Chapter 6


I feel my body shifting and see a change in scenery. It was dark, but you could tell the room was painted plain white. Paintings hang throughout the room, I see a double bed in the centre of the room, I smile it was pretty. Someone walks into the room; it was a male when he sees me he smiles. "Alyson" he says. I recognise the voice, Mavis. He turns the light on and smiles at me.

"We were so worried!" Mavis says smiling. Running towards me he pulls me in for a kiss. I wrap my legs around his hips. I pull away gasping for breath. "Hey guys, Alyson's okay" Mavis yells. Rogue, Rachel, Heather, Sadie and Jonathan run in pulling me in for a hug. I let out a laugh.

"Where's Jennifer and Marcus?" I ask anxiously. They all look at me and smile.

"Coming" Marcus says walking in. I give a wave.

"So how long ago did you guys get here?" I ask. They look at each other and shrug.

"Five ten minutes ago, Marcus has already filled us in on who Global Sciences are, and how our parents death wasn't an accident" Mavis says sadly. I smile brightly.

"You haven't told them yet?" I say looking over at Marcus. Marcus smiles.

"Figured you'd want to do it" Marcus says. I smile brightly

"So this house would be 38 Jump Street Australia?" I ask. Marcus nods.

"Okay guys everybody take a seat" I say sitting down on the ground crossing my legs, everybody nods taking a seat, Marcus and Jennifer just lean against the nearest wall.

"Our parents knew they were going to die in that fire" I say. Everybody looks at me shocked.

"Why are you so happy then?" Jonathan asks. I smile over at Marcus.

"They'd finished the rings, and just before the fire they used them to get out of there" I say. All their faces light up. "You mean they are here?" Rogue says. I smile brightly at her.

"Yeah somewhere in this generation" I say. We all smile at each other.

"I can't believe they're actually alive! I'm so glad I came now, I get to see them again!" Mavis says smiling. I smile. "How are we going to find them though?" Sadie asks. Marcus smiles.

"You guys are good with computers? I know there numbers from this generation, and you can track them down" Marcus says. Sadie runs out grabbing a laptop from the other room, Marcus passes her a piece of paper and she begins typing quickly. "Okay, I've got them" Sadie says smiling. I smile brightly at her. "According to this, they are just outside the house." Sadie says looking over at the computer. I open the curtains of the room, and see 14 adults standing outside, I see Alex and Sarah.

"GUYS THEY REALLY ARE OUTSIDE!" I say pointing through the window. We all look at each other and smile. Running out the door. We get outside and skid to a halt. I see Sarah and Alex standing there smiling. "Alyson" Sarah says pulling me in for a hug. Tears start falling down my face.

"I thought you were dead" I whisper. Sarah smiles sadly pulling away I pull Alex in for a hug and smile, I can't believe this is happening! I pull away smiling. Mavis comes over to me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. He pulls his parents over and they smile brightly at me. "Alyson, good to see you" she says. "Oh where am I manners? I'm Olivia" she says sweetly. I smile brightly at her.

"You act like you've already met me-"I say questioning.

"Well I've met the you from this generation" she says smiling. I slap a hand over my forehead; I can't believe I didn't figure that out. "Oh" I say. Mavis laughs squeezing my hand.
"I'm Tony" he says shaking my hand. I turn around.

"Uh this is Mavis, my uh boyfriend" I say looking over at Mavis who just smiles shaking both of their hands. "Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Rogerson" Mavis says smiling.

"You too, even though we already have met" Sarah says sweetly. I smile over at her.

"I didn't actually expect you guys all to come, I thought some would stay back" Alex says.

"Well not when Global Sciences barges into Sadie's house with guns" I say. Sarah and Alex look at each other shocked. "With guns really?" Sarah asks. I shrug, Jonathan walks over and smiles.

"Yeah this girl here they'd just barged in and she told us to put our rings on so we did, well besides Mavis he stayed for a bit, then Alyson here went and retrieved the files from Sadie's room" Jonathan says looking over at me. I smile at him. Sarah looks at me shocked.

"Really?" Sarah says looking over at me, I blush bright red.

"It wasn't that great, I mean seriously" I say. Sarah smiles pulling me in for a hug.

"Uh, not trying to be mean or anything but I think we kind of need some space" I say looking over at Jonathan. "Yeah I mean you guys were dead to us, and now you're alive, we need time to think about that" Sadie says. The parents look at each other and shrug. Sarah passes me a piece of paper smiling as she gives it to me. "In case you get bored, it's where all of you guys live now in the future, for you to check out" Sarah says smiling. I look over at her and nod. I grab Mavis' hand and we head off, we reach an old diner. We walk in smiling, we get seated. I take a seat between Rachel and Mavis. "This is so weird" I say.

"I know right? I mean I don't know about you guys but I don't want them to just come strolling back into our lives, I mean they left us" Jonathan says quietly. We all nod, It was true.

"But they were working, they were trying to reach this" Sadie says emphasising the area. We all shrug. "But whats more important? Their time travel or us" I whisper. We all look at each other tears streaming from our eyes. Unsure of what to say we are left speechless.

"Time travel" we whisper.

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