closed.

Adidas: "I ate with Ari'anna so, I'm not hungry." he said respectfully. "Thank you though."

Adrielle: "I'm fine." she looked to Declan.

Declan: "I think you should get some food Adrielle."

Adrielle: she shook her head, "There's no need to make food just for me, I'm fine, really."

Kah-Lee: "I'll get it." she went into the kitchen, "What do you want to eat?"

Declan: he sat in a chair in the living room.

Adrielle: "It doesn't matter, I don't need anything it's fine." she put the bags in the rooms they belonged and then she started to clean despite being tired.

Kah-Lee: "Adrielle! I asked you a question!"

Adrielle: she jumped, "Those cookie things I guess?" she asked softly.

Kah-Lee: "Good." she mumbled as she worked.

Adrielle: she continued working, she didn't mean to make her mom angry that certainly wasn't her purpose. It really didn't matter what she ate in fact that if it were her choice she wouldn't be eating at all.

Kah-Lee: she finished making Adrielle her food and gave them to her and then she went into another room and started on her idea for her mall and clothing line.

Adrielle: she ate slowly and enjoyed their taste. "Thanks mom." she said before she left.

Kah-Lee: "You're welcome." she called back and stayed in her room working.

Adrielle: after she was done she started working again, she really wanted to call her friend but she didn't think that she would be allowed to do so.

Kah-Lee: she had forgotten all about her plan with Nicodemus as earlier thought when she was kissing him. Right now she was all focused on the plan for her mall and clothing line, and she stayed in the room for a very long time.

Adrielle: she looked to Adidas, "Would you like a room to stay in? I'm sure we have a room for you." she said softly.

Adidas: "Mom should be by soon and I'll leave with her. Unless she is staying here too."

Adrielle: "I think...she is, though I don't know."

Adidas: he nodded, "Okay. Then we should find one."

Andraia: "Find what?" she asked as she teleported in. She set down Kah-Lee's dog.

Adrielle: "A room one for you and one for Adidas."

Andraia: she took a cookie and ate it, "I get the one with the better view I hope? Why don't we just put Adidas with Demecius and then we don't have to waste a room on him?"

Adrielle: nodded, "You'll get a room with a view. Well I don't think that will be really necessary."

Andraia: "It may not be necessary but it's doable, isn't it?" she looked down at the cookie plate, "Mmmm, these are good." she picked up the plate and left the room.

Adrielle: she watched her go then looked back to Adidas, "Ready?"

Adidas: "She just took your food." he whispered to her.

Adrielle: "That's okay, she can have it." she said softly.

Adidas: "Well, I'm ready then."

Adrielle: she nodded, "This way." she walked down the hall and opened the door to a room, it had a small window and everything that a bedroom needs. "I hope it's okay, I know it's not much but it's a place you can call your own." she shrugged slightly.

Adidas: "It's actually more than what I'm used to." he smiled slightly at Adrielle, "Thank you."

Adrielle: she smiled slightly, "You're welcome, I'm glad you like it." she looked around again, "There's a connecting bathroom over there." she pointed to the door then nodded as she looked around again, "I should give you some privacy now." she decided.

Adidas: he waved, "See you later."

Adrielle: she waved and quickly excused herself she came out and got the room prepared for her grandma.

Andraia: "I think someone should tell your wife to stop working on her hopes and dreams and focus on yours." she told Nicodemus as she munched on a cookie.

Nicodemus: "There is no problem with her dreaming mother." he said looking through some paperwork.

Andraia: she leaned on his desk, "Listen. If she makes this a reality, how often do you think she'll be home, hmmm? How often do you think you will see her in person? Think she'll have time for you? No. I suggest you find yourself another Sisera to have on hand when the time comes."

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes, "You worry too much mother, besides, I can't have one even if I wanted to."

Andraia: "We can have anything we want. If necessary, I will have some friends of mine blow the earth planet to smithereens, if that will solve your problem." she smiled slightly and leaned back, "I should show you what I see." she took a bite of another cookie, "But, I won't. I'll let you figure it out for yourself."

Nicodemus: looked up, "And what do you see?"

Andraia: "You can figure that one out yourself, through time. Toodles!" she took her plate of cookies and walked down to her room.

Nicodemus: rolled his eyes, "If she is not helpful why is she even here?" he asked himself and continued working.


