Scene 2

(In New Haven, Connecticut, Leslie has moved into her new house. Leslie is now at her new high school Kennedy High School. This school is a private high school and one of the best high schools in the nation. She is nervous and slightly scared because she knows nobody and feels like an outsider because how they are dressed. She is worried about her accent because everyone sounds different from her. She is now at her locker during the ten minutes the students have in between classes and trying to figure out how she is going to get to her next class because this is a big school.)

Leslie: (sigh and speak in a low whisper while taking her Anatomy book out) How am I going to find this Anatomy class? This school is just too damn big. You need a freaking map for this school. (Close the locker.)

(Just as she was about to walk Anthony accidentally bumps into Leslie and knocks her Anatomy book out of her hands and bends down to pick it up)

Leslie: (speak in a frustrate voice) I can't believe that just happened; just my luck.

Anthony: I'm so sorry. I didn't see you. (bend down to pick up her book)

Leslie: (sarcastic voice while rolling your eyes) Well I can see that.

Anthony: (give an annoyed look at her and get up and give her back her book and in a sarcastic voice) Well, you're welcome too. (begin to walk away)

Leslie: (let out a frustrated sigh and chase after him) Wait! (catch up with him and Anthony stops and turns around) Look, I'm sorry it's just my first day and all. I'm just frustrated about finding my classes in this big school, but thank you I really appreciated that you apologized and picked up my book and all. My name is Leslie Willowman. (slight blush)

Anthony: No problem Leslie Willowman and the names Anthony Johnson and yeah this school is big and it takes a while to learn your way around (wink at her and in a flirtatious voice) but I'm sure you're a fast learner so it won't take you long to figure it out. (Leslie blushes) So what class do you have now? (Leslie unresponsive for a second and shouts) Leslie?

Leslie: (come out your daze) Uh? (embarrass laugh) Oh, I have Anatomy with Mr. Jackson in room 324.

Anthony: Well you're just in luck because I just so happen to have the same class.

Leslie: (sarcastic/playful voice) Oh golly gosh, my knight in shining armor has come to rescue to me and save me from being late to class. (laugh toward the end)

Anthony: (mock hurt voice) Well I will just leave and find someone who will appreciate my help.

Leslie: (roll your eye) Come on whiny boy and show me where the class is before I hurt your ego some more.

Anthony: (flirt voice) Baby you couldn't hurt my ego even if you wanted to (wink at her)

(Leslie is left speechless and Anthony starts to laugh. She becomes frustrated and begins to walk away. Anthony chases after her and tells her she is going the wrong way and they begin to go to class. Hilda comes from behind the soda machine where she hid and is extremely upset at what she just saw. She sees Naomi hiding too and comes up with a great plan to sabotage Leslie. She goes where Naomi is.)

Hilda: Hey Naomi, how's it been?

Naomi: (suspiciously look at her) I've been fine. Now Hilda can you cut the crap and tell me what you want. You know you and I don't talk like that.

Hilda: (give her a nasty look and Naomi flinch) Well then you're sure friendly in the morning (sarcastic voice). Well sense you want to get down to business let's do this. I want to destroy the new girl and I need you to friend her and report back to me with some dirt on her.

Naomi: What's in this for me?

Hilda: You sure are smart..ok well I will make you popular and have all the guys lusting after you and the girls envious of you.

Naomi: Ok, I will do it..when do I start?

Hilda: Right now, you do have Anatomy with Mr. Jackson, right?

Naomi: Yep

Hilda: Off you go we will meet after school so you betta have something for me.

(Both Hilda and Naomi leave for their classes and when they are out of sight Karin comes out of her hiding place and have a worry look on her face at what she just found out.)

Scene 3

(Anthony and Leslie walks in the Anatomy class laughing and giggling. They separate with Anthony sitting with his best friend, Kevin, and Leslie sitting at an empty seat. Naomi then walks in and sits next to Leslie. Hilda walks in a couple seconds later and sits next to her friends and begin laughing and gossiping.)

(Anthony and Kevin)

Anthony: (sit next to Kevin) Hey man, what's up! (do a handshake)

Kevin: (do handshake) Nothing man. You ready for practice later.

Anthony: Yeah man we're going to be state champs this year.

Kevin: (excited voice) Hell yeah man! (curious voice) Soooo…who's that girl you were talking and laughing with when you came in? (raise eyebrows)

Anthony: Oh, her ummm… her name is Leslie Willowman and she just transfered here. I was helping her find this class because she looked lost like a freshman on their first day of school. (both laugh at the end)

Kevin: Well, that's noble and all but you didn't explain the laughin and giggling and I thought that there was a flirtatious vibe comin' from you.

Anthony: Dang, well if you must know nosey-pants we were laughing and joking about her situation in getting lost and how noble of me to escort her to class.

Kevin: You still didn't answer my question. Are you feelin' that girl?

Anthony: Man, I don't know I just met the girl.

Kevin: Well from the looks of it, I think you might be. I haven't seen that look from you since you been with Hilda.

Anthony: Man. I don't want to talk about her.

Kevin: Sorry man just chill. I'm saying every since you broke-up with her, you just been about football, school, and college. I'm just looking out for you.

