Long ago, the Kuraiyo clan was as abundant as the citizens of the Caridiaran Kingdom. The nobles did not want anything to do with the Kuraiyo, however. Despite this, many Kuraiyo would sneak into the vast kingdom to attempt to establish ties between the two nations. The nobles despised this fact, and came up with a horrible plan to get rid of these "savages." They gathered as many fire wizards as they could find, made certain all the members of the Kuraiyo clan were in the area, surrounded their territory, and then cast the Crimson Sun Spell, the most powerful fire spell in all of Jinara. All the people could see was about 15-20 meteors headed towards them. It was so swift; there was nothing they could do.

However, not all was lost. One man was sent flying by the initial impact of one of the meteors, and fell into the river. He wisely stayed under until he stopped hearing explosions. When he got up, everything he ever had and cared about was gone. Since there was nothing left, he fled. During his travels, he came across a necromancer. He remembered hearing that they were capable of bringing the dead back to life. However, this necromancer was of the Caridiaran Kingdom, and held the same prejudice. A sadistic idea came across the necromancer's head. He told the man that the best he could do was place a rune in his left hand, and the only way to get rid of the rune and revive his people was to claim the Caridiaran throne (Like that will ever happen, the necromancer thought to himself). It was all a lie, however. All the rune would do is prove he is a Kuraiyo, and ensure that only one member of the Kuraiyo could be alive at any point, although a new Kuraiyo would be born if the current one dies.

The necromancer immediately tipped the king off about everything. Before the king had him killed, he explained that this meant that the king could hunt Kuraiyo after Kuraiyo. The king relished this idea, and declared to the citizens that if they ever see someone with a mark resembling a triangle inside a circle on their left hand, to immediately notify the guards. When the Kuraiyo reached the Caridiaran border, he was immediately turned in and executed. Immediately after, a baby was born with the rune, but when the neighbors saw, they notified the guards. This persisted for 100 years. Only two of them managed to live to be 18 years old. Otherwise, they never lived to see their 10th birthday. And only the lucky ones even got close.

The current Kuraiyo is a boy named Adrian Malcolm. When his parents found out he was the Kuraiyo, they made him wear a glove on his left hand. Adrian never questioned this, but on his sixth birthday, his parents told him everything. From that point on, he was very paranoid about his glove. Unfortunately, one day, when he was walking with his best friend Zane, his glove got caught on a bush and ripped, revealing the mark. Only Zane saw the mark, but Adrian didn't want to take any chances. He returned home, and not too long after, they heard soldiers approaching. Adrian was scared, but his parents had a plan. They told him to take all the money they had, run for his life, and to not hate the Caridiaran people. Adrian started running after he packed his things, but he heard everything that happened in the house: the soldiers demanding to know where he was, his parents buying him some time, and the soldiers executing them. He caught a break; the soldiers thought they were dumb enough to try to hide Adrian in the house. Adrian found a cave to hide in, and the soldiers went in a different direction. By now, most people would start hating humanity, but in respect for his parents' final words, he resisted hatred.

He is now fourteen years old. He has been training in archery and close combat. He has changed location whenever the soldiers managed to get suspicious of where his hideout was. Lack of social interaction, as well as pent up sadness, has given him a habit of only using facial expressions and movements to convey his feelings and talk to people, unless words were absolutely necessary. If he ever ran out of food, he would sneak in, take food, but leave the correct amount of cobalt (the currency of Jinara) for the owner. He never stole anything. He also has stopped soldiers from harassing the citizens. The current king has gone overboard; daily taxes, executions if anyone was even just suspected of helping Adrian in some way. Adrian was determined to stop all of this madness and prove that the Kuraiyo are not a danger to the people of Caridiara.