Chapter 1: Awakening

The year is 21XX, A.D. In this future era, six islands have erected in the vast ocean. These six islands are unique, as they are the first islands to rise in the same period of time.

Flamma Island. This island is the habitat of a high temperature environment. The cause is from an active volcano, which strangely fills the air with heat. The summers are scorching hot, but everyone is protected by the Flamma Drivers.

Terra Island. This island is the habitat of a mountainous island full of steep steps and sharp and flat hills of pure earth. Inhabitants live at one with the land on this island using the Terra Drivers.

Aeria Island. This island is the habitat of calm winds to malevolent storms, but they are all controlled by the flying Aeria Drivers. The autumn season brings calmness to the land, while spring holds the violent tornadoes in place, waiting for the right moment to be brought down by the wind controllers.

The Aqua Isles. Rather than a single island, these cut up isles adore the seagulls flying around, spreading the cheer reminder of the beautiful waters. Everyone adulates the sport of swimming, especially when it comes to diving with the help of the Aqua Drivers.

These four sub isles are the square corners the main island—Hyper Island. Being the giant island of all, it holds the sophisticated and upper ranked individuals who care for the power of Drivers. The only school is located here, but it can be seen from the other isles, as it covers a high amount of ground in a large amount of area. Every child of every age attends to this school, even if they are from the other islands.

But the sixth island, or the hallowed fifth sub island, is adjacent, yet farther to Hyper Island. This heart-shaped land, known as Heart Island, holds the sacred worshiping ground of God Cerunnos and Goddess Airmid. These two deities are the blame for the great life humans are provided. But in secret, these two figures discuss of the future of the Drivers. How will they improve it? Is everything in the world going smoothly? Will possible war and destruction arise? They do not know, because they can never leave their home island. Therefore, a child, the Anson, the son of the divine, was born. The Anson is the only one with the blood of the gods that is able to leave Heart Island. The Anson is the one who will watch the fate of the Drivers, and the humans of the world. The Anson is the one who will determine the fate of everything. The Anson…

that child… me.





A voice resonates within my mind. A woman's voice. A soothing feeling strikes my soul for every word coming from the tone.

It is awaken...


One hundred years have passed...

One hundred…years?


I attempt to open my eyes. I am met by the radiant sun, giving me its warmth and blinding light.

Where was I? I moved my arms, then my legs, and soon my whole body. I felt so cramped, but despite my weariness, I stretched my arms and legs, now full of energy. As I reached for the sun, my hand became blocked in the middle of the air. I was in a case.

I panicked so suddenly, not knowing why I was trapped in the small moment. But then, the glass barrier slowly opened. It made a small screeching noise each millimeter it moved. When I heard nothing more than the seagulls squawk, the breezing gentle winds, and the crashing of water, I lifted my body and sat up. I was placed in a white case, slanted on a small platform.

Leon, follow my voice…

The calming melody of the tone struck me again. I looked around my surroundings. I was in the presence of nature, but pillars surrounded me, making an aisle. The whole structure of this small scene was crawling with moss.

I sat up, made one more stretch, and climbed out. I held my head to ease the slight pain I had. I still had my stylish black hair, but I could tell it was messy from sleeping. Looking at myself, I was wearing a a white, rubber suit. It was tight too. It felt slightly itchy, though. I even felt parts of the suit being wrinkled, and it was stuck to me like glue. It was so uncomfortable. I have no idea why I was in this while I was sleeping.

Ahead of me was where this created aisle of pillars ended. A small gap between two, ragged stone walls told me that I should exit through there. As I got closer, the sunlight grew stronger. I found a rock cliff, meters away from me. When I looked near the area, a small gap had split this land I'm standing on. It then curved in opposite directions. I drew closer to this gap…

In my sight was the vast, blue ocean. It was so beautiful. But then, a part of my memory rang in my head. I remember seeing this ocean, in this setting, at least once already. This is my second. This led me wanting to keep thinking more about my memories, but…

Leon, come!

A motherly voice wanted me to hurry. I looked behind me, and saw two walls on both my sides. Looking further in their extended directions, it seemed to curve. I know that which ever way I go, I'll end up at my destination.

I decided to walk to my right side. When I reach the end of the curve, I found the wall to curve again, but it seemed to angle less than the walls I exited from. Regardless, I continued walking onwards down the seemingly long path. I remember, that as I walked, I have been through this lane next to the ocean already. This is my second, once again. I remember now. This is Heart Island. My birthplace.

Each time I woke up, I usually had to run to the bottom tip of the heart. That was where I needed to go, and see the certain mother who created me. I kept my steady, slow pace, taking small breaks and then returning to a faster speed, and eventually I reached my destination.

This bottom part of the curve—it didn't end at the bottom tip of the heart. A rectangular piece of land stretched from the tip, making this island look like a stick was attached to the heart, like a lollipop. As I look further down the stone road, I could see a large building on top of a highly elevated piece of land, and it was very distant. I know I was going to go there soon.


