Everything seems so ugly now,

The drunken mist has faded,

And now it's just the ugly truth.

Everything is trapped away,

In boxes of memories and film reels,

It's now a game of strategy.

Everything is black and white,

It hangs over us, bold as brass,

No longer the colour we were use to.

Everything seems cold and uninviting,

It's almost as if the life was drained away,

Like it left in night while I was still asleep.

Everything is so far away,

As if the map I had flew away in the wind,

I don't know which direction to take.

Everything was at the end of films,

It was the happily-ever-after in stories,

It was all I ever wanted.

Everything is what I lived for,

I dreamed for it in my darkest hours,

It picked me up when I fell down.

Everything is what I lost,

It dropped from my hands,

And smashed to the floor.

Everything turned to nothing,

Nothing is what holds my hand now,

It's the constant reminder of what was lost.