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Being among talented people is never easy, but it's even harder when you yourself have no talent to speak of. Alright, perhaps that's unfair. Not that I don't have a talent, it's just that its not very, spectacular, unlike everyone else around me.

I go to a very, "prestigious" school, it's meant for kids who have special talents. Such as my elder sister Brandy, she's 18 and is the greenest thumb I've ever met. Not just good at growing things, she's a wiz at that, but Brandy's one of those people who create hybrids of existing plants and, scientific stuff like that. Because of this talent, or "gift" as my parents call it, she is being scouted by companies for her aid in projects, help with development and such.

Now, my other older sibling, my brother Adrian has a few gifts, but his major one is his crazy expertise in computers, hacking, fixing, building you name it, he does it better than anyone else. He's also 18 and he and Brandy are twins, she's older and gives him grief over it. But back to Adrian, He's already been hired to test security for big corporations, he's even designed security for a lot of them.

Then my parents, oh boy. My Dad is an architect by trade, he does the designs for the craziest things and people. But he's really an artist, everything he makes, or designs is incredible. Mom, well my Mom is a teacher. Okay, she may not have an odd gift but she's one of the most sought after lecturers in the world, philosophy, health, science, math you name it, she knows everything about it.

But perhaps you want to know more about the school, here's a tidbit that will blow your minds, my parents own and run it. My Dad did the design for it, so the whole thing is like a work of art in itself. It's a pretty huge school, we go from grade 5 up until graduation year. The campus is so huge that it easily holds it's two thousand and some students.

My parents personally interview and admit everyone who comes through the doors, so everyone can be put into a proper class and dorm. The first half of the day is spent learning the normal curriculum, you know, history, math, science. The other half is the specialized class's, like for someone like Adrian, he takes a couple of computer science courses and computer tech. and studies. Brandy takes science courses and greenhouse study as well and advanced plant engineering. My Dad teaches the design structure and mixed media courses. While my Mom teaches lecturing and early collage major prep. As well she runs the whole school with her team of professors and secretary's.

We have about 500 or so teachers for the specialized class's alone, not to mention the normal courses; and I know all of them, as well as the garden and maintenance staff, the cooks and chefs, even the part-time helpers and janitors. Since I don't have a 'gift' I spend my afternoons doing "individual study," as my Mom calls it. But I simply visit the gardens, experiment with the mixed media artsy people, read, write, and help out in whatever class I feel like. Since I know all the teachers, they don't seem to mind me sitting in on their lessons. Adrian says that it's because they're hoping that my "undiscovered gift" will be in their area. I'm inclined to agree with him, but I hope its also because they like me.

As for myself, I'm a pretty normal 16 year old girl, I have medium to long black hair and matching eyes, I'm 5'4 and am of average build. I'd have to say that my name's the only special thing about me, Ebony. Ebony Summer Daniels is my name, and I, am talentless.

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