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There and back again

Chapter 1


Both of my parents are dead thanks to a fire at their science lab. They both worked as scientists at McGregor Laboratory which caught on fire after a big explosion of two dangerous chemicals mixing together.

At the funeral everyone was crying, except me the one and only person who definitely should be crying but I wasn't. Sarah and Alex were never there for me; there work was more important so I looked after myself most of time.

They missed my graduation, my spelling bee competitions my awards nights, all of my achievements in life. I asked Sarah one day why?

Sarah said "Darling, work is really important at the moment, one day you'll understand everything, I promise"

"Don't make promises you can't keep Sarah" I told her

Sarah just gave me a sympathetic smile and walked away and

Whispered in my ear "I promise Alyson"

After the funeral I got taken in by my cousin Amanda leaving my house to go to her mansion at 13 years of age. I started to love Amanda, I adored her from then on she was like a sister to me; she took me in when nobody else was left, I loved her for that, for being so kind otherwise I'd just be an orphan or just some kid on the street, I could never imagine that.

I glared in the mirror. My face was paler than usual my red lips shinier than ever, my thick brown hair was swept into a messy bun. I started applying my mascara which was failing miserably I eventually gave up. I grabbed a paper towel from my bedside table

"Alyson Rogerson I'm coming up there right now so you better be ready!" Amanda called

"Fine come in" I shouted.

I then heard the door creak open and through it came the dazzling Amanda in a strapless Electric blue dress, her blonde hair was curled so it went to her shoulders, her hair shone in the ray of sun that was coming through my window.

"Ready?" asked Amanda.

"As ready as I'll ever be" I sighed.

"This will be good for you. Meeting some of your parent's colleagues and children and Rachel will be there too so it won't be utterly boring for you" Amanda explained

"Why are you invited?" I asked.

Amanda laughed a cheeky grin hitting her face, but still surprised by the question, I sighed, Amanda's smile dropped and she walked over and gave me a hug.

"It won't be as bad as you think! There's supposed to be a lot of people your age there as well" Amanda said.

I smiled. Amanda knew me so well, knew I loved seeing people my age at these reunions. People I can relate too as well people who knew about parents spending too much time at work and just never being there in the long run.

"Ok lets go" I said giggly.

I grabbed my phone and headed out the door. Past the hallway full of certificates of my parents science awards and at the end of the hall a picture of the two of the in front of the Eiffel tower holding hands. I looked closely at the photo giving it a good hard stare.

"I miss you so much" I whispered

Then I looked away and went out the door where Amanda was waiting for me leaning against her Mercedes Benz bumper. As I head closer Amanda passes me the keys and I head into the driver's seat smiling. I look down at my red polka dot dress no creases, perfect I think.

As I reverse out of the driveway I wonder what my parents think of me, wondering if I'll take over the investment, if I'll turn out to be just like them, if they do they probably don't like what I have become. A selfish little girl who never visits her parents' graves barely thinks about them, doesn't miss there absences. How mean I have become, but I do miss them I wish I didn't but I do I try to hide it but it's no use, life here without them is like living with no light, all is darkness there is no light left. Then there is Amanda who manages o help me see some lightness.

I steer down the street of the building where it's being held I quickly manoeuvre into one of the many vacant car parks. I steal Amanda a quick glance before exiting the car. I glance at the new looking building which as it turns out is the new science facility and there just waiting for one of the children to take the investment but I guess no one's willing.

We both stand at the door not sure of what to do when Amanda says "You ready?"

"I guess I'm going to have to be" I sigh.

Amanda gives me a sympathetic smile as we both open the glass doors together and gasp at the sight of it. People everywhere but you can still see all the pictures around the room of the scientists but the thing that shocks me is the collage of the scientist's kids and right in the middle is a picture of me written over the top of the collagethe next generation of scientists. I gasp. Then I see Rachel staring at the collage her picture right next to mine. I look at Rachel wondering if she understands. Then she glares at me shock surrounding her face I nod.

"You okay?" Rachel asks.

I nod again. I look past Rachel to see Amanda talking to some guys enthusiastically.

"Come on there is some people I'd like you to meet.

