Chapter 1


It's been 14 years; I have never stopped looking for him, my prince. Right before our parents forced us away from each other I heard them call his name, Tyron Ryan Hayes. All I hope for now is that he heard mine, and he's looking for me too.

Today is April 14 1912, so long ago my family, my friend, everyone told me to give up on looking for him but one day I was visiting the spot I had first meet him at. I sat in the little boat that once seemed so big and my heart ached as each couple passed by. Just when I was about to get up I felt a hand lay on my shoulder, "Hi" the voice said "you looked lonely, are you bored? If so we can play a game, I haven't given it a name yet but do you want to play?" I instantly knew, it was my prince.

I stood up and turned to see the same eyes, hair, and everything about him the same only he looked older and more handsome. "are you her...?" he said looking in to my eyes "are you the girl I met 14 years ago in this spot right here miss...?" he said piercing my body with his gaze.

I couldn't help but stair. He had been looking for me; He had been looking for me! "Y-yes I-I am, are you Tyron Ryan Hayes... right?" he smiled with those same eyes that had first gotten me, only now I knew what the strange feeling I had felt in my chest was; it was love. One of the things every woman wanted. I wanted to hug him but I had only just met him 14 years ago. "You're still as beautiful as you where 14 years ago..." he said as he took my hand in his. "I-I know this is sudden but my birthdays coming up soon and I have 2 tickets to for a cruise on a ship called the Searena I bought the second ticket for you hoping maybe I would find you."

He thought of me as I did of him, it was a miracle. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would find him like this, the exact way I had met him. On the playground except to me I now call it "The Place of Miracles"

It's been only 4 weeks, we've fallen in love. We done everything I could ever hope for, and he's all I could ever hope for in a man. He came over to my house almost every day, I felt so right despite our skin color because that doesn't matter to me along as he loves me which he has said ever since we met again at the park 4 weeks ago after not seeing each other for 14 years. He brought me flowers of all kinds: roses, daisies, tulips, lilies, spider lilies, almost any flower I can think of! It's funny because he made me feel like it was my birthday instead of his. But each time he came he came with that look that I saw him first with, the one I couldn't resist, the look of pure love in his beautiful deep brown eyes.