Adrielle: knocked lightly on Avecita's door, "Avecita?" she asked softly.

Avecita: "What Adrielle?" she said a bit snippy.

Adrielle: "May I come in?" she asked softly.

Avecita: "Yea." she sighed and came and opened the door for her sister before sitting back on her bed.

Adrielle: she came in and closed the door behind her, "What's wrong?" she asked softly and sat on her floor in front of the bed.

Avecita: "I hate our parents. That's what." she mumbled, looking away from her sister. She was ashamed for saying it.

Adrielle: "For not helping her?" she assumed she knew what she meant.

Avecita: "For that, and other reasons." she sighed.

Adrielle: "Like what?"

Avecita: "Our family is not normal."

Adrielle: "Like how? I don't understand." she said really trying to understand but not sleep and not eating was taking a toll on her mind but she listened to what her sister had to say.

Avecita: "We must be different if we got banished. And we only got banished because of our parents."

Adrielle: she nodded slightly, "I guess so."

Avecita: "I still don't like to believe that Drakul was going to kill us eventually." she looked to her sister, "Do you believe dad when he told us that?"

Adrielle: she nodded, "I heard Drakul once...well twice. He told mom why he did everything was to get revenge. I heard him hurt her. I didn't understand why she wanted it so bad, why she kept asking for it though it made her cry out in pain. I wondered why her eyes were always clouded over and the moment that it started to lighten a little he would pull her back into their room. Then I heard him talk to someone I thought it was another woman at the time, he said that he would be free soon that this facade was going to be over soon and he'd be free."

Avecita: she looked down, "So dad did mean it when he said he loved me. Even if mom still sometimes thinks of us as the devils spawn."

Adrielle: "I know dad cares about you. Mom loves us in her own way. We don't have the kind of parents that flutter around us hugging and giving us kisses all the time and something like that, when dad admitted that he loved you, that's a big deal. Dad wouldn't lie, besides you can tell if he is sometimes."

Avecita: "I know it wasn't a lie. I could feel it." she looked at her sister, "But how can you tell when he is lying?"

Adrielle: "sometimes he fidgets with his pocket or by the look in his eyes but you have to search for it."

Avecita: "Maybe I will sometime." she smiled for a second, faintly, before it disappeared, "Well...anyways." she looked away, "I just...I don't like people hurt. Not anymore. Not when I know I can stop it. I was there before, on the other side. And I wished someone stopped it for me." she looked back down at her lap, "And dad...hurts people. A lot."

Adrielle: "Would you still be angry if I could help her so she would be hurt?"

Avecita: "If you helped her get hurt, yes. If somehow you could help her, no. I wouldn't be angry anymore."

Adrielle: "I'll fix it." she promised

Avecita: "Can I help?" she looked at her sister.

Adrielle: "The only thing I'm doing really is make a call if dad will let me."

Avecita: looked confused.

Adrielle: "I have a friend on earth that can help her if he can get close enough."

Avecita: she nodded, "Oh. okay."

Adrielle: "The hard part will be getting the phone."

Avecita: she rolled her eyes a bit, "You act like mom and dad treat you like a slave." she got up and went over to the shelf in the room she was in and looked at the books. "Just go get one. You walk up to it, grab it, and dial a number. It's not brain surgery."

Adrielle: "At least she'd notice me then. I've never just taken something before."

Avecita: "I swear I got all of the courage out of our group. If only you and I could have split it then I would have never been sent away and you would have been able to get a phone by yourself." she sighed and set the book back on the shelf, "I'll go get the phone." she walked to the door.

Adrielle: "No it's okay Avecita, I can get it, I'm sure. You don't have too." she didn't want to see her get into trouble.

Avecita: "You're such a retard Adrielle." she walked out into the living room and looked around for a phone. When she found one, she picked it up and took it back to her room.

Adrielle: she watched her and nervously bit her lip to where blood came out. Feeling the blood, she licked over the wound she made on her lip, and it healed. She was a retard but she was a worried one.

Avecita: "Here." she handed Adrielle the phone and went back to looking at the books on the shelf in the room.

Adrielle: she dialed the number and waited, she stood, "Mandranos I need your help...just one small favor, please...there's this girl names Klara and she was inject with this serum and she is just going to keep getting pregnant over and over until she dies, she needs help..." she smiled slightly, "Thanks, talk to you later." she said as she spoke even softer as she did in person. She hung up the phone and looked at Avecita. "Thanks Avecita."

