Sometimes I need a person

to save me from myself.

To take the blade from my hand

and put it back upon the shelf.

I don't cut because I'm suicidal,

I cut so I can stay sane.

Cutting makes me better.

I like to feel the pain.

But sometimes I need someone

to stop me from going too far.

Because the last thing I need

is to have one more scar.

All I want to feel

is relief from this strife.

That's what the blade does.

It frees me from this life.

The names I get called

only make me cut more.

So call me fat.

Let the blade soar.

The blade is my best friend.

It's been here through it all.

The blade is always there

to help me when I fall.

The veins are so pretty,

with blood so blue.

I want to show the blood oxygen.

That's all I want to do.

Drawing pretty pictures

deep into my skin.

That's what I do for fun.

It makes my head spin.

At times I feel like

caving in.

Like cutting too deep,

and letting Death win.

Maybe I'll take the gun

and put it to my head.

This is the last time you'll see me,

because I'm going to be dead.

The blade looks so good,

all shiny and new,

but wait till it finds my arm.

There's nothing you can do.

I'll make one cut

to feel the pain.

Then one more

so I can stay sane.

But I don't stop there,

no, I need more.

I need to feel relief,

so I let the blade soar.

Drawing pretty pictures

is what makes it fun.

Cutting too deep,

then watching the blood run.

Sometimes I like to

write on my wall.

Seeing the blood drip,

that's the best of all.

It gets more obvious

that I need you to help me.

I honestly want to die.

I want to be free.

Please, come save me.

Help me through it all.

Please be there to catch me

because we know I'm gonna fall.

We both know I have a problem,

and you say you're worried for my life.

Your words hurt me.

They cut me like a knife.

I don't want you to worry.

It's going to be fine.

All I'm going to do

is cut one last time.

It's all going to be over.

I'm sorry I lived this life.

All I want to do is end the strife.