Anthony: Sorry bro and thanks. I'm just still a little sore about the break-up. Man, I still can't believe she slept with Roger and the whole basketball team.

Kevin: I know man what a 3-0-4! (laugh and give Anthony a slap on the hand.)

Anthony: (slap Kevin's hand and laugh) So, what do you think of Leslie? (look over at Leslie and see her talking to Naomi)

Kevin: Do you want my honest opinion or do you want me to say what you want to hear?

Anthony: Your honest opinion.

Kevin: First of all she's black. Ummm….she's on the heavy side, but not obese or anything. She's doesn't have that type of beauty that Hilda possess. It's more like her own beauty because she's not ugly or anything. She looks like a nerd especially with those glasses she's wearing. She also mostly likely has an attitude and acts ghetto. I mean she's black and everything. She also seem like she has low self-esteem. I mean look at how she dresses all frumpy and plain.

Anthony: Damn dude, I asked for your opinion on her not some racist-type bull crap. I mean you said all those stereotypes about her and you didn't even meet her yet. (disbelief/ angry look)

Kevin: You asked for my opinion and I gave it. Why are you getting so defensive? It's not like you have feelings her, right. (Anthony gives an unsure look) Come on man, her really? Are you serious? (say in disbelief voice and continue in this voice) You have a reputation to keep and being with her can ruin it.

Anthony: Man, are you serious? I can't believe I'm hearing all this crap coming from you. I never would have thought I would hear racial slurs come out your mouth. As for my feelings for her, I don't know. I only just met her; however, within those few minutes I talked to her, she is much more interesting than these other girls here. I'm willing to get to know her and see where it goes if she's willing to explore with me. If you're going to act like this, then Imma have to rethink my friendship with you because I'm not going to have a racist friend. As far as her physical features goes, I like them. Yeah she's on the heavy side and her features are kinda plain, but I happen to not have a preference with girls when it comes to weight. I also believe that she has a natural beauty and doesn't need make-up for her face to "beautiful" like Hilda or the other girls that have to put pile of make-up on to do. Don't ever compare Leslie to Hilda. I know for a fact that Leslie had more class than Hilda any day. I never liked Hilda figure. She is so small. When I was with her, I was afraid I was going to break her in half like a toothpick whenever I would hug her. I also never liked that she would put on piles of make-up.

Kevin: Dang man, I'm sorry I about the remarks and I will try to get to know her.

(Anthony looks at Kevin and feels this isn't over with. Scene switches and goes to Leslie and Naomi.)

Naomi: (sit next to Leslie) Hi, my name is Naomi Sanders. You look new. What's yours?

Leslie: (look at Naomi with a cautious look) Hello, my name is Leslie Willowman and yeah, I'm new.

Naomi: Well, Welcome to Kennedy High School! (excitement in voice)

Leslie: Yeah, thanks. (go back to what you are doing)

(Naomi looks slightly offended and angry; however, Leslie doesn't see. Naomi looks at Hilda and Hilda gives Naomi a look and motions her to continue to try to talk to Leslie.)

Naomi: So, where are you from because have an accent in your voice?

Leslie: I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas and I just moved up here from there.

Naomi: Ohhh, sounds interesting. (curious look with interest in your voice)

Leslie: Yeah, in Arkansas it is beautiful down there.

Naomi: So, what brings you up to New Haven, Connecticut?

Leslie: My dad got a new research job here.

Naomi: Cool, so your dad is a researcher. What does your mom do?

Leslie: My mom is a child psychologist.

Naomi: Cool, so what were you doing before I interrupted you.

Leslie: Oh, ummm… I was listening to Adele's album "21".

Naomi: OMG, I love Adele! I think we are going to be best friends.

(Leslie smiles at Naomi and they continue talking. Scene switches and goes to Hilda and Sally.)

Hilda: (sit next to Sally.) Hey, girl.

Sally: Hey, girly. So, what took you so long?

Hilda: Sorry girl, I had witness something interesting and I just had to destroy it.

Sally: What did you see?

Hilda: I saw Anthony talking to that new girl over there and I think he likes her. (look at Leslie with disgust.)

Sally: Her! (look at Leslie with disgust.) She's so fat and ugly.

Hilda: I know right. That's why I made a plan to destroy her and get Anthony back. I mean I still like Anthony and this new girl is taking what is mine. Hilda Moore does not share especially with someone like her.

Sally: So, what are you going to do?

Hilda: I told that girl Naomi to be her friend and report back to me with some dirty secrets about her. With those secrets, I will spread them around the school and when she can't take it anymore she will transfer. With her gone, I will make my move on the heart-broken Anthony and he will be mines again and I will make sure he never stray away again. (laugh evilly and has a slight crazy look in your eyes)

Sally: That sounds so evil. (laugh) So, what did you promise that girl Naomi?

Hilda: I told her if she did what I told her, that I would make her popular.

Sally: (look at Naomi and laughs) That is just cruel and unusual punishment.

Hilda: I know right, but I had to promise her something to make that stupid girl to agree. (laughs evilly)

(Both laugh. The teacher walks in and class begins)