I dreamt that the world ended in fire. Every house caught fire, from all the windows I could see, as I stood outside and breathed in the suffocating air. It strangled me, like two strong arms on my weak throat, and I shivered inside even though it was so warm and overwhelming. Orange-amber flames were everywhere to be seen by the eyes, it never stopped burning every living soul that breathed. It burnt through the tall trees of mankind, the green grasses of nature and the humans that, perhaps, made this happen. I stood in the middle of a park somewhere, with someone I don't recognize, and maybe I didn't have the courage to look forward anymore. Maybe I didn't want to see everything end in flames, so I closed my eyes and hoped to see tomorrow's light.

I woke with lips agape. I realized I was panting heavily with cold sweat, but somehow, I was glad the tomorrow I wanted to see, was here with me.