It seemed as calm as an ocean could be

Almost as wide as the sea

With a mind that vast

How couldn't I dive in?

I guess that's why I decided to swim

So I delved into the deep ocean blue

I swam looking for you

I dove into the abyss

And I found this:

A beautiful snuffed out light

A heart that someone had crush with all their might

A few broken parts

And some lost art

All of this caused me confusion

So I kept going to reach my conclusion

I wanted to see more

I kept straying away from the shore

After awhile I became lost

I felt my mind lose conscious thought

The water around preceded to choke me !

The lights grew darker so that I couldn't see!

I rushed to the surface to get back to land

But the water charged after me as I swam

The surface by then I had turned to a storm

The ocean had taken on a horrible new form

It consumed the sky and all around

There was no such as a solid ground

The waves took me and dragged me down

And I felt myself float away and begin to drown…