That voice echoed again. I looked around and found something behind me. At the tip of the island's shape, there was a stone staircase that led to three consecutive platforms, and at the top, was some sort of altar. Three statues stood beside each other; one a male with short hair, one a female with long hair and a dress figure, and one little child that had a heart on its chest. I walked up the stairs and examined the figures closer. To me, the three statues were like a family.

Most likely, he little one represented me.

A small whirl echoed in the air. Suddenly before my eyes, a ray of light illuminated from the sky. A small sparkle floated downwards and stopped in midair, and created a blinding flash. When I recovered my sight, a glowing stairway appeared in front of me. Looking ahead, I thought I would reach the top of the island heart, but it seemed like I would be stopping at the skies. I began walking upwards. With each step, I grew higher above the island. I could see the island heart below me-the white stone was a beautiful sight. It was as just as I thought the island form would be. There was the small grassy area where I had slept at the top of the heart. However, the gap between the walls was filled with stone, as if the opening was never there in the first place.

When I reached the top of this endless staircase, I felt like I was a hundred kilometers above the ground. Perhaps I was. I felt like I would end up nowhere, seeing that I was still on glowing ground. I shut my eyes, closing the stress and weariness from walking up. I took one more step, and did not feel myself rising up. The elevation remained the same. I opened my eyes again and found myself in a new place. As I walked on forward, I was greeted by an exotic scene. The sky in front of me turned into the color of a brighter baby blue, and there was a house-a house, painted entirely white. There was even a pergola of white wood…but it looked like it was made of fluffy clouds. I kept my sights on a gray table laying in the center of the pergola.

Leon…come here…

I was directed to walk towards the pergola area. I took slow steps, but as I got closer, a faint figure of a woman appeared.


Another few steps forward. The figure was fully solid. A woman, with a very dark brown hair, wore an elegant green dress and white gloves. A yellow ribbon tied her hair into a ponytail.

'Leon, come." She said once again. Her calm tone assured my safety, so I was able to walk towards her normally. I stood next to a chair, white, but in a darker shade. In front of me was the gray table, but as I looked closer, I noticed it carried two cups of fine glass and an empty white plate between them. Just seconds ago, there was nothing on the table. How did they appear without me knowing?

The woman gazed at me as she gently waved her hand, "Sit, my child."

My child, she said? I echoed the thought as I sat down in the chair. I remember sitting here in this exact same chair before.

"Do you remember me?" she said, also sitting down.

I tried to speak, "I…" was all I could say. My voice—it was light. I touched my throat, swallowed, and spoke again. "I…think…"

The woman giggled at my attempt to talk. "I am Goddess Airmid, your mother."

That was it. A broken piece of glass glued back in my gallery of memories. I always titled this woman as Mother Air.


"There we go!" she happily said. Her hands lightly clapped together, and as a result, two items gradually appeared onto the plate. With my current knowledge, I recognized them as a chocolate chip cookie and a small muffin.

"Please, eat," she said. "You must be hungry after one hundred years."

A hundred years. I deeply thought about this. I slept for a hundred years. But why?

"Why was I sleeping?" I asked, before grabbing the cookie and biting it. The cookie was chewy. It was warm and very delicious. It had a sweet scent that I remembered as chocolate.

Mother Air giggled ever so elegantly. "You have much to remember. I would tell all, but I can simply gather your memories for you. But please, eat first." She lightly clapped once again, and summoned two more muffins on the plate, as well as a glass of a white liquid. I finished off the first two muffins as she watched me consume the food. I drank the unknown drink—but recalling the taste, I concluded it was milk.

"Would you like more?" she referred to the third muffin.

"No, thank you," I replied. I slowly consumed the last muffin, and drank the remaining dregs of the beverage.

Mother Air stood up. "So, would you like to have your memories recollected now?"

"In a bit," I responded, recovering from eating. I held my head, still a somewhat groggy from waking up. In an attempt to please my boredom, I turned my head around, and my gaze first fell on the house near us. Next to the house was a white coffin. Thin golden metal decorated straight edges of the coffin, finishing off with a golden heart on the covering of the case. I hoisted up and walked to the white case. As I stared at it, Mother Air walked behind me.

"Is this…" I mumbled, trying to remember.

"Yes," she replied. "This is where I slept. I awoke in time before you did." Looking closer at the white coffin, it resembled closely to my case. Then a thin piece of my memory tickled my mind. There was a missing case. I had a mother, but where is the father?

"Mother Air?" I began. "Where's my father?"

When I mentioned this, her faced turned slightly appalled. "Ah, Father Cerunnos. I'm afraid he has still not awakened yet, but I believe you will meet him...someday." Mother Air turned around.

"Come, Leon," she called. She walked to the area from where I entered, and stood at the staircase, waiting for me. As I arrived closer, she started to walk down, and I joined her.

