The bruise still stung when she ever touched it. It wasn't swollen anymore but there was a dark spot where he had hit her. Make up covered it up and everything but it didn't chance anything. It still had happen, because of what she had done to him. Instead of moping about it Alex went along with her day and went to class. It was the first time in a while that she had spent the night at home. After what happened she just couldn't stay with Rodger that night.

When she got to her afternoon class Nicole was waiting in the back of the lecture hall for her. Alex plopped down in her seat and face planted on the desk. "I heard you ran into Kyle.." Nicole said hesitantly. Alex looked up at her and then put her forehead on the table. "I'm guessing it went bad?"

"He punched me." Alex mumbled. "And proceeded to kick me in the gut, what do you think?"

"Yeesh. I didn't think he would flip out that bad. How did you get away from him?"


"Awww he became your knight in shining armor and rescued you from-"


"Sorry. Well did you at least remember my book?"


"The expensive one. The I-will-kill-you-if-you-lose-it book." Alex sat up suddenly. The last memory of the text book she had was of her accidently kicking it under a certain someone's bed.

"I don't have it with me.."

"Just get it to me later. Preferably soon." Alex sighed and sat back in her chair. After class she would have to run over to Rodger's apartment to grab the book. Thankfully she had a key just in case she needed to get in. That was just his way of showing he trusted her she guessed. Or it had more to do with the fact that he already knew how to get into her apartment without a key.

When she got a chance to go over there, surprisingly the door was unlocked already. It actually was opened slightly. She pushed it open and saw clothes scattered across the floor. When she walked inside more she could hear moans echoing loudly. She tip toed to his bedroom and saw the door opened a crack. She peered inside and saw some girl on the bed, in a position that Alex was familiar with. Rodger was behind her moving his hips rapidly into her. His head was back and his eyes were shut. He wasn't smiling, he didn't even react till she pushed up against him. He grabbed her by the throat and pulled her up so she was on her knees. He pinched at her nipples and bit at her neck.

Alex just froze in place. She didn't know whether to leave or go in and break it up. "Not like have any say in what he does." She thought. He licked up the girl's neck and bit at her ear. Alex could barely hear him whisper something into her ear.

"Who am I?" he whispered harshly.

"Master…" she moaned out. It stung. No. It burned. Alex wanted to run in and smack her across the face for even calling him that. This wasn't right. Why was he doing this? After she saw him reach back for what looked like her leash, she stormed out slamming the door behind her. She didn't stop until she was outside heading towards the campus. She ended slipping on a patch of ice and fell backwards into the snow.

"Of course there would be other girls." Alex thought to herself as she eased her way back up on her feet. "He's a playboy. It's not as if I was different or special." Just another notch in the bedpost. Slowly, she made her way back to the campus to get to her next class. Nicole would be disappointed about not getting her book back, but she could live with that. She's not sure she could live with what she saw though. "Just another girl." She kept telling herself.

In class a project was passed out and was going to be due in the next week. Express your deeper consciousness, was the assignment. It could be photography, a painting, a statue whatever they wanted. At the moment Alex just wanted to go home. After class she met up with Nicole, and of course she wasn't happy that her book was still gone.

"So what stopped you from bringing my book this time?" Nicole asked. They were sitting down in the student lounge near the fireplace next to the windows.

"It's complicated." Alex answered. She warmed up her hands over the fire and even reached in a little to touch the flames. "I left it over at Rodger's."

"Then go grab it. I doubt he'll mind."

"He's 'entertaining' someone else right now." Nicole eyes got wide.

"Oh. Well…he must be done by now…You could just-"

"Look Nicole! I don't want to fucking see him right now! I have every intention of returning your stupid book, now would you kindly back the fuck off!" Alex snapped at her. Nicole was taken aback. She had never seen her friend this way. In the corner of Alex's eyes tears were slowly forming.

"Alex? What's wrong? Are you okay?" Alex put her head in her hands to cover up the tears.

"I don't know. I walked in on them, and it just bothered me so much to seem him with someone else like that. I don't know why I'm feeling this way." Nicole moved closer over to her and held her close. "Maybe I thought he saw me differently, I guess not…"

"Well maybe you should talk to him. Did you ever really ask him what he felt for you?"

"No, I just assumed it was lust."

"Well maybe now you should talk to him seriously about this." Alex wiped away her tears and thanked her friend. She texted him later to meet her at her apartment later, and of course because she lived in the state with the most unexpected weather, it began to rain. She rushed home to her apartment through the rain trying not to be too much in the road. She didn't even see the car coming around the corner when she tried to cross the street. Before her feet hit the road, something yanked her back onto the sidewalk roughly. She looked behind her and saw Rodger. Standing in the rain, his black hair soaked and in his eyes, while his clothes clung to him.

"How many times do I have to save you?" he asked jokingly. She pulled away and shook his hand off of her. She couldn't help but glance down and saw the outline of the growing lump in his pants become more obvious.

"Oh shut up!" she said. "Let's just go before we both get sick." When they got back to her apartment she went into the kitchen to prepare some tea.

"So what is it you wanted to talk about?" He called from the living room. There was a wall in the way so she couldn't see him. Good thing too. Out in the rain it was easy to not give him eye contact.

"Well, I guess it's important."

"You guess?"

"Yes I do! Is that a problem?" She snapped.

"Calm down. What's wrong with you today?" She slammed the cups into the sink and whirled around the corner to yell. "What's wrong with-!" Rodger had unbuttoned his black shirt revealing his figure underneath. He had a thin body that was muscular. Perfect six pack, toned arms all normally hidden under sport blazers most of the time. It was always a surprise to her when she saw him without a shirt.

