And so the living trudge on
Through muddy soil,
Leaving water treks behind
As they abandon the rock
And wade back into the waters
Which lead to the sea
Or a waterfall
Where the bottom sparkles
With sand and stone
To turn the tide henceward.

Petals drift afloat
As raindrops platter and break the surface
Causing ripples in the stream
As the lilies sink to the bottom of the sea
To be passed…and forgotten
Till the dirt falls over its damping colour
And the head of another tombstone
Is carved into the earth
And washed away by the river's flow.

A/N: And that's it. Last poem. Thanks for sticking with this collection.

BTW, I forgot to mention it, but my poem for Ch 9 didn't make it past the first round...although I got a few comments which was more than the last time I entered the competition. Improvement-yay!