As Rachel practically pulls me along I can't help but stare at the collage wondering when it was taken I look happy giggly, and bright and so do the rest of the kids who look about my age.

Rachel stops in front of two young girls who I recognise from the collage. One wearing a slimming black dress with Jet black hair and a pale face while the other looking absolutely the opposite having blonde hair which goes to her waist straightened and wearing a African style flowing pink dress her tanned skin glistening in the sunlight.

"Alyson, this is Rogue" Rachel says pointing to the girl on the left in the black dress.

"Rogue, this is Alyson" Rachel says while Rogue gives me a look from head to toe I nod my head in acknowledgement.

"Nice to meet you" i say

She gives a nod of acknowledgement and I realise the bruises all over her body mostly on her arms i gasp not realising I did til moments later.

"Um, there from cutting myself. I have depression" she says.

I nod trying not to show too much in my expression i give rogue a sympathetic smile and a pat on the shoulder before saying "Did your parents die in the fire?" I ask a bit too bluntly then intended.

"Yeah, both of them died, you?" Rogue asks.

"Yeah both of mine died too" I sigh.

We just stand there awkwardly wondering what to do or how to comfort the other but just as I'm about to say something but Rachel interjects "This is Heather, Heather this is Alyson" Rachel says.

I nod my acknowledgement not bothering to give a look down knowing enough how beautiful she is.

"Who did you lose?" I ask sympathetically


I just stand there shocked and think she is an angry one "I was just trying to be nice!" I yell.

Then I notice someone standing behind heather a middle aged woman with blonde hair straightened and from what I can tell wearing a black dress then she steps forward and I notice her tanned face she is like an identical to Heather before saying "I guess you guys have a right to be angry"

"Why wouldn't we be? These girls have every right to be angry! Diana spent her whole effen life at work not once caring about me! Why should I do the same huh? When Marcus worked he never cared! I had to grow up by myself, be independent, not once did either of them show up to watch my gymnastics, not once cooking dinner for me like normal families would, all they cared about was there stupid science! But luckily these girls are smart, they have brains they lived by themselves did everything by themselves and one day they'd just wish there parents could be home to lookafter them, we lost our childhood because of their stupid work! You could have looked after me! Instead of me living a life alone! Oops I forgot you were a drug addict back then oops!" Heather shouts before walking out to the bathroom.

"I'm sorry about that, I'm Jennifer" she says reaching out to shake hands, I smile.

"I'm Alyson" I say.

"Sarah and Alex's daughter?" Jennifer asks.

"Yep that's me" I sigh she gives me a sympathetic smile.

"I worked there for a while. They were amazing people, amazing scientists too! They always talked about you, they always said how amazing you are and how independent and smart you are hoping one day you'd take over the company and finish the work they started" he says.

"Yeah well why don't you take over? Being qualified and all? And what work was that huh? I never once heard of what they were doing! not once!" I say a little too angry.

"I can't it will just bring back memories of Diana and I'll start to lose it, but you, you, Rogue and Rachel and maybe Heather can take over you didn't spend as much time with your parents as I did" she says

"What were there scientific studies?" I ask. Grabbing a tissue from my pocket and blowing my nose before putting it back into my dress pocket.

"If you can convince Rachel and Rogue to help with the investment I'll show you" she says

I nod my acknowledgement and walk right past her hoping to talk to Rogue a little more and try to convince her to help with the investment. I find her walking around shyly nodding as people say hello and say there sympathies.

"Hey" I say shyly.

"Hey, not much here huh?" she says.

"You want to sit down" I say nodding at the seats behind them before getting the nod of approval. I turn around and sit down as Rogue does the same.

"So I'm just going to cut to the chase here ok? I know we barely know each other and we only just met but I think it's my place to say that we should take over the investment. We meaning the children of the scientists as I assume that most of them inherited their parent's genes, and would at least be capable of some science in general?" I find myself saying.

Then there is a long pause which I assume she is thinking it over, well at least I hope she is. Then she cuts in my thoughts saying "I'd love too! It would give me a reason to live again, I was thinking of asking you guys but I thought it would be kind of weird since we just met but I'd love too! Rachel will agree as well and probably the other kids too" she says smiling.

