Reality Check.


Some people just need a reality check,

They think they're so good or whatever,

Covered in Wotsit orange fake tan,

With foundation for lipstick,

A belt for a skirt and a bra for a top.


In ten, twenty years, they won't be stars,

They'll be serving everyone else,

In McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut,

With a name tag on their chest,

Not their name in lights.


The sluts need to calm down,

Getting a boy isn't what life's about,

I may be unpopular but I care for my future,

I care for my real friends,

Whilst they treat theirs like they're disposable.


The sluts, the 'populars' are a joke,

All they want are sex, boys and attention,

At least I care about myself,

At least I don't steal boyfriends,

And cover myself with make-up.


Get a reality check. Now.