Act 1

Scene 1

(Leslie's family is finishing packing/moving out the house and now the movers are moving the stuff in the truck. Leslie looks upset, but doesn't voice her opinion and just looks around. When the movers are finish, they work toward her parents and tell them their finish. Her parents tells them they will be leaving in five minutes)

(Leslie enter empty house.)

Leslie: (sigh slowly and speak in a whisper with sadness in your voice) I don't want to leave.

Mom: Leslie, it's time to go! Get in the car now!

Leslie: Ok, Mom! (take one last look around and exit the house and walk towards the car.) Mom, do we have to leave? How come I can just stay with Jennifer and finish my senior year here?

Mom: Because sweetie as much as I love Jennifer and she's like a second daughter to me, it's not her parents' responsibility to take care of you, it's mines. Now get in the car.

(Leslie rolls her eyes and enters the car.)

Mom: (Look at Leslie) I know sweetie that you feel that we are taking you from your home, but just think of this move as a new opportunity to make new friends and find adventure and (speak slyly with a mischievous smile ) finally find a boyfriend.

Leslie: (look horrified) Mom!

Mom: I'm just joking. (Laugh while saying this)

Leslie: Well, it's not funny. When are we leaving?

Mom: When your father finish talking to the movers. (Look at Dad talking to the movers)

(As soon as Mom finishes statement, Dad walks towards the car and gets in.)

Dad: (Excited voice) Ready to go?

Leslie: Sure, whatever (Attitude in voice a little)

Mom: (anger in voice a little) Leslie!

Dad: No, Dear! It's alright. She has a reason to be upset. I'm taking her away from a home she knew her whole life. So she's just lashing out of fear and anger. (Look at Leslie) Now I know you're upset just think of it as a new adventure.

Leslie: (soft sarcastic voice) I wonder where I heard that from.

Dad: Ok, now that this is settle. Let's go! (Pull the car out of the driveway and moving truck follows.)

Leslie: (sigh) Good-bye Little Rock, my home, my sanctuary. (Dramatic voice)

Mom: (sigh and roll your eyes at your daughter antics) Leslie, stop being a drama queen.