Unsinkable and Unthinkable

One day I was on the playground I went to everyday, little did I know this day would change my life...

I was 6 years old when I went to Jashin Park. The one thing loved to do was play on "The Ship", but it was actually just a little boat on this parks playground. One day I sat on the back and some boy, he was handsome, his skin was a dark brown, his eyes a dark brown, his short hair perfect agents his face and his eyes looking lovingly at me like we had known each other for all of eternity. "Hi" he said and extended his hand to me "you looked lonely, are you bored? If so we can play a game, I haven't given it a name yet but do you want to play?" he said as I took his hand my lose purple dress down well pass my knees, my long wavy brown hair past my shoulders touching the center of my back and I smiles. "Ok let's play."

He told me that the game was about a ship that was never suppose to sink but the unthinkable happen is sunk and aboard it where to lovers who die together.