Heather Casella

"What…what do you want with me?" I asked the one called Emaria. Emaria had come to a stop directly in front of me and smirked.

"I want you to be dead, my dear Heather." Emaria said cruelly. "And right now is the perfect time. All of your little friends and lovers are in the hospital room right now. They'll get to watch you squirm and listen as your heart monitor hits a solid tone." Emaria strode even closer to me and tilted my chin up roughly. "And there's nothing you can do about it." I flinched away from her and backed up some.

"Ethan will never allow this to happen." I said weakly. "Neither will any of my friends; especially Nathan. He promised." Emaria only laughed darkly. "What?"

"You think that those fools can help you right now? You're in a coma, and Nathan? He's blinded by love." My eyes widened and suddenly felt like I was going to burst. "What? Did you not know that the boy was in love with you? I thought it was quite obvious. Perhaps you're the one that's blind, not him."

All at once, I felt full of courage. I turned away from Emaria and ran as fast as my legs would allow. I searched the darkness for any source of light, any way back to my Nathan. The thought of his actually loving me gave me hope. Well, until I heard footsteps gaining on me from behind.

When she was almost right behind me, I felt something sharp stab into my back and I tumbled to the ground with a gasp of pain.

"Nathan!" I screamed. My back was filled with pain and the pain was quickly spreading throughout the rest of my body. "What have you done?" I moaned. I looked up to see Emaria smile widely.

"I poisoned you. Try waking up now." She said with a laugh afterwards. I found that I couldn't move; I was trapped.

. . .

I gave up.

I was going to die a hollow shell, never being able to tell Nathan how I truly felt for him. Never seeing his smiling face and shining green eyes. I was going to die alone, no fight, no courage. I was done for.

"Heather!" Ethan shouted. Ethan? What was he doing here? "Heather, are you ok? Speak to me!" Ethan was kneeling in front of me and shaking my shoulders wildly. I looked up at him and smiled weakly. "Heather? What did Emaria do to you?"

"Ethan…you came…" I whispered.

"Yes, yes, of course. I can't let you die, I won't allow it. Now, what happened to you?"

"She…she stabbed me in my back and poisoned me, Ethan…" I winced in pain as Ethan touched my shoulder. "It's spreading through my body… I can feel it. Please take it away… Nathan loves me, Ethan." I murmured.

Ethan smiled slightly and nodded. "Of course he does, Heather. He has for quite some time. I wanted to tell you, but I was not allowed. You had to discover it on your own." Ethan said. I winced once more in pain and swallowed hard. "C'mon Heather, stay with me." Ethan pleaded. I looked up at him, feeling dead already.

"Go, Ethan. Go to Nathan and my friends. Try to show yourself to them. Please." I said while gasping.

"Heather, I can't do—"

"Go!" I said loudly. Ethan took a deep breath and nodded solemnly. "Tell him that I'm going to miss him and all of my other true friends…that I love them." Ethan nodded once more and then disappeared.

"So this is it…" I whispered.