Chapter 13 – Great Untold Battles

All was quiet as the others tried their best to listen. There was a hush over the crowds. Allanon sighed and spoke," It is to my embarrassment that I make this announcement. There is something wrong with the books I provided you all."

There was murmuring and then a hush. Were the books unreliable? What was wrong with the books?

Allanon chuckled nervously as he said,"No. The books are fine. For all our healers here, I provided you with books for Clerics. It should help you greatly. And for everyone else here I provided books that are double the size of a cleric books because they provide lessons for both Sorcerers and Druids. Which I figured would cover all of you. But therein lies the problem. Perhaps I was having a senior moment in my old age? But here's the thing.. as many of you recall, some of you joined this school for your imagination, or your artistic talents and the like..but before that many of you joined because of your intlliegence. This was because back in my day, every magical human was a wizard. Sure they had Sorcerer abilities as well, but they started off as wizards and that was their foundation. Unfortunately, therein lied the problem which is why I expanded to allow students with imagination and artistic talent to join... because I'd discovered that Sorcerers and Druids. I'd discovered not all magic users started as Wizards. Then it got further complicated because you all discovered your magic the way I expected most to: by complete accident. This lead me to believe none of you were wizards, but I was wrong. Some of you, may indeed be Wizards, or at least part Wizard. I'm not entirely sure precisely if my findings are I said, humanity is new to the concept of separating Wizards, Sorcerers and Druids from each other. However, it is my belief that the following are at least part Wizard: Nero, Shakira, Maverick and whenever he is fully recovered: Knoll. So as you see, this would explain some of the frustration they may face. Especially for Maverick, who I should have been giving a Wizard book all along, but also for others who had their own complication. Shakira being a summoner, Nero and Knoll not being completely Wizard. In any case, this will be resolved now and I shall provide Wizard books to any students who wish to read them. They belong to me, and they aren't great in supply so please be kind enough to share as well as make sure the people I listed have one when they need it. Thank you."

As the students looked at the books, they found interesting material but were baffled at the books. What did it even all mean? It was hard to decode. But Allanon did as best he could.

He pointed out strange symbols to Nero and said,"I know these are difficult for you, but as you can see, if you use these they will greatly improve your chances for spells. You see, unlike Sorcerers or Druids.. it takes a great deal longer for you to do your spells. Aside from for example, your Earth element which is part of why I was confused."

Nero was clearly still confused as he said,"Uh…okay…."

Allanon continued," Wizards depend on a lot of studying to create their magic. They must really examine their study books, begin to truly understand magical theory, and practice minor magics whenever they can. For a wizard it does not come as natural to you as it does for Sorcerers or Druids. It's a difficult, but rewarding art. Much like it was for me and my peers back in the day. Though until then, you can still use your non-Wizard abilities in Earth as well."

Nero clearly still did not understand. It was all in all an awkward day and Allanon held his head in frustration. This was going to be a really, really long day as he'd try yet again to explain it all to them.

Back in Darkworld, as they headed for town, they hid among some barrels as they surveyed the area.

Brokk," I don't see her anywhere, but there is no way to be sure she isn't here."

Cael smirked,"Only one way to find out..." he fired into the air.

Brokk thought to himself. Of course he'd do that. Oh well, no use hiding now.

Brokk and Cael waited and sure enough they were being fired at. Cael shot back at them. Brokk carefully timed his shots. He fired at a man on the roof, and then a man behind them, then a man to their right. He did it all in one swift motion and didn't miss any of them.

Cael whistled,"Since when could you shoot like that?"

Brokk shrugged,"Not sure. Been doing this for awhile, so it just comes natural. No time for talk though, we got more coming at us."

This time they had to move out of the way as their barrels were shot to pieces and they left the narrow alley they were in. Out in the open wasn't much better but at least they weren't wedged in.

Brokk and Cael continued firing at any men who tried to firing back at them. Some were dumb and tried to charge them. They fell quickly. Some were smarter and hiding, which meant Brokk and Cael had to keep moving. They'd gotten good at keeping up with each other, but the longer length for the handcuffs helped as well.

As more and more kept heading their way, between the two of them they were doing quite well. Brokk smirked,"You made it sound like they were something to worry about!"

Cael sighed,"They never send their best at us first. It's how they operate. The weaklings go first."

Brokk and Cael ran into a room and found a bunch of ammunition. Perfect. They reloaded but Cael spotted a man with a riftle across the street who was hiding and about to aim at them, and Cael shot him down as Brokk was reloading.

Brokk sighed,"I owe you Cael."

Cael smirked,"I know you do."

They headed back out and shot a few more men off the top of roofs. But,as the shooting seemed to stop, a man came out of the wood work. He had a rugged face, a black jacket and black jeans. He had at a very nice uniform though, with a white dress shirt underneath the jacket and a large bow-tie that was very old-fashioned.

Brokk could tell by Cael's expression this man was really good.

