I can't help but wonder If she knows him like I do. Does she know about this part of him? Does she know he truly worships the ground she walks on? Does she know? Does she know how Influenced he is by what I did to him? He overthanks, Because he wants to be sure she knows Just how much He appreciates her. Because I always managed to make him feel Like shit. Does she know? Does she know just how much we cared about each other? I wonder If they talk Like we used to. Does she know? Does he still care? He tells everyone he doesn't, That he absolutely hates my fucking guts, But others, others before her, Say different. Does she know How happy I truly am for them? Does she know? Does she know what you wrote about her? How perfect you know she is? I hope she does. I hope she always does. But does she know Why you care so much? Why you hold her so tightly? Why you're afraid to let go. It's all me. It's because I pushed him away. I wonder, Is it awkward for you? That she and I are friends? That I'm messing around with your friends? Am I doing this to Hurt you further?