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Chapter 7: Homeward bound

"Funny, now get up." I shrugged and obliged my friend. Standing, I looked out the window; and much to my surprise, the sun was beginning to set. "Looks like we'll have to start on our way back, otherwise we'll be hiking in the dark."

"Sounds good. Hey, what about that water you talked about?" Ethan asked, clearly beginning to tire. "I'm really thirsty." Brianna shrugged. "Last I remember, we had it stashed in the cabinet. But it wasn't there." Shaking my head, I strode towards the door.

"Well, there will be water back at my place. You guys ready to split?" They nodded their agreement, and we started down the tree.

"Watch your step!"

"This is a lot higher than I remember."

"That's my foot!"


"Almost there."

"Ouch!" Somehow, in the fading light and lack of energy we managed to find ourselves in a heap on the cold ground. "Your fault." We all managed to say at the same time, and that brought a round of tired, pained laughs.

"You know, Ebony; you must be the clumsiest person I've ever met. How did your foot end up jabbing my back?" Ethan paused. "No offence." I sighed. "like I would know. Shall we just focus on getting untangled instead of playing the 'blame game'?"

After we managed to locate all of our body parts, we set on our way. After about ten minutes that felt like two hours, we stumbled back into my house. Collapsing on the sofa's we breathed a collective sigh of relief.

"They're alive!" I heard the shout a moment too late, for at that moment an annoying older brother came crashing down on top of me. "Adrian! Get your skinny techie rear off me!" He turned his head to face me, he had a "you must be joking" look on his face.

"Have you looked at me lately, squirt?" He stood and, as if to emphasize his point, struck a pose. Ok, so it was to emphasize his point. So sue me for poetic licence. "No Adrian, I don't know what I was thinking." I said, rolling my eyes. Ethan laughed.

"You've got a cool family, Ebony." My dead stare must have motivated him to explain his statement, because he quickly continued. "I don't have any siblings, and my parents act really formal sometimes. It's nice to see something like this. It's really, different for me."

"We could switch, I wouldn't mind." Ethan smiled, but it was relaxed, not pained like you would expect. Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming sense of danger behind me. I turned just in time to be knocked over, once again, by an older sibling.

"Brmph gthm ommf mff" Or, translated into English from the muffled language. "Brandy, get off me." "No! You're so cute!" She sat up anyway, and seemed to see my friends for the first time. "Brianna! How good to see you!" She grinned at the redhead. "And this must be Ethan! A pleasure to meet you."

"Brand, how much sugar have you had?" My elder sister grinned at me. "Plenty, and that's none of your beeswax." I shook my head at my way-too-hyper elder sister. "You're going to scare off the new guy. Remember; he hasn't really met you up until now." The blondish-haired sister of mine laughed.

"True enough, true enough. Fine then, I'll leave you to attempt to explain me to your friend. Good thing you have Brianna to help you, short stuff." Brandy laughed and waved over her shoulder as she left the room.

"I take it that was your sister?" My new friend asked. "She's, energetic." I nodded, then I thought about what he said and realized; this was the first time I had introduced my sister to a guy without them going all 'ga ga' over her.

"That's all you have to say?" He threw his hands up in defence. "Not that that's a bad thing! She seems really nice." I smiled, what a nice change. "Most people are surprised that we're siblings." I said, referring to our difference in the looks department.

"That's weird, I think you look a lot alike." He paused. "You know, besides hair colour." I was so happy that I could have kissed him. But I didn't, I settled for a hug, then a punch to the shoulder. "Thanks, Ethan." He smiled and nodded; but I could tell that he had no idea why I was thanking him. We brushed that off and checked the time.

"5:30? P.M?" Bri screeched. "How did it get this late?" I rolled my eye's, but Ethan answered. "By the natural passage of time, I suppose." I laughed. "Either that or the tree-house is a time machine that ran out of battery too soon." "And only moved us forward about 3 hours." He finished.