Avecita: "See? I didn't die nor did I get in trouble." she took the phone from her, "You're welcome." she smiled slightly, "And thanks for helping Klara."

Adrielle: she smiled slightly, "You're welcome."

Avecita: she hugged her sister before leaving the room to put the phone away.

Adrielle: she hugged her back then went out and started to clean again.

Declan: watched television with his grandmother. Now he was really far away from Madison. She was on earth, and he was here.

Adrielle: she started to clean again.


Kah-Lee: she had fallen asleep at the desk she had been sitting at, working on her ideas.

Andraia: fell asleep where she had been sitting on the chair in the living room watching television.

Declan: had went to his room sometime in the night.

Adidas: was still in his room.

Avecita: was awake and making breakfast.

Adrielle: went in and woke up her mom telling her that the ball was going to be soon.

Kah-Lee: she opened her eyes and looked at Adrielle, "Oh. We're still going, right?"

Adrielle: nodded, "Last time I talked to dad we were."

Kah-Lee: she smiled, "Good, great." she gathered up her things, "I can show some people these drawings of mine. Thanks for waking me Adrielle."

Adrielle: "You're welcome mom." she said then went out and helped Avecita make breakfast.

Kah-Lee: she took her things to her room and set them on the bed before getting her robe and a towel and a change of underclothes and going into the bathroom to shower.

Nicodemus: he came out of his office, he sighed he really did not want to go, he went in and got changed.

Kah-Lee: when she got out of the shower she dried off and slipped on her panties and putting on her bra and then put her robe on and tied it off. Then she took out the hair drier and dried her hair off.

Nicodemus: came in and shaved.

Kah-Lee: she smiled at him and stepped aside to give him space at the mirror, "Hi baby." she said as her hair was flying around her face as she blow dried it.

Nicodemus: "Hi hon." he wrapped and arm around her and kissed her neck.

Kah-Lee: she giggled and turned the blow drier away so her hair wasn't smacking his face from the wind.

Nicodemus: smiled he nuzzled her neck, "I love you." he whispered into her neck.

Kah-Lee: "Do you want to bite me?" she asked softly. She could sense his fascination with her neck at the moment, and most of the time it meant he wished to bite it. She turned off the blow drier with one hand.

Nicodemus: he nodded, "I remember when you use to beg me to." he licked her neck.

Kah-Lee: she giggled again as the feeling gave her shivers and closed her eyes, "I would, still. I just don't want to bother you." she whispered.

Nicodemus: "Biting you is no problem." he nuzzled her neck again.

Kah-Lee: "Because you love to do it?" she asked softly.

Nicodemus: "Mhm."

Kah-Lee: she smiled and just let him do his thing.

Nicodemus: his teeth came down and he bit her.

Kah-Lee: she shut her eyes tight as it hurt at first, his teeth piercing her skin, but then the pain left and all she felt was pleasure. She enjoyed it.

Nicodemus: "Open or closed?" he whispered.

Kah-Lee: "Closed please." she whispered, "I have a ball to get ready to go to and I don't want to bleed on my dress."

Nicodemus: nodded and licked it closed.

Kah-Lee: when he was done she kissed him with his fangs still out, "Thank you. That will make my day."

Nicodemus: he kissed her back, "You're welcome." he smiled then went back to do some stuff.

Kah-Lee: she finished with her hair and then she put on her makeup and, well, since she wasn't on earth anymore, why should she hide her neck? She didn't cover it with makeup. She left it alone.

Nicodemus: tried to figure out this stupid tie contraption.

Kah-Lee: she came out of the bathroom once she finished doing her hair and walked over to him, "Hun, let me help you." she took over and finished it for him in a second and then went to the closet and got her dress and shoes out. The bruises on her arms were almost gone.

Nicodemus: "Thanks."

Kah-Lee: "I need to get my nails done professionally before we go. Maybe my hair too. Do you know of a place around here?" she asked him as she took off the robe and set it on the bed and slipped the dress over her head.

Nicodemus: "Just down the road."

Kah-Lee: she smiled, "Thanks." she finished putting her dress on and slipped on her shoes and left out the door.

Nicodemus: he stopped her, "I can't let you go alone."

Kah-Lee: she looked at him, "Why not?"

Nicodemus: "Just in case, I would like someone to go with you."