When we exited the height of heaven and reached the moss-covered stone path, she kept walking onwards to the rectangular road but stopped at a certain point. Then, she held her palm out and pointed it at the open area. Watching her, I waited for an event, and slowly, the ground began to shake. Stone pillars instantly appeared, lining up down the pathway. I was amazed—she really is a goddess.

Mother Air turned around, obtaining eye contact with me. "Leon," she said.

I turned my body and looked at her pleasant face. Without warning, her finger touched my head. Nothing had happened, so I had assumed, but somehow, my mind felt heavy. Images and scenes began to enter my thoughts. My memories were being transferred, from her finger to my mind. I began identifying important pieces in my memory.

I am on Heart Island, which is my birthplace. I am the divine child of God Cerunnos and Goddess Airmid. I am sixteen years old, or so my body appeared to be. This clothing I am wearing is a Drive Suit. I am a special Driver wielder.

Drivers. I repeated the word. Drivers…these are special shoulder guards for a human. Drivers originated from the gods. These machines provide the user incredible power.

"I…remember…" I wanted more. I wanted more memories to flow into me, but the finger touching my forehead pulled away.

"Mm-mm," she hummed. "I'm not allowed to tell you more than needed. The rest is with the freedom I grant you." She waved her left arm slowly in the direction of the plain road. She was directing me down the lane. "A nice man will be in a small shack at the end of this road. He will teach you the rest you need. But first…"

Mother Air stepped back. She closed her eyes, and placed her hands together in front of her face. Then they separated slightly, making a small gap of nothing. But, the emptiness somehow increased the speed of the gentle winds around us. A ball of light illuminated from the small gap. Mother Air spread her hands slowly farther, and the ball grew larger. But she stopped at a point, where the sphere was only about the size of a head. All of a sudden, the rays of light began to grow brighter than a star, and I covered my sight quickly. I waited for moments, unknown of what happened.

"Leon," I heard the goddess say, "open your eyes now."

I opened my eyes, with my right arm covering my front. I looked at the ground—the light was not so bright anymore. I felt safety, but it disappeared when I saw a familiar object floating in the hands of the goddess. It was a white piece of metal, fit to be equipped on my shoulder. It was a Driver.

"This is your Driver," she stated.

My personal Driver. The Love Driver. I reached for it with both of my hands, and another stream of memories burst my mind again, yet the flow was so fast that I forgot what to remember.

She giggled at my surprised face. "Ah, this again. You get so excited. Do not worry, it will ring a bell soon." I looked at the metal in my hands. It was white metal; it was pure white metal with a carving of a shape of a heart. This item in my hands looked irreplaceable and unique.

"Go on, wear it," she said. Recalling my knowledge of Drivers, it had to be placed on the opposite shoulder of your writing hand. And wiggling my fingers just a little, I discovered I was right handed. I put my Driver on my left shoulder. As it tightens and assures proper placement, energy begins to flow through my whole body. This is the power from the gods.

As I stare at nothing in astonishment, Mother Air held a letter in front of me. "Take this letter to the man in the shack at the end of this island." I happily, yet curiously took the letter. Examining it closely, it was just a white envelope with a black heart sticker.

"Leon," she said, "in this year, I know you will find more enjoyment than your previous times." Goddess Airmid smiled at me, before turning away and walked towards the stairs to heaven.

Without any want or need to watch her walk back up to the skies, I looked at the stretching stone path. I couldn't wait for what was ahead.


A fifteen year old boy, three quarters away from the age of sixteen, sits down in his assigned passenger seat. He looks down at his lap, where he holds a small, farewell card, opened from a small letter. He rereads it many times before the ship departs.

Take care, Dan! We'll see you again next year! Love, Mom and Dad.

The teenager whispers out loud, since no one was next to him to hear his laments. "I hate leaving you guys…but…" He looks out the window, finding the sight of the great building in the middle of the ocean. "…Hyper Academy…is an adventure." He puts away the card back in the envelope, smiling at it.

"I can't wait."


I kept a steady walking pace, enjoying the warmth of the winds tickling my skin. The wind eased the intensity of the sun's heat, so my body was okay. But what I was not comfortable with was this Drive Suit. When was I going to get out of it, or change clothes?

Soon after minutes of walking, I arrived close to a brown shack. It was like a festival stall, where it held prizes after playing a game. But instead of prizes being on the shelf, white wax candles and heart-shaped paper was laid around. A man, brown haired down to half of his head, wore a fisherman's hat, leaning against the left wall. He had arms crossed, as if acting bored.

"Who're you?" he asked. His voice sounded between light and deep.

"I…" I mumbled. I paused, and spoke again. "This is for you." I put the letter I held on the wooden counter in front of me. Without moving his head or body, he glanced at the item I offered. He reacted by taking his right hand and unsealing the envelope with his left. He read the contents of the paper. I waited patiently.

