Allanon Remus may be in a self-imposed exile, but that doesn't mean he's unaware of what's going on around him. Across the ocean, the 13 Colonies are beginning to rebel from the crown. But that's the least of his worries. You see, Allanon is a very, very old man. Much older than he looks. He was around long before those colonies were even formed. But, this was due to his sheer amount of power in magic. The few other wizards still alive after the great purge would never admit it, but Allanon was more powerful than at least half of them. Which is why they came to him last week. They needed him. However, he denied them, just as he had before. He would not take part in this war. Alexander was a great man. Sure he'd done some terrible things, but he was not evil. Allanon openly refused to take part in the war, and thus why he exiled himself from all other people. He knew Alexander had grown too powerful. He knew he'd unwittingly done unforgivable things..but Alexander was Allanon's friend. Allanon could strike down the man no-more than if Alexander was his own son...a son who'd many times over proven himself a man. A man who used to be thought of as the savior of all Wizards..but now was considered a threat to all of them.

Rumors spread like wild-fire of his exploits among those permitted to know of the secret world of the wizards, the point it was hard to know what was fact or fiction anymore..and he was powerful enough for any of them to be true. But things weren't black and white. It felt like morality had blurred and Allanon could not blame Alexander for his discontent with the way things were, nor when he openly opposed the other wizards.

There was definitely abuse of power among the council, though details were the sorts of things no one could prove, from small things like gambling and using magic to effects odds, to large things such as rumors one of the council members brainwashed his wife into marrying him. Who could tell if they were even true?

But as stated before..things weren't black and white. Alexander was breaking many wizard laws, and if things continued..soon the whole world would know of wizards..and if the world at large knew of them, there surely would be instability and wars to follow. The rest of the world was not ready for them, the Wizard Council had agreed on this.

Alexander did not. He believed the world had a right to know of the Wizards, and openly opposed the Wizard Council without regard for any of their laws, or attempts to keep them secret. What's more..every time they managed to finally suceed in killing Alexander...he did the biggest taboo of all: he rose again from the dead. Somehow, Alexander had achieved immortality through re-incarnation. When he "died" he'd simply re-incarnate as a child, under new parents each time. Not only that, but he'd retain all his memories of his past lives and all of his power and spells. Thus they could not figure out how to permanently kill him. Admar walked in.

Allanon sighed,"I've told you before. I will not participate in this war." Allanon was firm on his beliefs, and nothing they said could ever move him from his position. Admar then did something that surprised him. He kneeled before Allanon.

Admar spoke,"Allanon. As head of the council..I ask you one final request."

Allanon was intreguied,"You needn't kneel before me, old friend. I still emphasize my neutrality however..what do you wish of me?"

Admar nodded,"We've found a way to hopefully end Alexander..once and for all." A

dmar paused for what felt like a long could tell this was hard for him to say," However, this will come at the cost of our own lives."

Allanon stood immediately, realizing the severity of these words. If the council were to die, Allanon would be the last living wizard in the world. All remaining wizards had died in the purge many years ago, or died fighting Alexander in recent years.

Admar sighed,"We've found a spell that will force his life force to split into five apon death. Thus, he will re-incarnate as five children instead of one..and he will retain none of his old memories. Furthermore his power will remain dormant for a time. We also even managed to delay his re-incarnation time period..though we are not sure for how long it will last. We believe when his power is no longer dormant within the five children, they will be easily recognizable as his re-incarnations. As you know, Alexander's greatest gift is that of summoning. We thus believe it highly likely their first spell will be that of summoning."

This surprised Allanon greatly. Never in the history of wizards had anyone had summoning as their first spell..the spell was far too advanced. This was definitely a sure-fire way to know.

Admar continued," The Council asks that apon the day you find them, that you become their mentor. So that hopefully, they will not be as misguided as Alexander. This is our last wishes..and we even urge you to train them as you wish..." Admar seemed to go silent after this.

Allanon knew what Admar was thinking. Even the head of the council knew things had grown far out of his control, both against Alexander..and among the Council Members. There was no other options. This was their last resort.

Allanon nodded,"I accept your request."

Admar stood up and bowed,"May the magics bless you for years to come." With that, Admar walked out of the room.

For Maxwell Schneider, life wasn't easy. He was bullied a lot as a kid, and after he graduated high school, he didn't do much with his life. Max stood at 6 foot 1, had long brown hair, a short goatee on his face, blue eyes and pail skin. He was very skinny, but that was just due to genetics, which meant building muscle was difficult for him. Right now though, it wasn't his lack of physique that mattered. was the fact he couldn't think of any good story inspiration of any kind. He decided to watch some Sci-fi movie reviews, as he was bored and figured he'd listen to peoples opinions on the movies.

He spent a lot of time on the internet, looking up songs and watching movies..he'd felt kinda like he'd been wasting his life away. Course, he'd been writing things on the side as a hobby. He loved writing new ideas down and fleshing them out into stories, but he'd never finished any of them. Maybe he just lost interest too quickly? Who knows? Either way, for a long time it was just a side hobby, until one day it hit him. He felt inspired by hearing of an author who'd become famous overnight for her story about a Robot who felt the need to fit-in in a world full of humans who despised him. Max knew right then what he wanted to do. He was going to finish one of his stories. So he looked through his old works and found the perfect one.