"Yes?" he said casually. She was trying hard not to pay attention to any of it. His jeans were hanging off him but they were hanging low enough in the front that her eyes started to drift down. "Alex my face is up here." He joked. She looked him in the eyes and shook off everything she saw.

"I saw you today."

"I'm going to assume you did since we have some classes together."

"With her. That-that bitch you were fucking in your bed." He started walking towards her slowly and she tried to back up but she hit the wall behind her.

"You snuck into my apartment?"

"I was coming back for a book. Then I heard her and saw you…" He reached out to stroke her cheek but she moved away.

"How long were you there for?"

"Why does it matter how long was I there! I was there long enough to find out you had a new pet."

"Are you jealous?" He pinned her arms up above her head and leaned in close to her face. She could see straight into his dark brown eyes. They were slowly changing, into something dark and cold. "Are you saying you want me to collar you?"

"I-I…" she stuttered out.

"Speak up!"

Yes!" She blurted out. He smiled and pushed her down to her knees. She automatically started undoing his belt and unzipping his pants slowly. She pulled him out and his member twitched at her touch. She kissed the head and let it slip pass her lips and slipped it out. A drop of pre-cum had formed on the head, quickly she licked it off and rubbed the head with her tongue. She sucked on the sides gently and her mouth slightly vibrated when she sucked on him. He gripped her head and started to thrust down her throat. Her head backed away but he forced her mouth back onto him. Before she could finish him he grabbed her hair and yanked her off him. He forced on her feet and pulled her over to a chair, and forced her to sit.

"Will you get undressed for me?" He caressed her cheek slowly.

"Why should I do-" He smacked her across the face harshly. He gripped her hair and pulled her head back.

"We're going to have to fix that tongue of yours. I've been too lenient with you. What makes you think you could talk to me that way?" She started whimper quietly. He was getting that look back in his eyes. He wasn't her friend anymore. His eyes were dark, almost soulless. He laughed when he caught the sound of her whimpering. "Do you want me to stop?" She could hear her heart pumping faster and her face was growing hot. "Do you want me to leave?" When she didn't answer he gripped at her throat. She started to gasp for air and coughing. She clawed at his hand and tried to struggle against his grip but he only squeezed tighter. "Just answer and I'll let go."

"N-no…" Was all she could choke out before everything started to spin. Alex tried one last time to pull him off her throat but her arms felt heavy and everything was starting to fade into black. The last thing she felt was a cold soft kiss being planted on her lips. Her body went limp in his hands. He carefully picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her down on her bed and began stripping her down to her underwear. He lightly pinched at her nipple just to see if she would wake up but she only slightly stirred. Since she was still out he started using the sheets to tie her arms behind her back, while on her stomach she still didn't move, even when he bit at her neck she didn't react. Still on her stomach he moved onto her back and massaged her shoulders, slowly she woke up and started reacting to his hands on her. He moved his hands down to her lower back, and rubbed his hands roughly on her. Her skin felt smooth and warm underneath, he couldn't help but moan quietly when she moved up against his crotch.

"You awake now?" At first she tried to move her hands but she quickly found that she was stuck. "Did you think I was just going to let you run away?"

"R-rodger don't…"

"Don't what?" He jerked her head back by her hair. "You wanted this didn't you? You were jealous of how I was treating her right?"

"Y-yes but.." He loosened his grip on her and let her hair slide out of his hands. He got off from her and untied her hands. "What?" She started moving away from and stood up. He moved to the edge of the bed and grabbed her hips. He pulled her closer and flipped her around so her back was facing him. "What are you doing.." He pulled down her underwear and forced her step out of them, and without he pulled her down onto his lap roughly slamming into her waiting pussy. She screamed out and dug her nails into his hips. He held her head back and used his other hand to pinch at her hard nipples as he moved his up into her. He could feel her trying to move away, every time he felt her trying to recoil away from him he pulled her back into her making him go deeper. He was sure she was crying slightly by now and she began whimpering as he clawed at her chest and bit at her back. As he bit harder she started to moan out his name softly.

"Awww your moaning now?" He chuckled. "That must mean you like it." Her body got stiff and she started under his touch. "What? You want me to let you go now?" He kissed her back and she arched away from him. He lifted her hips up and moved her slightly farther forward until she could fell him rubbing up against her ass. Her body started to shake and he slammed her down on him, making her scream out loudly. He put a hand over her mouth, and moved in and out slowly, making her feel every inch of him. "Shhh. You don't want to wake your neighbors right?"

"I'm going to…" He pulled out and picked her up he threw her down on the bed and got her legs up and came slamming down into her. He pulled and pinched at her breasts as moved inside her. She started reaching up and clawing at his chest making him go faster until he could feel her body shaking her and she came onto him as he came inside of her. He pulled out of her and kissed her forehead. She passed out in his arms and he let her snuggle up to him.

The next morning she felt something heavy on her neck. When she tried to sit up something pulled her back. She touched her neck and felt her collar wrapped back around her. The other end of the leash was tied to the bed post. She looked at the doorway and saw him standing there fully dressed.

"You ran back to grab my collar?" She asked. He walked inside and sat down on the bed next to her.

"No. I went and got a new one and threw the old one out." He answered. "I am sorry you had to see that yesterday." She leaned on him and nuzzled his shoulder. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "So sweet. Well, I'm going to class."

"Wait. You are going to let loose right?" He smiled and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Your class doesn't start for another 2 hours right? I'll come back by then. Maybe." She growled and tried to bite at him but he got on top of her and pinned her down. "I don't have time for more." He licked her lips slowly. "But afterward maybe, if your good." She grinned up at him and reached up to whisper to him softly.

"Yes Master."