Chapter 1

I was walking down the street after school, as I always do on Friday afternoons, except this time I was alone because my best friend, Kiara, ditched me for her boyfriend, Brandon, when, out of no where, a white van came by and stopped with a screech right in front of me.
Three guys dressed in all black came out and threw me into the van, then hit me over the head with something hard. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was the van door closing, sealing my fate.

I woke up to someone tying up my arms and legs to a chair, while I was blindfolded.
It was cold where I was, so I assumed I was in a basement, somewhere in a different city; or state.
When they thought that I was tied up tight enough, they took off the blindfold and I had to let my eyes rest to get used to the blinding light.
When it wasn't so bright, I looked up to see two guys standing at the door facing me, both dressed in black, and holding guns pointed to the floor in case I tried to escape, which kinda hard seeing as I was tied up to a chair.

There was also a guy standing in front of me, he too, was dressed in all black. He wasn't holding a gun. No instead, he held a gigantic knife, pointed at me, ready to stab me at any moment.
I looked up at him and smiled, making him slap me with his free hand.
"Don't smile at me, you little bitch. You're going to get what you deserve for stabbing me with that knife two weeks ago!" he said, scratching me with his knife.
I whimpered in pain and he laughed at my expression, stabbing me in the stomach, all the while laughing as he repeated his actions over and over again.
By the time he was done, I was laying on the floor, almost unconscious, due to the loss of blood.
They left after they all had their turn, and I was so exhausted, I just slipped into unconsciousness.
Unfortunately, that didn't last long because a little while later, I was woken up by the sound of the door being broken in and someone rushing over to me.
They checked my pulse, then called out,"Hey Nick, I found her."
Not even ten seconds later, someone else ran threw the door, and dropped down beside me.
"Oh my god, is she alive?" he asked hopefully.
I tried to move my fingers to help assure him and it must have worked because he cried,"Amelia?Amelia! Are you ok? Can you hear me? Please hear me."
My finger twitched and he gasped and grabbed my hand with a tight grip.
"Amelia, baby, hang on. We're going to get you out of here and get you help."
I so much wanted to yell at him for calling me baby, but I couldn't do much except lay there.
You see, Nick was my ex boyfriend for two years till I dumped his sorry ass, because I caught him cheating on me with the biggest slut in our school, Olivia Quincy, on our one year anniversary, two weeks ago.
Hey, nobody said love was perfect...
By the time they got me out of the house and into the car, I had lost so much blood that I couldn't stay conscious.
I woke up to beeping to my right and someone squeezing my hand so hard I think I lost circulation in it.
I looked over to see who was holding my hand to see Nick of all people.
I tried to take my hand out without waking him, but just as I got it out he shot up saying,"No, leave her alone! Amelia!"
He looked over at me then grabbed me in a bear hug,"Oh my god, I'm so glad your alive, please never do that to me again", he said into my hair.
I pushed him off me,"Hey, I didn't do anything, they took me," I said,",and since when do you care it's not like your my boyfriend or anything, remember. I dumped your sorry butt when I caught you cheating on me with that slut."
"I know and I already apologized for that, that doesn't mean I don't still love you, baby".
"Yeah, well, love fades, mine has", I say, which had to be the meanest thing I have ever said to him before, but I had to say something to clue him in that I wasn't interested.
He backed up a bit,"Do you really mean that, Amelia?", he asked backing up more towards the door.
I closed my eyes for a moment to collect my thoughts then nodded. I didn't need to open my eyes to know he left.
Just then, I opened my eyes to see reporters running into my room and surrounding me, while asking questions all at once.
God, this is going to be a long day...