Her heart stopped when the door bell rang. The silence of it all became clear. There was no sound of a dog barking, or of a passing car. She had been texting him all night and then around 1 AM the texts had stopped coming in. The conversation was normal, nothing out of the blue. The occasional flirtatious remark, normal banter. It ended with a talk of boredom and how to solve it. Then no answer. An hour later, the bell rang, and someone was rapping at her front door. As she walked downstairs the darkness heightened her paranoia. She reached the door, flipped on the porch light, and only a dark looming shadow stood motionless. There was no evidence of a face and it didn't even answer when questioned.

She slowly opened the door, and her throat grew tight. All she could choke out were innocent pleas of "I'm sorry", and "please", "don't". She felt her body being roughly dragged to the living room and lifted up by her neck. "Now do you believe me? Still think this is someone else?" the shadow harshly said. She kept begging as if a lamb going to the slaughter. It shushed her and asked. "Do you want me to leave?" The shadow loosened its grip on her slightly. She nodded yes and he dragged her to the couch.

She stayed silent as he tied her up and pushed her to the floor. Yanking her head up by her hair, forcing her to look up at him. He tried to make her suck but she bit down on her lips to keep them shut. He tried squeezing her mouth to make her open. He pushed down on her trachea forcing her mouth open to breathe. "Why are you doing this?" she asked. Her body was shivering from the cold touch going down her spine. He looked down at her with cold eyes and yanked her head back and used his fingers to keep her mouth open. "Why?" he said calmly.

"Because I can."

She whimpered as his member entered her mouth slowly. "Such a good girl…." he cooed. "Now can you take it all?"The thrusting began slowly eventually picking up speed until he could feel the back of her throat, making him moan quietly. Her lips tightened around him making a quick thrust which led to gagging. As she fell over coughing hysterically she tried to choke out a few words. "Stop…please" He grabbed her by the throat by one hand and lifted her up slowly. "Would your little "boy toys" have stopped?" He said as his other hand started to wander over her body. Pulling her shirt down so he could pinch and bite at the already hard nipples making her moan aloud his name.

His hands then started caress her waist and pulled her closer. He started to feel around under her skirt and when he found what he wanted between her legs he began to stroke. "Why should I stop?" Two fingers. She flinched. "Why shouldn't I finish what I started?" He slammed her up against the wall and used his knee to spread her legs and wrapped her legs around his waist, as his hand teased her. "You didn't want to believe me." His hand started to move into her. "STOP! That-!" He kissed her roughly and bit her lips. "Does it hurt?" She nodded her head and tried to hold back the tears as the pain washed over her body. "Good." He bit down on her neck as she squirmed against his body. When he pulled away she could see the playful look in his eyes as he stared at her.

"Let me show you what you unleashed." He whispered.

He let her fall to the ground and moved away from the body. "Get up." The girl laid there, her body shivering uncontrollably. "I know you heard me. ." He jerked her up by the hair until she was standing on her toes looking him in the eye. "Are you scared of me?" She shut her eyes tight and nodded. "Good. You should be." He started to squeeze her throat and slowly things grew dark. The silence drowned out any and all noise, and everything went cold.

The feeling and warmth swarmed back into the body after a few minutes. Drowsy she woke up on her back staring at the ceiling of her bedroom. Her ankles felt glued together as were her wrists. Something was off. She could feel the soft satin sheets up against her skin, then she realized the bottom part of her outfit was missing, skirt and all. He was nowhere in sight so she tried to free herself by biting at the apparent black duct tape on her wrists. And then the footsteps started coming from down the hall.

Slowly they came closer and closer till they were at the bedroom door. A slight chuckle. "Are you awake?" She laid back down flat and pretended to still be blacked out. The door creaked open slowly. She could feel his hand stroking the inside of her hips. "Still out?" The sharp pain from the duct tape being ripped off her ankles didn't stir her. "Maybe this will wake you up?" Casually he spread her legs and inserted three fingers into her. She bit the inside of her lip stopping her from moaning. "No?" Her legs were hiked up and she could feel her legs resting on his shoulders. The next feeling was of something smooth and warm up against her clit. It circled it and began to suck on it. She started to tremble slightly and whimper. "So your awake now? Been pretending this whole time?" He grabbed her body and flipped her onto her stomach. He forced her up on all four and arched her back up. She could feel something rub against her ass slowly. Something long and hard.

"NO!" Screaming over and over she tried to reposition herself and move away but his grip on her was strong. When she tried to sit up and turn he slapped her across the face. Pulling on her hair he got her back into position. Yanking her head back making her body arch.

"Now….scream for me."

The pain surged through her, up into her spine and flowing across her body. He kept slamming into her from behind. Ripping and tearing her inside. "Please, I don't want this!" She screamed out, her voice dripping with pain. She tried to hold back the tears as her head was yanked back. "You don't want this?" He slowed down a tad and his fingers traced her spine up her back. "But doesn't it feel good?" She didn't answer, he pushed her back down. "So you didn't enjoy that?" He flipped her onto her back and pulled her onto his lap until he was almost in. "Want me to stop?" He said with a smirk. Her face was buried in his shoulder. "Well? Come on, tell me." He whispered. "I'm your friend. I'll stop if you say so." She dug her nails into his back making a growl erupt from his chest. "Fine then." Wrapping his arms around her body, he moved his hips up and down, moving in and out of her slowly. Listening to her gasp for breath at each thrust made him go faster. "So close..." She found herself on her back looking up into cold dark pupils that were slowly turning into soft familiar eyes as the ending came closer.

She could feel him moving faster and faster..."FUCK!" He screamed. He collapsed on top of her rolled off of her and began dozing off. Almost as if an involuntary action he pulled her close so her head was tucked under his chin and her face was in his chest. She tried to move away but his grip grew tighter, yet stayed gentle. His warm body calmed her and the freshness of him made her fall asleep in his arms.

The next morning, her side was cold and empty. Gone. No note. No message. Any evidence of him was gone, only thing was left her. It hurt to move her neck. Walking became a chore. But regardless of all the pain she was in she got ready for school and left. While walking around the campus, he appeared over and over to her, she began to wonder if last night was all a dream. Maybe he was never there. This thought bounced around in her brain all day. Eventually she couldn't stand it anymore and she sent a quick text to him before the day ended.

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Did last night happen?

Was any of it real?

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Do you want it to be real?...