Kah-Lee: "Just in case of what?"

Nicodemus: "Something happens."

Kah-Lee: "You won't tell me what 'something' is?"

Nicodemus: "Nope."

Kah-Lee: she frowned, "Alright." she walked out into the room, "Adrielle come with me please. We can get our nails and hair done for the ball together."

Adrielle: she smiled slightly then came to her.

Kah-Lee: she left with Adrielle, using Nicodemus teleporting ability to teleport them outside and then she walked in the direction where she thought the nail and hair salon was.

Adrielle: went with her she walked softly and quietly.

Kah-Lee: soon she came to the place and went inside.

Adrielle: followed behind her.

Kah-Lee: she paid for both her and Adrielle to get their hair and nails done. They even got a pedicure.

Adrielle: it felt so good she almost fell asleep she had some hard parts on her feet from walking on them all the time.

Kah-Lee: when they were done, Kah-Lee teleported them back to their place.

Adrielle: she got changed, she looked beautiful but nothing could change how tired she looked over how her eyes looked.

Kah-Lee: spent the rest of the day getting prettied up for the ball.

Adrielle: she went back to Adidas, "Adidas are you coming to the ball?"

Adidas: "Yes." he came out, dressed nicely for it.

Declan and Avecita: "We've decided not to go."

Adrielle: "Why not?" she asked turning around.

Avecita: she looked at Adidas and shrugged and went back into her room.

Declan: "I think I got in trouble on earth because of girls. Let's not do that again."

Adrielle: "But this is a different planet, there are no servants here."

Declan: "Vinics have no servants?"

Adrielle: shook her head no, "Not that I know of."

Declan: "Oh. Well, I might come then. I just don't want to leave Avecita home alone."

Andraia: "I'll stay home with Avecita. You can go." she smiled and pet Kah-Lee's dog.

Nicodemus: "No you're not." he told his mother then knocked on Avecita's door.

Andraia: she looked hurt, "Why not?"

Avecita: "Yes?"

Nicodemus: "I remember the last time you had her." he said and opened the door and went in Avecita's room.

Andraia: "So I cut her tongue out so she couldn't talk. Big deal." she muttered.

Avecita: she was sitting on her bed again, looking at the floor. She looked over at her dad, "What is it?"

Nicodemus: he sat beside her, "Is there another problem we need to talk about because if it's Adidas I'll make sure I keep you two completely separated when we go to the ball."

Avecita: "No." she said softly, "It is Adidas. But not because I want to be separated, but because he'll dance with girls. I mean, if Ari'anna is there." she looked sad, "I think Adrielle likes him."

Nicodemus: "Now let me tell you something, alright? First of all Ari'anna wouldn't dare show up and number two your sister would not betray you like that and in any way I'd separate them two. My dear that's what these ball things are for is so that you can dance with everyone and I know that you are going to be dancing with tons of young men this night."

Avecita: she looked at him, "You think so?" she said softly, "You think I should go? How do you know men will dance with me?" she'd never had anyone show an interest in her before.

Nicodemus: "I know so, yes I think you should go." he smiled slightly, "And if I have to go you do too. Anyways, I just know because you are a beautiful young lady and they would be crazy not to want to dance with you."

Avecita: "I have to still get dressed." she looked down at herself.

Nicodemus: "We'll wait for you just hurry up please otherwise you're mom will get impatient and we don't want that." he patted her knee then stood, "See you soon." he said as he left and closed the door behind him.

Andraia: "Well, good. Now I can come to the ball too if Avecita is going."

Avecita: she quickly got dressed but she didn't anywhere near look as nice as her mom or Adrielle. She didn't get her hair done, in fact, her nails weren't even painted. She just wore the dress and shoes her dad had bought her from the tailors.

Nicodemus: "I don't think so."

Adrielle: helped her and did her hair for her.

Andraia: "Excuse me?" she looked at him, "Why not? Everyone is invited." she reminded him. "What makes me so different?"

Avecita: soon she was ready. She came out. "I'm ready." she walked up to her dad.

Nicodemus: "You look beautiful." he said and got them all together, "Ready?" he asked everyone but his mother.

Andraia: "I'm going to that ball weather you like it or not young man or so help me!" she growled.

Avecita: she hugged her dad around the waist before going to stand with the group.

Kah-Lee: "I'm ready, we're ready. Honey, I love being fashionably late but if we wait any longer we are going to just be late and that's not good for my rep."