Brokk held his hand by his pistol, which was sheathed on his side. His wingers itching to grab the six shooter and pull the trigger. It was a stand-off as the man was clearly doing the same. They both looked each other in the eyes.

Who was going to pull the trigger first?

The seconds seemed to drag on. Brokk was already sweating, as was the other man. They knew they'd have to kill each other here and now.

Then Brokk pulled out his gun first and shot the man multiple times right when the gun on the other man had already been pulled out and narrowly didn't pull the trigger in time. If Brokk had even been a fraction of a second off, he would be dead right now as the man fell to the grown dead.

Cael whistled.

Brokk sheathed his gun and looked around. He saw a woman in the house and he walked up to her. He described Morrigan and asked If she's seen her.

She shook her head,"Nobody has been here for years aside from us. Too smart to try to attack this town.. no offense."

Cael smirked,"None taken."

The woman sighed, "Please don't leave us though! We've been forced to follow these aweful men for years..if you save us, I assure you we will repay you however we can! My husband has been working for them for a long, long time and I know that if he had any other choice, he wouldn't be. He was an honest working man until those good for nothings showed up!"

Another woman gasped as she smacked her. "Do you know what they'lll do to us if they know these words you are saying? I have a mind to report you for some gold pieces!"

Brokk looked at the woman solemnly as he said,"If you strike her again for such things, I swear I will shoot you myself, got it?"

The other woman gulped and nodded as Brokk helped the woman who had fallen after being smacked so hard.

Brokk turned to Cael,"What do you think Cael? They killed your old buddies anyways, what do you say we kill these bastards?"

Cael nodded,"I agree."

Brokk shrugged,"Then it's decided."

Alexander stood on the top of a massive mountain as he looked down at what was headed his way. His flowing long red hair was blowing with the wind as his almost cold-looking green eyes hid an inner fire that many were very familiar with. Before him was an army of Phoenixes. Thousands of them. Each one greater than the next. This battle would not be small, it would be massive. Not a day didn't go by that Alexander questioned what was going on.

Was what they were doing right? He didn't have much of a choice though, he would not allow the phoenixes to kill everyone he knew and loved. This would not occur, not now and not ever! And right now, it was down to himself and these rookies who were in way over their heads. Sure there were a few teachers, but they were merely supposed to be teachers of rookies, they weren't warriors. It was precisely why he'd volunteered to hit this battlefield. The Phoenixes thought they could gain an easy win by ambushing an outpost full of rookies, so he decided to head them off. Turned out however, a spy among them was from the Mage's guild, in disguise as a human and warned the troops.

The Mage's guild decided to stick to plan, but re-enforced their troops with even strong ones. None of the stronger wizards could be spared as they were being hit from multiple fronts. So that's all there was. Himself, the rookies, and his master Allanon. As the legions and legions of Phoenixs marched forward, a lone soldier gulped.

Alexander lay his hand on his shoulder and said,"Do not worry. You will not die on this day." He turned and shouted to the Rookie Wizards all around him,"The rumors are true, I can cast spells without the use of a wand nor a staff. And yes, I will be fighting with each and every one of you. Know that I am where I am today through hard work alone. You could all someday be as great as I. No one person is more important than another. You are all important to me, and today you will fight so that someday you can rise to be the greatest wizards that ever lived! I will see to it that when this battle is all said and done, this battle will not have been in vain! I solemnly swear that on this day, not a single Phoenix shall leave this battlefield! Not one of them will survive! We will be victorious and on this day…" He paused as he shouted even louder, so that even the phoenixes could hear," We will be victorious!"

The hundreds of young wizards, and their teachers all cheered. Allanon placed his hand on Alexander's shoulder and said,"That was a great speech Alex. I know with you by our side, we can win."

Alexander smiled,"Thank you master. But I'm glad you came with me. I could not do this alone in a million years." He turned to the other Wizards and shouted, "BEGIN THE BARRAGE!"

At that moment many bits of lightning were fired at the Phoenixes. Magic Missles they were called. Very powerful attacks indeed, ones that normally could easily cause an army of humans to fall. A basic spell, so it was easy to learn but difficult to master for some. These weren't mere humans however and it merely slowed the Phoenixes down and nothing more.

Alexander shouted as a small tornado formed under him and he assended into the air, looking on as the Phoenixes began to fly upwards to attack him in the air.

He sent gigantic lightning bolts at them and fired them in rapid succession. He then turned and formed a gigantic wave of water, the size of which could hit a mountain and flowed it down apon them all. The water and lightning mixed electrocuted them great. As the phoenixes caused the massive amount of water to melt he had already prepared hundreds of stone arrows incrusted with runes and enchantments that were standing up in mid air around him. He fired them in rapid succession, as each one had lightning surrounding them and the phoenixes began to fall one by one. The lightning element was of the highest caliber, on such a level that it could fell a creature of no less than 150 tons a creature for electric shock alone.

