Author's note: as of oct. 18th 2012 I've rewritten this and it's a heck of a lot better than it was when i wrote it two years ago.

As 17 year old Blayk lay peacefully in his hammock on his sister's screened in porch he watched the sun set until he was startled by a girl screaming. He jumped up from his hammock and ran in the direction of the scream. When he found a girl about 9 years old unconscious he quickly checked her pulse and breathing. After he knew she was alive he picked her up and carried her back to his house. Knowing his sister was still at work when he got to his house he set the girl down on the couch and called his sister, after tending to the girls major wounds. When he didn't get an answer he left a message saying "Hey Brittney call me back as soon as you can...this is urgent." once he hung up he went to the girl and bandaged the smaller wounds. As soon as he was done the phone started ringing, he quickly got up and answered it saying "Hello this is Blayk."

His sister answered quickly "I know who you are what's so urgent you interrupted my work?"

Blayk was surprised by his sister talking like she was mad since she normally hated her job that he only managed to stammer "Y-you need to come home NOW."

Brittney who was getting more frustrated said "Why?"

Blayk again was to overcome to say more than "Just do it."

As mad as Brittney was she said quickly "Fine" Then hung up the phone before telling her boss she had to leave early. While Blayk waited for his sister to come home he decided to fix a bowl of soup in case the girl was hungry when she woke up. When Brittney got to the house she came in and started to say "Now explain why I left work early." but stopped mid-sentience when she saw the girl and gasped quickly before asking "Where did you- how did you find her?"

Blayk answered with "To answer the first question in the forest. To answer the second one I heard her scream and followed the sound to where I found her. I don't know what she was doing out there but she was hurt and I couldn't leave her out there."

Brittney sat down on the love seat that ran perpendicular to the couch where Blayk had laid the girl and across from the seat Blayk was in and asked "Are you going to go look for any clues as to why she was out there?"

Blayk replied simply "I will if you'll let me."

Brittney nodded yes then asked quietly "What are we going to do with her?"

Blayk shrugged as he walked over to the kitchen and fixed some ice water in a to go mug. Right before Blayk walked out the door he asked "You gonna be okay here alone Brit?"

Brittney nodded "I'm not a little girl." she said before watching Blayk walk out the door.

As Blayk walked in the woods he heard a wolf howl in the distance but didn't think much of it. When he got to where he found the girl he started looking for evidence of what she was doing out there. The only thing he found was a small, pink notebook. Probably belonged to the girl. Brittney stayed at the house and watched the girl and while Blayk was gone Brittney saw the girl open her eyes and quickly went over to her and said softly "Hey are you OK?"

The girl nodded slowly and answered "Yea I think so." then sat up slowly and asked "Who are you?"

Brittney answered "My name is Brittney. What's your name?"

The girl answered "I-i-i don't know I hit my head then woke up here."

Brittney said quietly to her self "Then you don't know if you have parents."

The girl surprised Brittney by asking "Am I going to live with you now?"

She honestly hadn't been expecting a response like that, this girl certainly was a smart girl. Brittney smiled kindly at her "You will if we don't find your parents."

The girl seemed satisfied until she asked "Do you live alone?"

Shaking her head Brittney replied saying "No, I live here with my brother."

"Where are your parents?" the girl asked, brushing her black hair out of her face.

Brittney sighed then said "Me and my brother's parents are dead."

She frowned at Brittney "So you know how I feel?" she asked.

Brittney sighed before saying "Not quite, I was older than you when my parents died, you don't know for sure that they are dead and you lost your memory I didn't." she explained, trying to simplify things so she wouldn't confuse the girl.

The girl nodded slightly then said "You have a point."

After a few minutes of silence Brittney asked "Are you hungry?" The girl simply nodded a reply. Brittney got up and walked over to the fridge and opened it seeing a bowl of soup she figured Blayk made it for the girl so she grabbed it and heated it up. While she waited she asked the girl "Have you remembered any thing?"

The girl said "Yes two things the first is that I ran away so I don't have anyone to take care of me and two my name is Kiri."

As Brittney pulled the bowl out of the microwave and set it in front of Kiri, "Kiri's a nice name." she said, figuring she wouldn't get anything out of the girl about why she ran away.

Kiri smiled at her and took a bite of the soup "Thank you." Just as Blayk came in the back door. He smiled at Brittney and walked over to Kiri and sat down where he had been before he left when Kiri asked "Are you Brittney's brother?"

Blayk nodded before saying "Yes Brittney is my sister. Did she tell you my name?"

Kiri thought about the question for a moment while she took a bite of her soup "No she didn't. What is your name?"

Blayk nodded and said "My name is Blayk."

Kiri replied politely "Nice to meet you." Kiri finished her soup Brittney took it and put it in the dish washer then returned to her seat.

A moment of silence passed and Blayk remembered the notepad. He pulled it out and handed it to Kiri. "I think this is yours." he said.