It was a story about an fictional wizard who defeated a powerful dragon. This wizard became famous, but realized it came at a cost, because people became dependent on him, so much so, that he didn't have time for his ailing son, which lead to the son's death Thus he blamed the people for it, and ended up becoming an evil wizard who seeked vengeance on the humans who took advantage of him and in the end it was his best friend whom had to redeem him. In the end of the story, the friend succeeded in redeeming him, at the cost of his own life. It was a somewhat tragic story, but very heartfelt. The story was a huge hit, quickly becoming a best seller and won many awards! Having accomplished that, Max was quite proud of himself. Now he was sitting away at his computer, having a creative drought.

Then his brother knocked on the door. "Open up."

Max sighed,"Gimme a minute, I'm watching a video."

His brother sighed,"It'll only take a minute just hurry up."

Max finished the video and got up to open the door. His younger brother was only slightly shorter than him, with short brown hair.

He handed him a piece of mail. "This came in. What is it?"

Max shrugged,"I dunno. I'm expecting a video game fightpad soon but that doesn't look like what this is, unless its really flat and paper shaped." he chuckled. He opened the letter and read it.

Dear Maxwell Schneider,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been offered a scholarship for Allan's University for the gifted. This school can be found on .

Term begins March 1st. We await a response by no later than February 23rd.

Yours sincerely,

Allan Remus, headmaster

Max was a little surprised,"I didn't ask to join any kind of college."

His younger brother scoffed a bit,"Probably junk mail."

Max shrugged,"It's possible. But, we just moved here to Florida from Texas, so it's odd they'd know we live here already."

His brother laughed," Not really, you wrote that book. Maybe you have some creepy stalkers or something."

Max pushed his brother a little and said,"Don't joke. Anyways, thanks."

He closed the door on his brother and locked it, and sat down on his bed. How interesting. He decided not to think too much of it, but then when he got online, his friend sent him a message.

"Dude, I just got invited to some weird school." '

Max put the palm of his hand over his face for a moment and then replied," was it called Allan's school for the gifted or something like that?"

His friend, Knoll, replied," Yep. That's the one."

Funny story behind Max and Knoll. Max was surfing on the net when he decided to try a voice acting role for a minor production. Knoll did too and they both made it in. The production company let people send in lines via the internet. In the end, the cartoon was canceled anyways, but him and Knoll had been internet buddies ever sense. Max remembers the first time he met Knoll online, his first comment was on his weird first name.

Knoll shrugged it off because you can't really choose what your parents name you, and he liked being unique anyways, which was fair enough. They entered into a voice chat on the computer. Funny, in all this time they'd never seen what each other looked like, but guess it didn't matter since they were just online buddies anyways.

Knoll was the first to speak,"How'd you get in?"

Max replied,"Oh yeah good question, it probably does list a reason somewhere on here."

Max looked through the letter and sure enough, it specified that his 'high achievement in literature' got him the scholarship.

Max sighed,"I bet its a scam or something. So what about you?" "Because of my historical fiction series I wrote."

Max replied,"Oh you mean 'Grove of Silence'? That was a good read, though I prefer to write fantasy type stuff myself. But no worries, I know how your folks are."

Knoll replied,"Fiction and fairy tales leave nothing to the sense of history, in my opinion the best story is history of our world"

Max laughed,"Such a boring answer, but that is so you."

Knoll replied,"Actually my sister visited the campus once."

Max inquired,"Really? Well I guess it DOES list a website here. I guess it can't hurt for me to look it up."

After a little bit of reading and doing research Max sighed. "Well I'll be damned, looks pretty legit to me. Says here's its a boarding school based University, with a school uniform and everything." Knoll's mother started calling for him to eat.

Knoll sighed,"I gotta go."

Max replied,"No problem, cya later dude."

Max opened his door and told his mother about it. She was quite surprised and said,"You're sure this isn't a scam?"

Max showed her the website and told of his online friend's sister having been to the campus. Apparently the site was for those with either a high IQ or some sort of talent in the arts, etc. Max's mom sighed,"Well, whatever you wanna do is fine Max. If you really are as tired of staying at home all the time as you've said, maybe give this a shot. But its up to you, I can't think for you. "

Max nodded,"I'll have to think about it."

It did take a few days, but he decided to go. I mean, it couldn't hurt. Not like he had any real life friends since he'd just moved to Florida about six months ago. Knoll was going to go too, so he'd at least know somebody on the campus, even though this would be his first time meeting him in real life. They exchanged pictures so now they'd know what each other looked like. Knoll was average in build, not skinny but not fat either, and brown hair that was short but not that short and brown eyes. When he arrived at the school, which was located in Massachusetts but had all its expenses paid for by the school, the first thing he noticed was the size of the campus.

There was a lot of room to walk from building to building, and they were large buildings, with the largest building being what he could only assume was the main one. He also noticed the dorms. The males dorm was dark blue and the female dorm was light blue. They were located on the west side of the campus. He was in his school uniform, which for males was a dark blue suit with a blue tie. For females though, it would be a blue skirt, and black knee-high socks.

The males and females were both required to wear the same shoes, which were business-style shoes that looked the same on both males and females. They were black in color. He also noticed most students there didn't look any older than their thirties. His mom wished him luck and he hugged her as he got off of the bus. He'd told her he wanted to go inside by himself, and she respected that. He was very nervous however. Who knows what'd lie behind the main gaits to this massive facility. But just sitting there wondering wasn't going to change anything, so he buzzed for the gates to open and they did, as he walked onto the campus.