"Ah," he sighed. "So you've awakened!" his body sprang away from the wall and he used his hand to throw his hat on the counter. I saw his clear, shaved face, which drew attention away from his shining blue eyes.

"Awakened…yeah," I responded. I was pondering still; why was I sleeping? I had hoped this man would tell me.

"The name's Duer," told the man. "Nice to see you again!"

"Again…yeah," I ran out of words.

"All right. What Goddess Airmid wants me to do is teach you the basics about this world now. It's changed a lot, since it's been a century."

"Yeah…" The word "century" still made me wonder about my slumber. "So, what's first?"

"Hm…" he put his right index finger on his chin and thought. "How about the geography?" He crouched, looking under the counter as if items were in it. He pulled out a map; the map of the six islands.

"All right, look here." He pointed to a heart shaped island with a perfect rectangular land connecting it. It was at the top of the map. "This is where we are, Heart Island. Your home." Of course, I knew that. Then he pointed to a land to my right. It was a sort of a triangular leaf shaped, with the curved parts jagged slightly. "This first sub island, is Flamma Island. The land that holds fire, but not literally. It's just really hot there. Got it in your head?"

I almost stuttered. "Yeah!"

"Good. Anyways, south of Flamma Island…" he swiftly moved his finger south of the land of fire to another island, shaped like a trapezoid cut in half. "This is Terra Island. If you ever visit, you should see the hot springs. …Well, that's mostly the reason why people visit Terra Island." I giggled at the fun fact. He continued on. "To the west of Terra is where it's vast and windy." He moved his finger, sliding west to a circular land, but really looked like a thousand mini sharp edges making the circular land look like a deadly razor. "This is Aeria Island. There's lots of amazing sights, as well as some boring ruins. The only thing that would bother you is the crazy wind over there. Then, to the north..." he slid his finger again, "are the Aqua Isles. It's cool and warm when it can be, and since the islands are so split apart, the water is great for swimming. That's why swimming is popular there." I saw the land split into about five pieces. The narrow blue color splitting them was like a centimeter apart from each piece of land; I thought swimming from island to island is tough. But considering the sport of swimming is so popular, it must be fun being in the sea. Duer was about to conclude his lesson with one more island. "…And lastly…is this place, where you'll be going." He lifted his finger and landed on the island that kept me curious. This island was larger than the others, maybe by two centimeters if I measured. "Hyper Island. The big island where the city is."

"Why am I going there?" I asked.

"Tell you later, right now, it's time for the Driver." The man named Duer slammed his hand and lifted his body, jumping over the counter and landed on the same piece of stone block I was on. "You remember what Drivers are, right?"

I stood still for a bit, seeing what I could remember, but no thought stood out. I mumbled randomly, "Kind of. …Not…really."

"Well, here's the gist." He put his finger on the white metal on my right shoulder. "A Driver is a high-tech machine that made living in the world easier. They're machines that give you non-human abilities, like super strength, flying, or even summoning fire from your hand."

The ideas sounded familiar. "Strength? Fly?" I questioned.

"Yeah. You don't believe me? You try, you have all of them in your Driver."

I did want to try, but how? I looked at my hands nervously, and then questioningly stared at Duer.

"You don't remember how to activate it?" He sighed. "Man, why can't that woman let you keep everything…well, all you gotta do, is put your left hand over your Driver." He motioned the action for me. He used his left hand and made it float above his imaginary piece of metal by about an inch. I did the same, and when I looked over, the black heart line illuminated a blue light.

"There you go," he stated. "What that is right now, is the pre-active state. It means you Driver is ready to be activated."

"So how do I activate it?" I asked so hastily.

"Think of the word, 'Armguard'," he replied, dropping his hand.

I did as he told. Armguard…Armguard….Armguard. The blue light grew stronger, and suddenly the piece of white metal began to expand from my shoulder, and it reached the side of my elbow within a second, and stopped at my wrist. A second layer of the white steel appeared at the start about half the length from my wrist to the elbow, and extended up to the point of the very bone connecting my hand to my fingers. The metal curved, as if it tried to make it look like a sharp blade that was my armor. I looked under my arm. It was uncovered, I could see an inch of skin, but half of my arm was replaced by dark blue glove-like equipment. I could feel it as I rubbed my fingers together. It was the same material as this rubber-like Drive Suit I'm wearing.

"What is this…?" I said, sounding amazed.

"This is Armguard state. This is half of what your Driver can do. If I recall correctly, you can summon a sword, cast fire, blow a gust of wind, shoot spears of rock or throw mud, and summon about a gallon of water."

"Cool…what else?"

"Well, your Driver gives you strength for sure, but because this only affects your right arm, you can only push or pull stronger things with your right arm. And, it's not all of the strength, since Armguard state is half of the next one I'll tell you soon."

