Grief eats me up inside make crossing over the great divide hard for me to do. Your gratitude is long over due, but I will always be on your side to help you ride out the storms of life. OH, how do I wish for a private quiet safe place to hide out in for a while. What nobody knows about shows through my fake fragile beautiful smile. Make or break it, I can't fight back my tears and shake off this hopeless feeling. Grief eats me up inside waiting for a perfect right moment to be set free from this internal prison, jar of old past scars and wounded cursed fallen stars. Beautiful crimson rose among the thorns, my bleeding broken heart, I will grab this bull by its horns and let loose the unicorns. Stuck at a crossroads, I can't decide whether to let you go or not. Stuck at a crossroads, black is night plus daylight equals an another long hard forty eight hours for your heart of darkness. Losing power, my heart mourns and bleeds for you every hour like a dying sick person. My spirit presents itself in the form of a sparrow before you. My endless sorrow gives you an another reason why you should kiss my lips tomorrow. I am bleeding out from within, can you see me bleeding through my clothes? You have promised me that you will always have my back through thick and thin. I feed upon your nurture as though it is oxygen and you plant a seed of hope in my rose garden. I never once saw it coming, the day when we would be broken and you were mean enough to torture my emotions. Trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel, compassion and passion is mixed in with bittersweet memories. Unanswered questions and unfinished business with you, plague my mind until the wind carries you away from me. Absentminded, you don't reason to say sorry and it is your loss. I don't have to worry because you are not worth my time or tears.