Author: Fallen Rider

Title: The Birth of a New Moon

Series: Oblivion

Rating: R

Pairings: Ansatsu & Pandora

Warnings: Possession, Blood Letting, Blood Drinking, Killings, Murder, Exorcisms

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Summery: Ancient evil has awakened and a old score need to be settled, but when the time come who will rise and who will fall?

Chapter Summery: an ancient battle bring a royal bloodline to the end, but did it stop the of days?

Authors Note:

The Birth of a New Moon


Long ago according to legend while a peaceful human race slept warm in their beds, thinking about the snow covered earth and the up coming Christmas celebrations a child was born deep within the darkest part of the Netherworld where even your nightmares wouldn't dare to tread.

Maldoran was his name;

As ruthless as his heart was dark, darkness and malice ruled his soulless body. With each passing century his cruelty grew as did his hunger for power, once he had gained his full power and strength he took his chance and stormed the Fortress of Eternal Night. The great Lord of darkness Mistral was all to aware of Maldoran's plans, there was a great battle between them and Mistral was able to send Maldoran to his doom in the flames of the creatour, but at the cost of his own life.

During the battle Maldoran grabbed Mistral's leg as he fell and took him with him to their end, but for Maldoran this was not so once he had regained his full power and strength he returned to the Fortress of Eternal Night and the throne of the Netherworld were he ruled as the Dark Prince of all. Little did he know that living on earth was the son of Lord Mistral Ansatsu, his pregnant wife Pandora and their two word reached Ansatsu that Maldoran had taken his father's throne he was force to return, so he and his two children lead the rebel forces against Maldoran and his armies. The battle was long and many lost their lives but they soon drove them back.

When he saw he was losing Maldoran went to the human world and kidnapped Pandora, when Ansatsu found out he hunted Maldoran down till he found him on top of Sentinel's Watch the gateway to the Void of Eternal Damnation. Ansatsu was filled with vengeance as he stalked his prey but he knew that his rage must come later. He knew that if he didn't stop Maldoran his greed would not stop there, he also knew Maldoran had set his sights on the human world, he wanted them to bowing at his feet.

But Ansatsu knew that he must not make the same mistakes his father had made, upon returning to his home he had removed Ryu-Kishin from it's ancient resting place. A sword so powerful that the wielder was cursed to suffer a long and painful death in exchange for the power to defeat their foes. Ansatsu no longer cared about anything but the end of Maldoran's cruel torment, racing towards his target his vision blurred, his heart racing and his mind filled with one purpose.

Swinging the massive blade like it his life depended on it, the thunderous sound erupted as the great blade met it's equal. The blood red sky was filled with the eruptions of battles and sparks of war, in a split second mistakes where made as Ansatsu stood before Maldoran and the Void.

"Here is where this ends" and with one motion Ansatsu took his blade and drove it though his own back and straight though Maldoran fusing their souls before throwing themselves into the void, as they fell Ryu-Ran the bound sword of the dark Lords dropped from Maldoran's hand and with an echoing crash.

Then it was over, the fires of darkness had been extinguished for eternity. The great void was silenced the blackened blade was the only evidence of the battle, the silence was broken by the gentle sound of an approaching stranger. Shrouded by a darkened robe the stranger approached the remains of the void before reaching for the fallen blade, picking it up the stranger cast one last look at the sealed abyss before returning to the chaos below.

Many years passed and the veils of the realms faded from memory and into legends, because of Ansatsu and Lord Mistral the Human world was free or so they thought. Time passed after the great battle on the eve of Transcendence, the time of maturity for those of the Netherworld the last child of Ansatsu and Pandora was unaware of his past or the journey he was about to take when his home was attacked by the Soulless.

The empty husks of the most evil souls that had lived, mindless zombies driven by one motivation the desire to consume the souls of the living. Dante watched as the family he loved was torn apart and left to rot as he tried to defend his self, suddenly he spun round as one of the Soulless push their sword through his chest and into his heart. As he lay there dieing Dante dark memories flooded his mind like an endless nightmare, suddenly he felt something string in his body, something he had never felt before, before he knew it he had lifted himself off the sword and was holding it high above his head.

As blue flashes of lighting hit the sword and travelled down into him Dante heard a voice within his mind, a voice he'd never heard before but deep down he knew it well

"my son your are all that is left to keep this world free, finish what I started, protect the world you love defend the veil and always remember help comes to troughs who ask for it."

With that Dante fell to his knees where he stayed for a while before racing in to the ruins of his home and down to the cellar where his foster parents had stored what was left of his family's stuff. Within a beautifully carved box Dante found a large sword with a skull for a handle and a large dragon engrave right down the blade.

Dante also found many ancient book and scrolls written in a language he knew nothing of, but as he touched the pages the words seemed to transformed into spells and other thing to help him on his quest. As he knelt there before his stuff he vowed to get vengeance for his family and to find out who he truly was.