After the Jackson City incident, Medipharm paid out compensation to each of the survivors. The figures were undisclosed, but it was believed that they were each in the seven figure region. General Sanchez got funding from a Black-Ops slush fund to set up his agency. They reported directly to the President. News of what happened in Jackson City slowly leaked out, despite attempts by several government agencies. But what happened to the survivors?

George and his sons, Rick and Daryl

George found work with the NYPD. Due to his injuries, which resulted in blindness is one eye; he was assigned a desk job. All benefits from his time as an officer of the Jackson City police officer were carried over to his new job. Rick and Daryl went back to school to finish off their senior year. After telling their story to Brett and Shaun Cassidy, they have started to avoid all interviews.

Richard and Annabel Hawthorn

Richard and Annabel retired to Florida, where they purchased two properties—a flat in Miami and a small beach front property for the weekend. They decline all interviews, even the one conducted by the Cassidy brothers, though they did allow several photographs of themselves to be used for a book the brothers published.

Isabella and Jason Redwood

Since their parents died in the Jackson City incident, and they had no other living relatives, custody was granted to Lizzy Parsons. They now live in New York. Isabella and Mickey continue to date. They make no secret of the fact that they survived the outbreak, but other than an interview with Brett and Shaun Cassidy, they rarely speak of what happened. Granted permission for photos of themselves to be printed in the brother's book.

Mickey Hanson

Living in New York. Since his mother died in the outbreak, custody had been granted to Lizzy Parsons. He now lives with his brother, as well as Isabella and Jason. He and Isabella continue to date. Interviewed by the Cassidy brothers.

Lizzy Parsons and Andrew Parsons

Lizzy joined the NYPD along with George. She was granted custody of Mickey, Isabella and Jason as none of the children had any living relatives to take care of them. After several courses with the FBI, as well as her own first hand experience, she now trains recruits to deal with bio-terrorist attacks. Both Lizzy and Andrew have given several interviews relating to the Jackson City incident. She has started a relationship with a fellow officer. Andrew went back to school to finish his senior year. He upheld his end of the deal with General Sanchez and trains at weekends and during holidays. He is still dating Carlos.

Carlos Valdez

Carlos was reunited with his parents. He gave a brief interview to the Cassidy brothers. He also trains with Andrew at weekends and holidays in order to join General Sanchez's organisation. Will become an older brother. The revelation of his relationship with Andrew caused a rift between him and his parents that he is eager to mend.

Fr. Connolly

Fr. Connolly returned to his native city of Galway in the west of Ireland. He too gave a brief interview to the Cassidy brothers. His sermon entitled "The nature of death in the modern age" gained worldwide interest and forms the prologue to the Cassidy brother's book.

Brett and Shaun Cassidy

The Cassidy brothers started to write a book on the incident. They interviewed several of the survivors and spent several months writing and promoting it. Shaun suffered from bad headaches for months afterwards, due to his head injury. Brett finally won an award for the coverage he provided of the infection.


Fred now works as a janitor at the high school in his home town. Granted an interview to the Cassidy brothers. Afterwards, refused to talk about the Jackson City incident.

Henrietta Sanchez AKA Trouble

Trouble went back to work for the FBI. She has been posted to the Los Angeles Field Office due to a Bio-Hazard threat there. She did not grant an interview to the Cassidy brothers.

General Sanchez

General Sanchez started up the agency to combat bio terrorism, as well as other forms of terrorism.

Dr. Stone and his wife, Irene

Dr. Stone was convicted on multiple counts of murder. He is now serving multiple life sentences without any chance of parole. The fact that Irene co-operated and was working with the authorities to find her husband she was sentenced to ten years in jail.

The Burnt Man AKA James O'Carroll

The Burnt Man co-operated with the investigation into the outbreak in Jackson City. It was found he had no part in the outbreak. However, the fact that he had agents at the gasworks and had instigated other plans to hide MediPharms involvement led to him been charged with conspiracy. He is now awaiting trial.

Jeffrey Rush

Jeffrey Rush disappeared with a large quantity of CRS and Triple-S. There have been no reports as to his whereabouts.

Dominic and Rosa DeSanta

Dominic and Rosa now live at an undisclosed location. No one but General Sanchez and Andrew knows their location. Dominic trains with Andrew and Carlos on occasion, but does not speak about where he is living out of fear it will threaten Rosa.


Andrew opened the door to find Carlos standing there with a suitcase.

"Another argument with your parents?" he asked. Carlos nodded. Andrew picked up the suitcase and Carlos started for his bedroom. Andrew locked the door and followed.

"I am guessing it was about you and me dating?" Again Carlos nodded, tears in his eyes. Andrew sat down in a chair and dragged Carlos onto his lap and held him tight as he cried. He rubbed small circles on his back and made soothing noises. Eventually, the crying stopped, leaving Carlos puffy eyed.

"Can I stay the night?" he asked, looking like a kicked puppy. Andrew smiled and carried him to the bed.

"Of course you can, stupid."


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