"You guy's should start a comedy troop, but I'm serious. I have to be at a shoot in 20 minutes." She looked down at her dirty clothes. "And look at me! I don't have enough time!" "BRANDY!" I called. "Style emergency!" She might as well of materialized with the speed of which she appeared.

"I heard everything, come with me." My sister practically dragged Bri to her room. We waited no more than 5 minutes until Bri was pushed out out with a quick "Get going, you can thank me later." She was wearing a pair of black jeans and a flouncy green top. But there was no time to stop and admire my sisters handiwork.

"Quick! Where is your interview?" I asked, as we rushed to the car where Adrian was waiting with the engine running. "The GNR building, 4th floor." I grinned. "Perfect, that's a 5 minute drive, we should make it with his crazy driving." After a few near death experiences, we made it and watched as Bri composed herself and strode into the building like she owned the place.

"Nice! And with 8 minutes to spare." Adrian grinned. "A new personal best!" Ethan looked at me, very confused. "Personal best? Does this happen often?" I nodded, and Adrian explained.

"Brianna comes over a lot and those two rarely wear a watch. So you can guess how that goes." Ethan nodded. "Makes sense, I suppose. But is it always a photo shoot?" I shook my head. "No, sometimes it's an interview, other times it's a film shooting. You know, stuff like that." Ethan let out a breath.

"Wow, that's, exciting." Rolling my eye's a laughed. "Exciting. Yes, that's the word." Adrian grinned and pulled away. "You guys up for some pizza? I'm starved." We nodded enthusiastically, I would never turn down a pizza; and something told me that Ethan was in full agreement by the way his stomach growled.

"So, a meat-lovers and a deluxe? Small medium or large?" The waitress asked, her eye's never leaving my brother. I grinned, I was used to and amused by this common occurrence. "Medium, please." Ethan and Adrian rolled there eye's at me. "Large, my little sister doesn't know what she's talking about." The waitress nodded, still smiling at my brother, and left.

"I don't know what I'm talking about?" I asked, attempting to stare down my brother; it didn't work. "How right you are. We're bringing the rest home for the Folks and Brand." I sighed. "True enough, I suppose." Ethan smiled.

"I might just eat a whole pizza myself." He said, leaning back on the neon coloured booth. We looked at him, unimpressed. "Ethan, Adrian has eaten 2 large pizzas. I really doubt anything you could scarf down would be unusual." He shrugged. "I wasn't trying to be impressive, I was just saying that I was hungry." Adrian laughed.

"Good man. Now lets eat." My brother said as the waitress brought our meal. "Dig in."

After we finished, we drove by the GNR building to see in Bri was finished, she was. As my friend slid into the car she turned to me, eye's wide. "I made it! I'm in!" I nearly screamed as we hugged each other. "Congratulations!" I paused. "What did you make?" Bri laughed like I was joking, then, realizing that I wasn't, continued. "Seriously? I made the lead part in the movie "Breath again" the new romance."

"No way! That's amazing! When do you start?" I noticed that I was leaning in a little farther with every word I said, crushing Bri against the car door. "If you'll get off me, I can tell you." I retreated and watched her with eager eyes.

"I start in a few months, the filming officially starts during summer but meeting the cast and getting the scrip starts sooner. You know, to prepare everyone." I nodded, still excited. "This is awesome!" I paused, and flung my arms dramatically. "My friend, the movie star." Bri bowed to my brothers, Ethan's, and my clapping; a twinkle in her eyes.

"Shall we bring said movie star back home? Or kidnap her once again?" I laughed at Adrian's question, and so did Ethan. "You guys do this often, don't you? Kidnapping?" Bri continued. "Kidnapping, extortion, bank robbing, you name it." She sighed again. "I'm always the victim." I snorted.

"That's a lie, miss 'why don't you kidnap me again?' You often suggest the crime!" The accused only laughed in response. "But you have no proof! So I'm free! FREE!" She shouted, drawing stares from others parked at the offensive red light. I shushed her.

"Quiet! There are spies everywhere!"

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