Nicodemus: sighed and rolled his eyes and teleported them to the ball.

Andraia: as soon as they left, then so did she.

Kah-Lee: she looked around, looking for important people.

Adidas: he stood along the wall, a bit shy.

Avecita: she looked around from where she stood.

Declan: he walked over to the ball room.

Immediately Avecita was surrounded by guys asking to dance with her.

Avecita: she was confused and overwhelmed a bit. She looked around at each of them without answering.

Andraia: she shoved Nicodemus into a wall as she walked by and then disappeared into the dancing crowd.

Nicodemus: shook his head.

A man came up that looked about eighteen, "Why don't we give the young lady some space huh guys? We don't want her to be overwhelmed and passed out. Let's get in a line shall we?" he said and made sure they gave her room to breathe.

Avecita: " think you mean to ask my sister." she pointed to Adrielle, expecting half of them to at least run to her. She looked at the boy who was eighteen.

They all stayed there by Avecita except for one who left to talk to Adrielle.

Avecita: she took a breath and let it out, "Tell me your name and I'll dance with you. My name is Avecita Ediuqil." she curtseyed and held her hand out to the first boy in line.

Dayton: "My name is Dayton, Miss Avecita. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance." he took her hand and kissed it then led her out on the dance floor.

Avecita: "Are you Vinic?" she asked, "I warn you I am not a very good dancer." she said as they took their dancing positions.

Dayton: he nodded, "I am, and that's quite alright because neither am I but we shall fail and make it look good." he smiled slightly.

Avecita: she found herself giggling a bit, "Okay."

Dayton: he danced with her and it was amazing how even when she made mistakes he made him right with her as if it was really part of the dance.

Avecita: "This is...sort of fun. I've never really danced with anyone before."

Dayton: smiled slightly, "I'm glad you're having fun."

Avecita: "Are you having fun?" she asked him.

Dayton: "I am with the most beautiful woman in the world. Of course."

Avecita: she rolled her eyes a bit. "My dad told you to say that."

Dayton: "And who is your father." there was a confused look that registered across his facial features.

Avecita: she looked around as they spun on the floor, dancing. "Him." she nodded with her head towards Nicodemus who was still standing by the wall. "The one by the girl in the long silk dress and long black hair and bright blue eyes." she said, referring to Kah-Lee who was standing by Nicodemus and tapping her foot a bit and fidgeting with her purse. She wanted to dance, Avecita could tell.

Dayton: "He looks like a scary man." he admitted glancing over.

Nicodemus: leaned down and whispered something into her ear, then held his hand out to her.

Avecita: she smiled slightly at Dayton, "He used to be. I don't think he's that scary anymore. I love my dad. But he did tell you to tell me I am beautiful, didn't he?"

Kah-Lee: she smiled and took his hand and kissed his cheek.

Dayton: "I have never spoken to him." he admitted honestly.

Nicodemus: took her out to the dance floor and started to dance with her.

Avecita: "Why is it all these guys want to dance with me? Are there not a lot of women to dance with?"

Kah-Lee: she held her clutch in one hand and leaned her head next to Nicodemus shoulder as she danced close to him.

Dayton: "Because you are the most beautiful lady here."

Nicodemus: danced with her.

Avecita: "My sister is more beautiful." she contradicted.

Dayton: "I don't think so."

Avecita: "I think something has made you and the other boys in this place a bit crazy."

Dayton: shook his head, "Nope we're all normal."

Avecita: "Then it's because I'm different. I'm not Vinic so it's like fresh meat for you all."

Dayton: "Different is good, fresh meat makes it sound like a bad thing."

Avecita: she smiled slightly, "Yea. I guess so."

Dayton: "You're more like a beautiful gem and we're all just the jewel diggers."

Avecita: she laughed now and blushed a bit, "You're just a charmer, aren't you?"

Dayton: smiled slightly, he was slightly distracted by her laugh, "I don't know, never have a beautiful laugh."

Avecita: "Thanks." she said softly. She had never gotten a compliment from anyone before besides Adidas. It was at that time the song ended.

Dayton: he looked sad a little, he stopped, "The song is over."

Avecita: "I'm sorry." she looked over at the line of boys, "Maybe after I finish dancing with them."

Dayton: smiled and nodded, "Yes."

