Two m


The only reason why I agreed to come with Annalise and the rest of the girls is to forget you. Or at least try to.

I'm not like other people, though. Even when I say I'll try to forget, somehow, some way, a part of me will still remember.

It's your face I'll see everytime.

"I'm really glad you guys could come!" Leanne's mom, Terri Brookhaven said to Brielle, Annalise and Maureen. Terri is a beautiful 45 year old woman, she looked like a brunette version of Marilyn Monroe. Terri's also known as someone who frequents the spa, the mall...In short, she's living her life younger than she is. "I really hope you'd like to do this,"

"It'd be awesome," Maureen said, "And I'm sure Brielle's excited, she loves flowers and cards and everything romantic—"

"Ssh," Annalise said.

"What?" Maureen said.

"Brielle?" Terri asked, "Anything wrong?"

"Uhm, no, it's...I'm fine," Brielle faked a smile, "Just...Didn't sleep well."

"Oh. Were you excited?" Terri asked.

Leanne laughed, "Mom, if she was she'd be ecstatic now—"

"I was," Brielle said nonchalantly.

"Oh," Terri said, "Okay then. So, uhm, basically the store's set up, I'm planning the grand opening on Saturday, and maybe you could help me, I mean, you girls are so good at this..."

"Yes, right, of course," Brielle said.

"And then you'd manage the place, all of you, okay?"

"Right," Brielle said.

"Okay, so let's talk about this and—"

Brielle couldn't hear anything anymore. Her thoughts were filling her up. She was just staring at the window, and didn't even notice Terri leaving.

"She okay?" Maureen asked Annalise.

Annalise took a deep breath and went up to Brielle, "Hey," She said.

"Hey," Brielle said.

"You're better than this," Annalise said, "I'm not gonna ask you to move on and forget, but Bree—"

"I know," Brielle said, "I am better than this." she took a deep breath, "Let's start planning."