Pediophobia (Fear of Dolls)

They stare at you with tiny, beady little eyes

You wonder what they'll do

You wonder if they will start to move and creep up on you

You try to respect them so they don't come for you

But they can smell and sence your fear

Doll's can see everything

If you harm another doll, they will come after you

So do us all a favor...don't disrespect THEM

And they won't come after you in return

Me: Uh...just to be clear, I don't have a HUGE phobia fear of dolls ^^; I just think they are really creepy and I hate them :/ Especially porcelain dolls *shudders* But I don't think they'll 'come after me' or anything X3 I think I'm slowly getting better at poem's/haiku's whatever you call them...slowly is the key word though, so try to bear with me for a while longer heh heh...