I was curious to know what the next state was, but I'm sure Armguard basics is what I need to know. "So what do I do now?"

"Let's see if you can summon a fireball." Duer snapped his finger, and a scarecrow appeared two feet away behind him. It wore a target sign, drawn on white cloth. "What you gotta do is to concentrate fire energy. To do that, just tell your Driver to summon a fireball. It'll do the work for you."

"How do I tell it?"

He sighed in slight disappointment. "The same thing you did to put your Driver in Armguard state." He pointed to his head. "Think. The way Drivers work is by your thought. You have to tell them what to do in your head."

Think. Okay. I thought of fire—a ball of fire to be exact. Not a big one, since my Driver can't handle one at Armguard state. A medium-sized sphere of red heat was enough. I pointed my arm at the scarecrow, hand widely open, and thought of the mental image. I even added a caption to the picture. Fire, fire, fire…ball.

A small sphere began to grow from the center of my palm. Within milliseconds, the ball grew even larger, and stopped at the diameter of an inch from my wrist to my middle finger.

Duer thumbed up. "Now, send it!"

I thought of releasing the sphere straight ahead, and the blazing ball was shot from my palm, flying straight at the target. On impact, the small explosion and loud sound scared me, but the fear drifted away as the cloth began to disintegrate from the ardor.

"Woo!" cheered the man. "Nailed it! Guess you don't have to use the others if you got fire good."

"What next?" I asked eagerly.

"The next is Drive Armor. Of course, I would tell you to think it, but it isn't just that."

"What do you mean?"

"Pre-activate your Driver again, then place your hand on your heart, and then think of Drive Armor."

I did as he told. I hovered my hand over the Driver again and white light began to radiate. Then, I placed the same hand on my body. Feeling the drumming of my heart, I thought, "Drive Armor, Drive Armor, Drive Armor." Within an instant, my body began to glow. Pieces of white radiance faded darker as metal began to appear from the top and bottom. I could feel power in each inch of steel that appeared, from my upper body down to my feet. The open skin under my right arm became covered, and so did my hand equipped with the glove. Other than my head, my whole body carried white armor, smooth in texture, gleaming from the light of the sun. The gauntlets that should have been on my arms merged with the armor, so I was really in one big connected suit. As a finish, I held my right hand up to the sky as if in an impulse. I imaginatively grabbed something in the air, and suddenly, bright yellow light took the figure of a blade. Within two seconds, a sword took form. In the instant flash, a hilt of gold color with a pommel of darkness was placed in my hand. The cross-guard glowed silver under the sun, following with the blade of polished white steel, twenty five inches long. What made this sword different from the old kinds of swords was that the whole edge was at least two inches wide, and the right side of the cross-guard grew up by about three to four inches, making a wing-like design, as if an angel's golden wing was used in the making of this sword. As I turned the black sphere on the bottom towards me, I noticed the same heart shape in white lines was carved into it.

"There you go, you remembered Drive Armor." He chuckled at my success. "And you got your sword out, neat."

"This is…Lightheart," I stated, recalling the name. This sword was the proof of the Love Driver. It was a part of me, and I had a good feeling that I had it out.

"Anyways, try flying," Duer said.

"Fly?" I stumbled upon that command. "How?"

"Like I said, think. Although you gotta use your hand too."

Thinking must have been the master control of the Drivers. I told my Driver to make me fly, and then my left hand pointed downwards. The air around my feet began to whirl, and soon, I was floating in mid-air. I couldn't believe it. I was floating in mid-air. I started to float higher, and higher, and when I tried to stretch around, I could move. I used my thoughts to tell the Driver to control the wind around me. However, as I tried to move the wind, it lifted my right leg up, and then my whole body became upside down. I canceled the wind effects and fell, hitting my face onto the ground.

"Ha," Duer chuckled. "Don't worry. Just try again and focus. Imagine the wind moving your body gently and not fast."

I sighed, and got back up. Using the wind once more, I created a small storm below my feet and rose into the air. Focusing my thoughts, I carefully imagined the pattern of the wind to transition well with my body movements. And easily enough, I moved my body in the air easily. I cheered from the exciting flight, amazed by the wondering ability.

"You see?" Duer shouted. I stopped moving so I could hear clearly. "Flying is only possible by wind power. The wind controls where you fly. So if you can master the wind, you can master flying, but you have to be careful or you'll go crazy in the air."

"Okay!" I decided to try a practice flight. I told my Driver how to control the amount of wind whirling under my feet. I predicted the speed was controlled by the amount of air gathered below my feet, and of course, I was correct again. I ascended higher into the air and began propelling forward and turning around. I had met turbulence in my tricky flying, but eventually I recovered and put myself in a calm, flying speed. As I continued to fly in a straight motion and turning around with ease, I found flying to be much easier.

"Hey, get down here!" yelled Duer. I descended down and landed on the ground softly, walking up to Duer.

