I thought that it was going to end the pain the heartbreak but it was only the beginning and the hatred I felt for you was temporary. I love you, you who have hurt me more than any other soul on this earth and the very thought of me causing you pain tears me apart I used to think that when you push me or shove me that you felt that searing pain and the tears of anguish that I do. I was wrong you didn't care you hated me and the happiness I used to carry. All you see now is a broken doll that you don't want to play with anymore and the happiness it had brought you in the past. I forgive you. I understand your pain even if you don't understand mine, and if you ever feel lonely or sad think about me and the beautiful days we spent together. Think about the hope you felt in the hours spent dancing and reading in the bed and having breeakfast on the beach. Those are feelings that will bring you the peace to move on from your ultimate mistake losing me. Forever.