It was love. Or, at least, they thought it was. The next step, obviously, was to consummate the relationship. And consummate they did. But love cannot conquer all. And their worlds were simply too far apart, just waiting to be torn and scattered far away from each other. Probably, fate had never intended for them to be together. And so the girl left. But by then, an unwanted factor had already been introduced into the equation. . .an unborn child.

She chose to keep it. As a burden on herself, a reminder of the sins she had committed, to remind herself each and every day of the evil she had done.

As for the boy. . .she did not want to hold a grudge against him, or act like nothing had happened. She was simply content to tell others that he was just "somebody that I used to know"; a former acquaintance that had faded over the course of time.

She moved far away and entered law school, specializing in corporate law, entering and working her way up a prestigious law firm, becoming a partner. He took over his family's company, creating one of the largest business empires in the world. And now, 6 years later, she was juggling a busy work career with a 6-year-old ready to start 1st grade, while he sat behind his desk, pissed off as it was filled with piles of paperwork and marriage requests, the latter which were rejected without a second glance and were hastily fed to a little machine that shredded them to pieces, even the one with a British Royal Crest on it. And thus, here we are, 6 years later.

~Prologue End~