"Okay, now I'll tell you about the types of Drivers." He stepped back once before closing his eyes. "There are six types of Drivers. Four of them are special Drivers that use magic-like abilities, named as elements. The first is the Flamma Driver, from Flamma Island. You know what Flamma means, right?"

I comprehended the word so easily. "It means fire. So, the Drivers there use mainly fire abilities."

"Correct. Now, how about the other three elements, Terra, Aeria, and Aqua?"

I paused, thinking of the first item he stated. It was a blur at first, but the image that Mother Air placed in my mind began to become clear. Each word bounced around in my mind, but their meanings easily returned. "Terra is earth, from Terra Island. They have earthen attacks, like stalagmites, or they can build amazing walls for defense. Aeria is wind, from Aeria Island. They can use the wind to boost their running speed, how high they can jump, or how fast they can attack." I looked down at my feet, remembering the adventure I was having a while ago. "And you can fly with Aeria powers too. And Aqua means water, from the Aqua Isles, so Aqua Drivers have water abilities. They help you swim faster and dive deep into the water. They can also heal other Drivers' energy or the wielder's stamina."

"Good," Duer responded, "you've covered that well." I smirked at my intelligence."Now, there are two more, not on those four sub islands. Can you guess where they come from?"

"From Hyper Island?"

"Correct. They are military and battle-type Drivers. Battle-type Drivers…are kind of like the Love Driver. They have their own weapon, usually a sword, and they can use an element, or all four elements, but they are weaker than what you can do. Mainly, they are used for duels, a secondary Driver back-up, or even for games. Military Drivers are for war use only. They have all abilities of the four elements. They can also use an arsenal of missiles and guns. But because the four elements were installed into them, they have a limited amount of use."

"Why did military Drivers have to be created?" I asked.

"Because, a second kind of battle-type Driver had to be made, right?" He chuckled. "Actually, people of Hyper Island don't have specific elemental Drivers of their own, because that island doesn't have an elemental spirit."

"A what?" I responded.

"An elemental spirit, whether Flamma, Terra, Aeria, or Aqua, is a being that lives within the island and generates their natural power on the island. They are the explanation that Flamma Island is fiery hot, Terra Island being full of mountains and valleys, and all that. But mainly, the elemental spirits have the ability to create Drivers."

I grew intrigued of this knowledge. At first, the word "spirit" struck a piece of glass within my memory, but I couldn't catch it in time to remember. "So because Hyper Island doesn't have an elemental spirit, people had to create their own Driver?" I asked.

"Yep," responded Duer. "The battle-type Driver was the first human-created Driver, then came the military Drivers. Battle-type Drivers are used for small duels or to show off to friends and whatever. They can be used in fights too, though military Drivers are usually used for battles against packs of monsters."

"Monsters? There are monsters in this world?"

"Yeah." He looked up at the sky. "You just don't see any now because it's not monster season yet."


"Anyways, let's talk about your Driver. It's pretty special."

"What's special about mine?" I responded. "I know it's called the "Love Driver", but just what exactly made it so different?

"The Love Driver derived from the gods. Your mother and father created it especially for you." He walked closer to me and tapped my metal shoulder. "You possess all the elements. You can fly, which is very rare for people who use Aeria, and you can swim even faster than usual Aqua Drivers. You even have your own powerful sword. You're basically a mini-god."

I had some of my questions answered. "So what else is special?"

"God Cerunnos and Goddess Airmid created you for a reason." He looked up at the sky, particularly at the stone steps that seemingly reached the heavens. "They needed you to watch the current world. They can't leave this island to help everyone. Only you can."

I looked at the floor, staring blankly. I was given a big task without agreeing to it.

"Well, I've talked too much. Why don't you meet my friend? He's been waiting to fight you."

I opened my mouth a little. "Wait, wha-"

Before I could finish, Duer turned around, facing a pillar and the ocean, and whistled. The air carried the sound, spreading into the clouds. As I walked over closer to the edge of the shaved cliff, I saw a sparkle from a particular lonely cloud. It swirled open, and I saw some kind of brown object flying. It was flying towards me. It was…some kind of… monster!

"That's my griffon, Reis," Duer stated. "Don't worry, you fought him two times already, you should be used to it. Get ready to take off, he's coming!"

The griffon was many meters away, but to prevent destruction of this cliff, I told my Driver to fly and ascended into the skies. The griffon drew closer at high speeds, and charged at me. I managed to dodge by diving under it, just centimeters from its claws. When I turned around to face it, it paused. I could hear an echoing man's voice.

"You have awakened, Love Driver!" The griffon talked. It talked. My mind fell a bit dead from amazement. Shaking off my shock, I readied my sword with my two hands, listening to him speak. "Though you have tried me once and triumphed, let us see if you can make it for the second time!"