I nod my agreement before grabbing her hand and pulling her to find the nearest young adult who I assume is one of the scientists' sons. His dark brown skin, and shaven hair looks both sexy and cute.

"Um hey I'm Alyson and this is Rogue we have a proposition for you" I mumble.

"I'm Mavis" he says before shaking both of our hands giving us both a smile while looking at me he gives me a wink in my direction and I find myself blushing.

"You may want to sit down" Rogue says.

We all sit down at one of the round tables. Rogue obviously more willing to tell him of our proposition I just sit there and smile while looking at the way his expression changes from shocked to happy in seconds and when Rogue is finished a moment passes

before Mavis says "I'm in" he says smiling.

Rogue and I look at each other both big grins on our faces as we all lean in for a group hug as Mavis gives me another wink.

"I'm going to see what the others think of the proposal" Rogue says giving me a wink as she passes Mavis and I.

I nod having a cheeky grin on my face as I turn to face Mavis.

"Both of my parents died in the fire you?" he asks.

"Yeah both of mine died too but on to a lighter subject I think" I say smiling.

"Well my name is Mavis McClain I'm from America and I like brunettes" he smiles.

"Well just so it happens I'm a brunette, what a coincidence" I joke.

"So you're not going to introduce yourself then" he says with a cheek grin on his face.

"Yeah I'm not; I'm going for that whole mysterious look you know?" I say.

"Well what happens if I'm not into the mysterious look then? He asks.

"Well then that's too bad I was going to invite you to my house afterwards but now I seriously don't know I'll have to find someone else" I joke.

He looks at me smiling a mischievous smile on his face as he grabs my hand and squeezes it.

"I'll be there at 5:00 maybe, I'll be able to fit in dinner too?" he asks.

"You wish" I say.

I smile and find myself walking away giving him a tap on the shoulder before whispering in Mavis' ear "Be on your best behaviour"

As I walk away I find Rogue talking to Rachel. Which I am guessing is her making the proposition I walk up to them nudging Rachel as I walk.

"What you guys up to?" I ask.

"More importantly who is that guy you were talking too?" Rachel asks a cheeky grin on her face.

I look in Mavis' direction finding him glancing in my direction saying "Just some mysterious brunette" I say. Knowing he can hear me I see him chuckle before looking away.

"Okay... well Rogue just asked me about the proposition and my answer is YES!" Rachel says.

I give a quick glance at Rogue who just smiles I find myself saying "Who else have you asked?"

"Heather said yes, surprisingly a guy named Jonathan said yes a girl named Sadie said yes and a girl named Claire said no" Rogue says.

"Well that makes 8 maybe we should go tell Jennifer" I say quickly glancing at my watch finding its 4:55 I add "Um can you guys do it and I'll catch up with you later I have to go somewhere" I say.

"With Mavis?" Rogue says. I blush while nodding at the same time before waving my hand and start heading in Amanda's direction then she sees me and starts walking in my direction

"What's up?" she asks

"Um I'm heading home, are you coming?" I ask.

"I'll just walk" she says

I nod. I scan the room looking for Mavis and I finally see him talking to Rachel, well Rachel talking to Mavis. I head in their direction as I stand right behind Mavis before whispering in his ear "You Ready"

"I was born ready for mysterious brunettes like you" he says.

Before giving the nod to acknowledge we're leaving Rachel mouths "He's hot!"

I look in his direction before saying "I thought you weren't into the whole mysterious thing"

"I never said I wasn't. I said I might not be" he says.

"So you are into mysterious girls then" I joke.

"Yeah there sexy" he says.

I blush. I haven't flirted with any guy since my parents died but I have to start again and it looks like I'm doing pretty good he's hot and into me.

We both walk along and I see Amanda give me a shocked look I wave my hand before mouthing is it ok? She smiles and nods her head in acknowledgement.

"Not doing very well with the mysterious thing because I can tell she is your guardian" He says smiling.

"Oh but I could of just misguided you" I joke.

"I never thought of that, that's real skill" he says.

I laugh before reaching the exit and pulling the glass door open with Mavis by my side. The feel of his hands touching mine makes my heart flutter. Before I lead the way to Amanda's electric blue Mercedes benz.