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'We, as a whole, are monsters. Creatures who shiver in pleasure at the sight of blood freely flowing from its confines of veins or arteries. We who lick our lips in anticipation as the crimson life force runs down the skin of our weak and helpless prey. Monsters who feel as if a hot iron scalded the length of our throat, leaving it to burn in utmost desire to satiate the uncontrollable thirst threatening to overtake us when the need to feed overcomes us. We want it. We want the blood to soothe the burn and stop the pool of saliva filling our mouths. To force ourselves to cease the blood lust induced feelings to kill those in our path. We want to drink in the images of our prey slowly slipping away until our victims garble out their final words to ever be uttered on Earth. Sickening as it may be, it is inevitable for our kind. Demons, Vampiri, Yokai; we have been given several names, yet they all generally mean the same thing. By nature we are beasts with carnal and simple natures to conquer and devour. To stay on top and beat out all others. Physically, our beauty is perfect and alluring. But within the recesses of our minds, there is still the underlying desire to feed on the life of humans; to swallow the life force of a human and slaughter them for our own well being. We rejoice in feeling the sweet crimson blood run down our throats; the feeling of human flesh between our teeth. For over 3 years I have been fighting against my restraints, against my horrific mind set of killing. My guilt has been gnawing away at my consciousness, burying me into a deep abyss of self-loathing and hatred. Bitterness mars my thoughts toward myself and others like me; human murderers. Thus, we are monsters. Creatures with inner beasts ruling over us, overseeing our need to kill and drink the precious fluid within a humans veins. But I fight. I fight, even if I know I will lose. I refuse to give up, and little did I know that I would soon receive help from others unlike myself. My name is Ruka Mitchell... and I am a monster.'

The life of humans meant nothing. Should they be famous, intelligent, beautiful, it didn't matter. All that did matter was the raging urge to quench the undying thirst constantly present in Ruka's thoughts. Even after feeding herself earlier, she couldn't help but feel her monstrous nature swelling at the very thought of stalking her inevitable prey. They, meaning humans, were weak. To her, they were nothing but food. Weak, helpless beings that didn't belong in this world.

Ruka's smirk grew at the very thought of feeling a humans life force slowly trickle away from them. She licked her teeth in anticipation and jumped down from her place of hiding, startling the man she was stalking. "Hello, love," she greeted, with a smile.

"Where'd you come from?" he asked. It was obvious he had the wrong reaction to her entrance as he looked her over with a grin.

Ruka glided forward, knowing his apparent attentions. She was irritated. 'They should be quaking with fear. Not looking at me like something to eat,' she thought with a frown, and then realized the irony. She couldn't force down the laughter that bubbled from her lips. "Oh, this'll be fun."

"What kind of fun are you looking for?" the man chuckled.

Ruka stared at him intently and quieted her laughter. "It won't be very much fun for you, dear."

The man looked confused, unable to comprehend the sudden danger he was in. "What do you mean?" She took this time to lunge forward, coming to a quick stop in front of him. The man was disoriented by her sudden quickness and stumbled back. "What are you-"

Ruka's jaw clamped down around his neck, and a shrill scream erupted from is throat. The girl dug her pointed teeth into his flesh and reveled in how easy it was to cut off any connections to his brain from his body. He struggled and twitched for a few moments more, but soon went limp in her arms. Streams of blood dripped from his body and smeared onto her chin, her cheeks, her face.

She released her meal and let out a satisfied sigh. The blood that entered her body soothed the pain in her throat momentarily, but it still ached, no matter what she did. The female creature licked her lips, and brought a hand to her face, feeling the wet stickiness of fluid that belonged to another. In a shattered window of an abandoned bar, she saw her image.

Its face scrunched in distaste and silvery gray eyes shined with a hunters gleam. It revealed her monstrous intent. It revealed her doing, her mistakes. Ruka's eyes widened, placing a hand to her cheek in shock. Her fingers curled and she shrieked in horror. The terror was now evident in the creatures eyes in the broken glass. 'It's me. That thing is me! I did it again! Again!' she thought wildly.

She made a tight fist and slammed it into the rest of whatever was left of the window, breaking it until nothing was there. Glass splinters wedged themselves into her skin, and the glass tinkled onto the uneven cemented alley.

Ruka heaved deep pants, bringing herself to calm, but she could never reach that point. Her eyes dimmed and stared at her pale hand, seeing her own blood mixing with the man's she just killed. It hurt. 'Good, I hope it hurts,' she said angrily in her mind. 'Make it hurt. Make the monster feel pain.' She shook with rage, with undeniable fury. "It's your fault people are getting hurt! It's all your fucking fault!" she screamed at herself.

A sudden stream or light from the street brought her attention to a female police officer. "Miss? Miss, are you alright?"

Without another thought, Ruka ran. She hopped the fence, and landed on the other side, her bare feet slapping against the dirtied ground in thuds. Her bones jolted at the strenuous sprint, but she pressed on, ignoring the pain. The thrill of a chase excited her into running faster. A shout was heard from the female officer, ordering her to stop, but she ignored her and skid around a corner, tearing the tough skin residing at the bottom of her feet. It didn't matter. It'd heal anyways. She laughed hysterically, not caring whether she revealed her location to her pursuer. She wanted more. More excitement. More blood.

Ruka raced down another alley way and shot out of the other side, running into a crowded street. Cars honked and people cursed, but most were astonished to see the madwoman sprint through the streets, regardless of the worry of getting hit. She darted out of the street, knocking a man off his bicycle and slid into another alleyway without looking back.

The monster within her was disappointed that no one else came to join the chase, and was even more disappointed when the police woman wasn't much of a challenge. Ruka kept running, ashamed of what she had done. Another man killed, just for the sake that she didn't go hungry. It wasn't fair. It wasn't right. Tomorrow morning, she was sure, his face would appear in the newspaper, just another victim added to the long string of murders.

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