Avecita: she smiled back and then curtsies like Andraia had taught her and then walked back over to the line of boys.

Dayton: bowed and walked her back.

Avecita: she stepped up to the first person in line.

Danithiel: "Hello I'm Danithiel. May I have this dance lady Avecita."

Avecita: she smiled slightly, "Yes, you may."

Danithiel: took her hand and took her out to the dance floor and bowed.

Avecita: she curtsied and then stepped up and took her dancing position with him as the song started.

Danithiel: danced with her.

Avecita: "So..." she noticed he wasn't very talkative.

Danithiel: "I'm sorry I'm not sure how to talk to beautiful women."

Avecita: she blushed again, "I really think something's in the punch here..."

Danithiel: smiled, "Nope."

Avecita: "You never noticed me before the ball."

Danithiel: "I never saw you." he admitted.

Avecita: "None of you did."

Danithiel: nodded, "So?"

Avecita: "So why now?"

Danithiel: "Did you walk around the planet?"

Avecita: "No..." she said slowly.

Danithiel: "Most of us don't live around here."

Avecita: "Oh...I see. Then why are you here?"

Danithiel: "We were all invited besides we didn't think there was going to be another ball in a few hundred years so we wanted to enjoy the time while we are here."

Avecita: "So you decided to enjoy it with me?"

Danithiel: "I actually didn't think that I had a chance to dance with you, some beautiful women are snobby, but you're not."

Avecita: "I learned not to be." she said softly.

Danithiel: he looked slightly confused, "You used to be?" he asked softly.

Avecita: "I've changed a lot since I was younger. I look like I'm sixteen, Danithiel, but I've lived over the course of three decades."

Danithiel: "Oh my..."

Avecita: "Might want to tell that to the other boys in line. They won't want to dance with me then. We can stop dancing now if you wish."

Danithiel: shook his head, "I'll probably never get the pleasure of dancing with you again I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Unless you want to stop."

Avecita: "You aren't afraid of me because I'm older?"

Danithiel: shook his head, "Nope."

Avecita: smiled slightly, "Oh . You're one of those boys who likes older women. I see."

Danithiel: smiled, "That's possible."

Avecita: she looked over at her parents.

A man walked up to Kah-Lee and asked her if he could have this dance.

Kah-Lee: she smiled and then looked at Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: nodded.

Kah-Lee: she smiled and walked off with the man and danced with him as the music started.

Nicodemus: stood by the wall waiting for the song to be over he watched them.

Andraia: walked up and stood by Nicodemus. She watched them too as she spoke to Nicodemus quietly, "Awww how sweet. Maybe he's suitor number one?"

Nicodemus: "Shut up mother."

Andraia: she smiled slowly, "Someone's touchy." she looked towards Avecita and Danithiel.

Nicodemus: growled.

Danithiel: danced with Avecita.

Andraia: "I wish I had a husband to dance with. But no. My son kills all of them." she frowned.

Nicodemus: "Well then you should choose better husbands."

Andraia: she looked at Nicodemus, "Tell you what, sweetie. You can choose my next husband for me."

Nicodemus: "What's the catch?"

Andraia: "No catch. Just whoever you choose has to fit my personality and you have to promise not to kill them."

Nicodemus: "Mother we'll never agree."

Andraia: "I'm sure you can be smart.'ll give you something to do when Kah-Lee gets too caught up in work and ignores you. Like oh so long ago." she smiled and patted his cheek in a motherly way before walking over to the refreshment table.

Nicodemus: sighed and just watched Kah-Lee.

After the song was over, Kah-Lee walked back over to Nicodemus, "Have you seen anyone important here yet?"

Avecita: "Thank for you the dance, Dan."

Nicodemus: "Not yet."

Danithiel: "Thank you miss Avecita." she took her back to the other boys.

Kah-Lee: "Hmmm..." she stood against the wall looking out at everyone.

Nicodemus: looked out at everyone.

Adidas: he sat down in a chair and watched Avecita for a little bit. He had no one to dance with so he just sat there.

Declan: came over and sat at the table where Adidas was at.

There was a girl, you could tell that she was nervous, she walked up to Adidas, "There's a new song that's going to play soon, do you want to dance?"

Adidas: "Are you asking me? Or him?" he looked to Declan. No one really showed attention to him before so he was caught off guard.

Girl: giggled, "You of course."

Adidas: he looked back at the girl, "Okay." he was nervous too. He stood and walked with her to the dance floor.

