I think I saw your true face today

I can see why others tell me to stay away

Your sadness rings out like a church bell

You did say there was too much to tell

But the words you said today were a surprise to me

I always wondered how tortured were a surprise to me

To feel the constant darkness around you

No sign of light for years

To have memories filled with tears

Maybe that's why I can't stay away

Darkness is not ignorance

It's not bitterness

It is not the entity that hides monsters and ghouls

Anyone who believes that are just fools

Darkness is a beauty of its own

Darkness is the unknown and the untouched

This I know as much

You can carve new worlds in the pitch black

Such dreams are made on this

This is why as I sleep I never want to come back

To the bright lighted reality

To the everyday fake honesty

"How are you?"

"Nice to meet you."

How many say this, how much actually sings true?

Everyday looking into green dishonest eyes

Witnessing rivers of tears that continue to rise

I almost can't stand the edge of life

Why live in this world full of vengeance and strife

Where people can be torn from loved ones

And forced to sleep lonely nights

I can't stay away because I can see you've been through much

Hurtful memories that swim around you in a rush.

One after the other

It almost makes you wonder: "why bother?"

They're in the past like drifting ghosts

Good times, loving times

But we always seem to remember the worst times the most

The times we rather forget

The ones we usually regret


I think I saw part of your true face today

And it made me not want to shy away….