Still, it only could do so much as he caused more and more to appear around him and launched them at the phoenixes. As he kept this spell automatically firing from his own magic, he pulled his gigantic skull-blade out. It was a greatsword that was no shorter than 10 feet long, and he began slashing down upon the phoenixes with his blade, which was encased with arcane magic. He swung and struck down phoenix after phoenix while his magic was still on autopilot firing the electric encased arrows at the enemy.

There was screams as he heard humans fall. He shouted enraged as flames formed around his body as his body was covered in flames that could not harm himself but harm others. Allanon was already nearby firing many divine spells at hundreds of phoenixes as they fell before his staff which had used a spell to make it as sharp as the greatest of blades.

Then there he was. General Irgoph! Alexander shouted as he headed for the evil phoenix.

It shouted at him,"You were foolish to come here human Alexander! You cannot defeat us! You may have began this war when you attacked us, but we phoenixes will end it!"

Alex shouted,"You stupid scum! It is you who intended to strike us down, do not think us foolish enough to simply wait for you to be ready to kill us when it is we who strike you down! This is for my comrades, my friends who you Mage guild scum have killed!"

Alexander pointed at a nearby volcano and it erupted as Alexander used magic to send the lava at the phoenix. "I know my flames are less effective against you Phoenixes, but how will you handle lava?!"

The Phoenix general laughed,"Foolish human! Lava has no effects on us either!" As the phoenix redirected the lava at humans. Alexander quickly made the lava not hit his allies but that was window enough for the phoenix to dig his talons into Alexander as it tore into his skin.

Alexander slashed the Phoenix in retaliation which caused it to back away but then they collided again as the talons and sword met each other.

The Phoenix growled,"We can do better than you!" It growled as a gigantic amount of lava and flames formed a no less than 50 foot tall sentient lava/flames that were meant to resemble a phoenix!

Alexander smiled in a cocky, almost evil grin. "CALL FORTH NOGAROTH!"

Allanon shouted,"No Alexander don't do it! You don't know if you can control it! "

A gigantic light went out of Alexanders hands as he looked up at the sky with his hands in the air.

Allanon shouted,"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

A creature the same size appeared. It had 16 eyes and six arms and was humanoid in shape. It had sharp teeth and looked like if a human had no skin but had his muscles still. It growled as if a brutish creature. Alexander knew it could speak, though it never chose to. It was a creature of legend. Stronger than any phoenix or dragon. It was said it didn't know friend from foe, because it had no friends. It only wanted destruction and would destroy anything its wake. Of the thousands of spells Alexander knew, it too knew every single one of them. It was said nothing on this earth was as strong as it was.

But Alexander had vowed someday, it would belong to him. It would be his summon. Today was that day. Right here and now on this battlefield!

It swung its arm at him but he held the arm in place with his bear hand, the sheer strength he had being superhuman due to his magic, otherwise the hand could not have been stopped by Alexander alone. He used some of his arrows to harm the beast as it screamed in pain.

Alexander shouted,"I am your master and you will obey me! Now destroy the creature these phoenixes have summoned!"

The creature growled at him and shouted. He sent more arrows at it and it screeched in pain. The creature had the same ability, but his were greater than he. It obeyed as it swung at the sentient flame/lava combo and destroyed it in one go.

It began destroying everything on the battlefield in anger. Alexander sent another bunch of arrows at it, but the creature blocked these ones! Alexander had lost control of the beast!

As it ran and began swinging and sending magic missles everywhere at everyone, thousands did indeed die that day. As the earth quaked with every footstep it took and world trembled before its might…

Alexander stood in shock, "What have I done?!"

The beast swung and swung as humans and phoenixes alike were slaughtered and Alexander formed a tornado under him. He shouted to Allanon.

"Master! Could you please use your Divine magic to try to hold it at bay! I will attempt to re-open the portal and send it from whence it came! If we do not stop it now, the thousands of spells he and I both know…you know what he is capable of!"

Allanon nodded,"Of course! It will be done!"

Allanon began to use his divine magic as a ray of light held the creature in place. The same spell that years later he'd used to hold Goron in place at the school.

The creature growled and shrugged it right off like it was nothing. Allanon began sending magic missles at the creature and send many spells its way. It delayed the creature, but wouldn't for very long! Allanon was considred one of the greatest wizards in the world, but even he could not hold the creature!

Green light surrounded Alexander as he continued chanting as he sat floating in mid-air with his arms folded. By now the general of the phoenix armies was angry, he ran for the creature and was killed with its own element! Flames went at the phoenix as it was reduced to dust with one simple spell from the massive behemoth!

As the green energy formed, Alexander opened up the portal and sent all the energy he had to send the beast back through and closed it.

As he fell nearly unconious he saw that roughly only 50 rookies remaind..of the hundreds he'd seen earlier. He felt like a complete and utter failure as he wept deeply in regret.

He'd been right about one thing though. Not a single phoenix survived the battlefield that day.