Kah-Lee: "Where is Demecius?"

Girl: she put her hands one on his shoulder and the one in his hand, she set her head on his shoulder and danced with him when the next song came on.

Demecius: was just sitting at a table, turning a coin.

Kah-Lee: she walked over to Dem, "Why aren't you dancing?"

Demecius: "There's no one to dance with." he said as he looked up at her.

Kah-Lee: "Want to dance with me?" she held her hand out to him.

Demecius: took her hand, "Sure." he took her over to the dance floor.

A man walked over to Nicodemus, "Hello." he stood by the wall next to him.

Nicodemus: "Hello."

"You have a beautiful wife."

Nicodemus: "I know."

"Beautiful daughter too. I think I might get in line to dance with her." he smiled slightly.

Nicodemus: "What do you want?" he glanced over at him.

"Nothing." he looked at Nicodemus. "Nothing." he walked towards Adrielle.

Nicodemus: he watched him then looked back to his wife.

Adrielle: she was sitting in a chair watching everyone have a good time.

The man smiled at Adrielle as he came over to her. He was the same age as Nicodemus, maybe older. "What is your name beautiful girl?"

Adrielle: she looked around her expecting him to be speaking to someone else.

"No, I'm talking to you. You look a bit lonely. Care to dance?"

Adrielle: "Umm...sure." she stood.

The man smiled and led her to the dance floor and danced with her.

Adrielle: "With all due respect sir, I think you've made a mistake."

"Why do you think that?" the man asked.

Adrielle: "I'm not beautiful." she said softly.

"My dear," he leaned down to her face level and smiled, "Yes you are. Maybe none of the men your age think so. That's okay. You need an older man anyways. Like me."

Adrielle: "I...I don't know."

He frowned slightly, "What's wrong my dear? You look worried. Don't worry. You'll get wrinkles in your pretty perfect forehead."

Adrielle: "Nothing." she said softly and cleared her face from that expression trying to keep it away.

The man stood back up straight, "This is nice. Let's dance together more."

Adrielle: "Okay." she agreed softly.

The man pulled her closer and rested his chin on her head.

Adrielle: she felt really uncomfortable but didn't say a word.

"Do you have a name to match your beautiful looks, my dear?" he whispered to her.

Adrielle: "Adrielle, my names Adrielle." she said softly.

" lovely. You'll have to give me your phone number. We can keep in touch."

Adrielle: "I don't have a phone."

"I must know where you live then."

Adrielle: "I don't...think that's..." she was looking at her dad, "a good idea, I have to go." she broke the dance and hurried back to her dad.

The man caught her hand, "No, dear, you promised to dance with me." he pulled her back to him.

Nicodemus: he was there in an instant. He shoved the man back and grabbed Adrielle and pulled her away.

The man followed them, "She promised me she'd dance with me."

Nicodemus: "Then that's your loss."

"Is it? The girl must keep her promises."

Nicodemus: "Like I said, too bad for you."

"You can't have her all to yourself you know. You must share."

Nicodemus: "She is my daughter I can keep her away from you if I want." he looked over at his wife.

Adrielle: followed her dad willingly.

Kah-Lee: she was finishing up her dance with Demecius and walking towards them with a concerned look, "What's wrong?" she asked, coming up.

"Oh. You think so?" the man glared at him, "Maybe the girl should choose."

Nicodemus: pointed to the man.

Adrielle: she shook her head, "That's not wise."

"Why not, my dear? I thought you liked me because I thought you were beautiful."

Kah-Lee: she looked at the man, "Ew, what are you? One hundred and twelve?"

Adrielle: she sort of backed away from him.

Kah-Lee: "Are there bouncers around here?" she walked off to find one.

The man grabbed her arm, "Don't. I'll leave the girl be." he looked again at Adrielle and then let go of Kah-Lee's arm and walked away.

Nicodemus: "Well that was just..." he didn't know how to describe it.

Adrielle: hugged her mom and dad, though Nicodemus squeezed out of it.

Kah-Lee: "Nicodemus you should dance with Adrielle."

Nicodemus: "I don't think so."

Kah-Lee: "Please?" she pouted.

Nicodemus: shook his head no.

Kah-Lee: she sighed and looked back at Adrielle. "I'll dance with you."

Adrielle: "That's okay I'm not good at dancing anyway."