Without warning, the griffon roared and started to fly towards me again. I held my stance, thinking of a plan to attack and thinking about the fear preventing me from moving. I didn't think of finalizing the probable result, but I used my left hand to summon a fireball, which directly hit the face! Reis, as Duer called his pet, drifted off the course of flying towards me and slipped in the air. He shook off the burning feather it had and charged at me again. This time, using my left hand, I summoned a strong gale that slowed the beast down, and he was trying to break through the gust of wind. Once he had his eyes shut from my wind attack, I soared higher and dropped at fast pace just before I readied the edge of my sword. One strike of Lightheart, I thought, should be enough. I dropped the wind below me and summoned it above me to push me down, increasing my descent speed, and struck the bird beast. He screeched as a white flash emitted from the sword strike. Reis struggled to shake off the pain and flew off into the clouds.


The fifteen year old boy couldn't sit still that he almost dropped his glasses. He was excited about heading to the popular high school. A new life awaited him in the new island. He looked out the window, catching the sight of few raised lands off Hyper Island. He wanted to see the port already.

A short time of boredom made him want to get up from his seat in the boat with airplane wings. He decided to head out onto the deck, where the seagulls and ocean waves could be heard. The boy placed his large brown suitcase in his seat, and exited the aisle into the hall. He reached the closed door to the outside, feeling an instant breeze of cool air blow into the hallway as it was opened. He walked closer, ignoring other Aqua Islanders he did not know of. He reached the edge, looking at his old island home, already miles away.

"I'll miss you," he thought to himself. He kept staring at the sight of the dock that his ship left, nearly thirty minutes ago. But a sudden shout surprised him, making him turn around at the direction of the noise.

"My hat!" yelled a female voice. The male teen found a white hat laced with a pink ribbon floating and flipping in the air. He found a girl with lavender hair in a white dress trying to reach for it with her arm, though it was futile from the far distance between each other. She jumped for it, but she was unable to grab it. The hat flipped for another time in the air before it landed perfectly in Dan's preset hands for catching. The girl caught sight of the hat and ran up to the boy who caught it.

"Oh, my hat!" she exclaimed, relieved. Dan kindly returned the hat, and the girl happily hugged it in her arms to prevent the wind blowing it away again. "Thank you so much!" Her gleaming bliss made Dan blush slightly.

"It was nothing," was all the blonde-haired boy could say. He blushed at her charm-her hair was long and silky, and her voice was gentle and gregarious.

"I'm Miu Shimizu," she said with a bow.

"I'm Dan Lufu," he replied.

"Pleased to meet you!" The embrace on Miu's hat grew slightly tighter. "Hm..." she mumbled. "I've never seen you before. Did you recently move to Aqua?"

"Oh um, no," replied Dan. "I was born at Hyper Island, but my parents live in Aqua. I was staying with them for summer vacation."

"Oh, I see," Miu responded. "Were you staying there for the Aqua Meet?"

"Yeah, I was, though I didn't really participate. I was there to support my brother."

"That's nice of you." Miu looked out to the ocean, and then back at the boy. "Well, thank you again, Dan. I suppose you're going to Hyper Academy?"

"Yes, I am."

"Me too! I hope we can be in the same classes."

Suddenly, a ringing bell erupted from the boat.

"Attention all passengers, please gather your belongings and return to your seats. We shall be arriving at Hyper Island within fifteen minutes."

Miu and Dan leaned off the side edge of the ship. From their spot, they could see it. There it was—the great island. Hyper Island, where all life begins anew.

Miu leaned away first. "Well, I'm going then." She began walking away for a bit, then turned around once more. "See you later, Dan!" Miu skipped off back into the ship hallway, along with the rest of the people who were heading back inside.

Dan took one last look at Hyper Island. He sighed, and looked in the opposite direction at the Aqua Isles, and whispered to himself. "Until next summer." He walked towards the group of people exiting the deck, ready to start a new adventure.


I took in a few breaths as Duer walked up to me. "Energy…huh…"

"Yeah. Energy is the measurement of the amount of life power Drivers have. All kinds of specials and abilities use energy from your Driver. So using a fireball or putting power into your sword depletes some of your power. Even flying for a long time takes a lot of energy. Right now, facing off with Reis, you probably lost a lot. You can check how much energy you have by asking your Driver."

I inserted the thought into my mind. A mental image I couldn't control was put in my eyes—I saw numbers. Energy level was at out eight hundred and tree out of a thousand. On a screen next to the energy level, I could see the cost of energy that was used in my previous actions. The single slash I made used ten, the fireball twenty, the gust of wind was twenty, and the hundred forty seven was just from flying for twenty one minutes.

"Go ahead and put back your Driver in the inactive state," Duer said.

I told my Driver, "deactivate", and my armor began to gradually disappear, reversely in the way my armor appeared. I was left in my dark blue Drive Suit and my Driver as a shoulder guard.

