There's a careful consideration that touches her skin, where his hands slide over it. A gentle admiration for the feel of her, and her admiration of his touch is proven in moans and caught breath. It could be years, decades, eons. They do not notice, they are all consumed by the ragged breath and heat of flesh. He whispers his devotion, and she replies and gives hers to him wholly. There's the feel of her silky hair, and the tug of her fingers as they twine into his.

And there's what she gives him, something to cling to in such bitter darkness. And he holds her down, ropes her to reality in a way that is too certain to be ignored. They are no longer "people", but creatures. Creatures of love and lust that blur and blend together in such a magnificent way. They are entwined so closely, it seems as if nothing could tear them apart. Nothing could possibly get between such lovers. Those that give each other everything they can, and thrive on what the other provides.

Such shattering evils that the outside world forces upon people cannot penetrate their shared atmosphere. It's too full of promise, too made of hope and love. Evils have no business here. Worry cannot walk the corridors of their minds, not now. When the kisses become lesser, and the touches deplete, he will look at her with worry. Worry of loss, worries of lovers.

When that time comes, he woefully, halfheartedly, lifts her from his arms and begins to move away.

"Can't we just stay?" She says, and her voice is choked with tears.

"No, love, if we're caught we can never see one another again." His voice is soft, as full as hers with a raw emotion.

"Please. Please. I want to stay. I can't do it without you. I can't-" The tears come thick and fast, he cuts her off, pressing his lips to hers.

The kiss tastes of her tears, and of his. Which had begun to fall silently, as he wondered when he would next hold her, and have her as his own. But then he must break the kiss, hush her sorrows, and leave in haste.

She buries her face in the pillow after he leaves, it smells of him. The sheets, too. She tries to stop the sobs, but they wrack her body and break her heart a little more each time. She's desperate, desperate for her one grasp on reality. She never wants to let go, and each time she must she loses herself again. Her love keeps her living, without him, her world is of make believe.

He is as broken, and as desperate as she. His one sweetness. His one light. His love keeps him living, without her, his is a world of nightmares.

But they had that night, they had their night.