Book Release

Hello, everyone! I'm posting an update to let anyone still following this know that Crimson Regret is now available for Kindle on Amazon, under the new title Regrets of the Fallen – Victis Honor Book One (it even includes cover art of Isabella!). You can find it simply by searching Amazon for "Regrets of the Fallen". The book is currently available for purchase for one dollar; however, if you'd like to get it free, it will be free on Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th, respectively, so just wait until then. I would really appreciate anyone who liked this story getting the book (whether for a dollar or free) and giving it a review, as it's extremely hard for any one book to get noticed in Amazon's massive sea of hopeful authors. This is my second book on Amazon, and I can only hope it does better than the first. If you don't have a Kindle, don't worry – you can get a Kindle app from Amazon for any smartphone or your computer.

Now, I will be removing most of this story from Fictionpress due to Amazon's legal terms; I will be doing so on the 30th, to give the people following on here time to see this and to get it for free. However, if you don't wish to get the book on Amazon for whatever reason, another alternative is to go to Fanfictiondownloader. You can download every chapter of this story from there before I pull it down. Obviously I'd appreciate getting a review on Amazon instead, but I really don't see a reason to limit the people here who supported me during the writing of this story, so I'm telling you every option.

I want to thank everyone that sees this for following and reading this story – your comments, criticisms, praise and insults helped form it, and those of you who cared for the characters made the entire thing worth writing even if I don't sell a single copy. I'd especially like to thank inwardtransience, who took the time to go over every single chapter and offer her own detailed criticism and corrections – she was some sort of cross between a late beta and an editor, she brutally tore apart some of my favorite aspects of the story, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you, everyone, and I hope you all manage to see this before it goes down!