"When a Driver is inactive," Duer began, "it will recharge your energy, but very slowly. And..." he checked his watch that I had never noticed, "Whoa, it's 9:04! You've gotta get going." He looked to the wooden dock to our left, holding wooden canoes and large open portion for bigger ships. Then, he turned his head to the shack behind him. "Sit tight." Duer ran to his shack and bent over the counter, trying to reach his possessions.

"Everything all right?" I heard. It was not from Duer. The familiar motherly voice was from behind me. The woman slowly walked towards us but stopped a meter away.

"Mother Air!" I exclaimed. She smiled happily, like I was a baby excited to see my mother.

"How are things, Leon?"

"Great. Duer's an amazing help."

"What did he cover lastly?"

"Um…energy. Energy is the life power Drivers have. He said I had to deactivate it to save the rest of the energy."

"Hey, mother!" Duer yelled, still digging through his shack. "Do you know the time?"

She closed her eyes. "Oh my…now? It's already past nine in daylight. You need to be at Hyper Academy." She walked closer to me and held out her hand, "Stay still." Her fingers touched my Driver gently, and I could feel aura flow through it and my body.

"Hey!" yelled Duer. "I was going to show him the energy gears!" He carried some kind of clockwork cog in his hand.

"Energy gear?" I questioned. Duer rushed up to me and held it out.

"In cases where you have to recharge it quickly and don't have Mother Air with you, you place these gears above your Driver. The gear will dissolve and be absorbed as energy. It'll heal about two hundred. For now, just keep it."

I took the gear with my hand and looked at it. It was just a piece of gear. It wasn't heavy at all, even though it felt like it was made of teal-colored metal.

"You can store it," stated Mother Air. "You can keep it in your possession rather than using it. Just tell your Driver to store the gear that is in your hand."

I focused my sight on the gear, and told my Driver to put the gear into storage. The gear disappeared, and I felt something echo within my mind. "Item: 'Gear' stored," it said. Then a mental image played in my mind. A sort of organized storage was set up, and I could see the gear in the first box of many other boxes. I exited from the picture and went back into reality.

"Leon," Mother Air said. She had another envelope in her hand, closed by the same red sticker, and held it out to me. I gladly took it and stared at the white color.

"You will be going to Hyper Academy, Leon," stated Mother Air. She pointed to the great island sitting on land far off in the ocean. "Give this letter to the headmaster. He will help you on my wish. And," Mother Air began to summon another item, and in seconds, she summoned a brown suitcase, which sat on the ground. I looked at it—it had my name labeled on it. "I have prepared clothes and necessities for your school life. They are all in the suitcase, and just so you know, your Driver can also store it as data."

"Thank you, Mother Air." I felt so lucky to have a goddess as my mother. I grabbed the suitcase with my right hand. It looked like it had heavy contents, but it was rather light. I opened it slightly, and slipped in the letter without looking inside. Then, I told my Driver to store it, and soon, the bag began to dissipate. The same inventory window was shown in my eyes, holding the gear and the suitcase of my necessities. Mother Air called my name once more.

"Leon, it is important that you make plenty of friends."

"Why is that?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, have you told him?" she looked at Duer.

"Um, the Love Support? No." Duer feigned a slight cough. The goddess made a sigh and looked at me.

"Leon, your Driver is powered by those who admire you. You will be the greatest Driver wielder when you have friends who support you."

I thought about that special power for a bit. "So does that mean, if someone loves me, I'm powerful?"

She giggled. "Yes. But that love must be true. Someone could just highly admire you, and that is different from true love. You must find out for yourself if the feelings are true."

"How do I do that?"

"You will have to find out yourself," she restated. "Love is an important factor in this world. Spread it. Make everyone happy."

Duer walked up closer and patted my head. "Now go, kid. You're gonna be late."

I grinned, and laughed at the same time. "Thanks Duer. Thank you again, Mother Air." I set down my suitcase and pointed my hand at it, converting the object into data to be absorbed into my Driver. Then, I pre-enabled my Driver and summoned my Drive Armor. I called on wind to help me float slightly, and then I began to ascend higher. "I'll see you again!" With my temporary farewell, I zoomed off into the direction of Hyper Island.

My new life awaited me on that specific island. Who knows, maybe my adventure will continue on the other islands. Right now, I had a main objective until then. When I was nearly about two miles away from Heart Island, I stopped in midair and checked my inventory data. I noticed a gold name plate on the suitcase, which I read to myself. 'Leon Anson.' Son of the divine. Wielder of the Love Driver.

I closed the data menu and took another look at the island ahead of me. One great building, surrounded by five smaller buildings, stood on a hill, unmoved from my sight. I smiled, wondering about the sorts of events that could happen.

"I can't wait."

Leon: Next time on Love Driver!

I finally reached Hyper Island! Wait, are those monsters? Oh no, they're ruining the town! Guess it's up to me to save the day!

Episode 2, Dan Lufu! ...Wait, who's he?