It's deep inside my soul,

this pain that's always here.

I don't want it here anymore.

I try to make that clear.

So to make the pain go away,

I take the blade to my arm.

The only way to make it go away

is by inflecting self harm.

I love watching the blood

as it trails down my hand.

Cutting is just as much fun

as building a castle in the sand.

The blade has the power

to make a bad day good.

To feel the sting as it cuts,

I like it more than I should.

The blade is my knight in shining armor,

there when it should be.

The blade is always there

to help set me free.

The blood has a way

of making me love life.

It takes away all of the pain,

and momentarily ends the strife.

The searing of the blade

makes me silently scream.

Cutting enhances my life.

It makes everything just like a dream.

I don't care if you're worried.

I'm going to be fine.

That's what I tell you

all the fucking time.

But as I lock myself

in the bathroom, and shut the door,

I hear your voice.

It makes me cut more.

The Darkness engulfs me,

and my body feels cold as ice.

Cutting in the dark

and feeling the blood is kind of nice.

The blood is warm and it

drips down my skin.

One of these days,

I'm going to let Death win.

Death's been calling me,

telling me it's time.

But I've been pushing Death away,

afraid to make that climb.

But right now,

I feel alright.

Death wants to hold me,

I'm not going to put up a fight.

Death grabs the blade,

and makes cuts for me.

He says he's helping me kill myself.

That it's time for me to be free.

I take out all of my anger and hatred

with many swipes of the blade.

I cut so deep and so hard

I'm sure the scars will never fade.

Darkness and Death

work together as a team.

You can't escape them.

Not even in your dream.

Lurking around every corner,

waiting to kill their prey,

Darkness and Death are going to claim you.

Nothing can get in their way.

But until the day you're taken,

the day your life ends,

continue to cut yourself.

Fix your heart that can't mend.

Don't have any regrets.

Cut deep and cut long.

You're already a fuck up.

You can't do anything wrong.