Her face lit up as she took it and flipped through the pages. She smiled as she looked over different drawings and a lot of writing. She smiled up at him "Thank you! I think this is my diary, I can learn about my past with this!" she said enthusiastically.

Blayk just smiled and let her read the diary. After about five minutes she looked up at Brittney "Are there any kids my age that live near here?"

Brittney glanced outside before replying "Yes but it's getting late and you need to go to bed." Kiri pouted slightly but followed Brittney as she got up and told Kiri to follow her. A few minutes later Brittney came back into the living room and sat down before asking "What are we going to do with her? I mean I can barely support us and to add her then it would just put us all on the street and I couldn't let that happen to her again."

Blayk looked up into his sister's eyes and said "You're forgetting that I can get a job if you would let me."

Brittney frowned at him "You need to be focusing on school Blayk."

Blayk deadpanned and stared at his sister, Brittney's older than him and technically the legal adult but he's still old enough to get a job. "Brit, now really isn't the time to be fussing about my school. The year's almost over and my grades are doing fine."

Brittney knew her brother had a point so after a minute she said "Fine, you can get an after school job." then stood up and went to get ready for bed. Blayk sat there for a moment before going to bed himself.

The next morning Kiri was up with the sun so she went to the screened in porch to lie on Blayk's hammock to wait for someone to wake up. When Blayk got up he showered and got dresses before walking into the kitchen and fixing some eggs and bacon. After he finished eating he went out to the porch where Kiri was laying and asked "Did you sleep well?"

Kiri looked at Blayk though the corner of her eye and said "Yep. What about you?"

Blayk returned her look nodded.

Kiri looked back out to the beach and asked "Blayk am I going to have to go to school?"

Blayk chuckled then said "Yea, that's kinda non-negotiable."

Kiri had seen on Brittney's alarm clock that yesterday was Friday so it had to be Saturday. "What do we do tomorrow?" She asked, honestly not sure what Sunday was a day for.

Blayk looked away from her into the distance and replied "It's different every week. We're still looking for a church so we never do the same thing two weeks in a row."

Kiri seemed fine with what she knew so she said nothing until Brittney came out onto the porch and told Kiri to come get dressed for the day in some of Brittney's old clothes. A few minutes later Brittney came back out side and sat down on the edge of the hammock. There was a moment of silence before Brittney asked "Where are you going to look for a job?"

Blayk turned his chair to face his sister and replied "I was going to look at maybe a restaurant or small shop."

Brittney sighed then asked "A shop?"

Blayk chuckled "Don't even start."

Brittney chuckled "Fine, just get a job so we can get through this." Blayk nodded so Brittney got up and started heading in but stopped and looked at Blayk with a look saying be careful.

Blayk said "Of course" knowing his sister was worried. Blayk sat there alone for a moment before standing up and going to the front yard to get the news paper and begin his job search.

Kiri came back to the kitchen and asked "Where's the food?"

Blayk set the paper down and walked over to her and asked "Depends do you want eggs and bacon or fruit loops?"

Kiri thought about it for a moment then said "Eggs and bacon please."

Blayk walked to the kitchen and gave her the leftover eggs and bacon from when he'd fixed his breakfast. He set the eggs down in front of Kiri and gave her a fork then sat down in his seat, picked up the paper and continued his job search. After a few minutes Brittney came into the kitchen and fixed herself some breakfast then sat down next to Blayk and asked "Seeing anything worth trying?"

Blayk replied "There's a bookstore but that's it so far." Brittney sighed slightly as she took a bite of her food.

When Brittney and Kiri finished eating Brittney put the dished in the dish washer and said "Kiri would you like to meet the little girl next door?"

Kiri nodded yes excitedly. A few minutes later they were both dressed and headed over to the neighbor's house. The next few days went by as Blayk got a job at a bookstore. After a week Brittney walked up to Blayk sitting on his hammock and said "It's been a week, we can't just keep her here. What are we gonna do?"

Blayk looked her in the eye and replied "I think you know what I'm gonna say."

Brittney sighed and said "Unfortunately I do. But we don't have the money."

"Do we have a choice? You know we can't keep up like this."

"Yes I know but all the paper work and it costs so much."

"That's why I convinced you to get me get a job."

"I know but still the paper work."

Blayk rolled his eyes at his sister and said "Of course it all comes down to the paper work. Because Kiri isn't important enough to go through with paper work."

Brittney glared at him and said "I didn't mean it like that goofball."

Blayk laughed slightly and asked "So what are we gonna do?"

Brittney looked her brother in the eye and said "I don't see what choice we have. We'll have to adopt her."

They stood up together and went in to talk to Kiri about it. She said yes to the idea without a second thought so the three of them went to the local social worker and explained everything and went through with the paper work. Two years later their life is the best ever. Kiri remembered everything about her past, thanks to the diary. Kiri is now in 5th grade and has been reunited with her former best friend Jessica and her brother Mark. Blayk is now the manager of the bookstore and Brittney found the best job she could want.